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10 Best Dog Leashes for German Shepherds in 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks

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By Nicole Cosgrove

German Shepherd Leash_shutterstock_OlgaOvcharenko Not only is it the law in some states to keep your German Shepherd on a leash, but keeping your dog on a leash also benefits you and your furry friend. Apart from keeping them close to you wherever you go, a leash gives you better control of your canine when walking or training.

However, all leashes are not made equal. Some are just better than others. But how do you determine the right type and model for your dog when there are so many German Shepherd leashes to choose from?

Fortunately, we have done the heavy lifting for you. We have pitted together the best options on the market to help you pick the best one for your needs. The following are reviews of the 10 best dog leashes for German Shepherds. We have included a comprehensive buyer’s guide for you to check out as well.

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A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites in 2024

Rating Image Product Details
Best Overall
Mendota Products Slip Solid Rope Mendota Products Slip Solid Rope
  • Versatile
  • High-quality build
  • Waterproof
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Frisco Solid Nylon Frisco Solid Nylon
  • Value for money
  • Comfortable grip
  • Easy-to-use bolt snap
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    TUG Nylon Tape Retractable TUG Nylon Tape Retractable
  • Ergonomic handle
  • 360 degrees movement
  • 16 feet extension
  • Chai's Choice 3M Polyester Reflective Chai's Choice 3M Polyester Reflective
  • Sturdy bolt snap
  • Padded ergonomic handle
  • Reflective material
  • ZippyPaws Climbers Mountain Rope ZippyPaws Climbers Mountain Rope
  • Features a heavy-duty snap
  • Comfortable grip
  • Thick rope
  • The 10 Best Dog Leashes for German Shepherds

    1. Mendota Products Slip Solid Rope Dog Leash – Best Overall

    Mendota Products Slip Solid Rope Dog Leash

    The Mendota Products Slip Solid Rope Dog Leash easily tops our list for its high-quality build and versatility. Made from durable polypropylene rope, the ½-inch wide lightweight leash has a “broken-in” feel that is soft in your hand. And it comes in different colors to suit your dog’s unique style.

    This beautiful slip-on German Shepherd leash is handcrafted in the USA and features a leash and collar in one convenient design. It is adapted for walking and training your dog and is suited for large breeds weighing between 50 and 250 pounds.

    If your canine tends to pull at the leash, this one features a mechanism that tightens the collar on its neck whenever they pull hard. Although it doesn’t choke or harm your dog in any way, it makes them uncomfortable enough to stop.

    You can choose between 4 feet and 6 feet in length, depending on your needs. And thanks to the oil-tanned leather snap that allows you to increase or decrease the diameter, the leash can fit any neck size. The only drawback is that the slip lead is not reflective.

    • Versatile
    • High-quality build
    • Made in the USA
    • You can vary the diameter
    • Waterproof
    • Machine washable
    • Not reflective

    2. Frisco Solid Nylon Dog Leash – Best Value

    Frisco Solid Nylon Dog Leash

    If you’re looking for the best dog leash for German Shepherds for the money, you will appreciate the Frisco Solid Nylon Dog Leash. The high-quality woven nylon features a patented Ultra-Wield seal that makes it strong enough to handle large breeds of up to 80 pounds without breaking apart.

    This leash also comes in a variety of colors and print options to choose from. This means that you can pick one that matches your dog’s collar or that suits your style. Additionally, you can also pick the right width size for your dog and the most suitable length depending on your unique needs.

    Thanks to the easy-to-use bolt snap with a nickel coating, you can easily attach the leash to your dog’s collar or harness. The loop handle will give you a comfortable grip while out with your animal. Unfortunately, it is not stitched and is unlikely to hold up for too long.

    • Value for money
    • Comes in a variety of colors and sizes
    • Comfortable grip
    • High-quality woven nylon
    • Easy-to-use bolt snap
    • Handle not stitched

    3. TUG Nylon Tape Retractable Dog Leash – Premium Choice

    TUG Nylon Tape Retractable Dog Leash

    The TUG Nylon Tape Retractable Dog Leash might be expensive, but it is worth every penny. It comes in different sizes and colors to suit your needs and preferences. Since the retractable leash can extend up to 16 feet, your Shep is free to wander wherever they like without getting out of your control.

    Thanks to the TUG’s patented tangle-free design that enables the leash to move 360 degrees, your dog can move in any direction they prefer without tangling the leash. And if you feel they have strayed far enough, you just need to engage the quick lock and brake system with a simple push of a button.

    Made from woven nylon, this leash is sturdy enough to handle large breeds weighing between 33 and 110 pounds and will not wear out with heavy-duty use. The ergonomically designed handle features a non-slip design to give you a firm and comfortable grip. And the easy-to-use bolt snap is chrome plated for weather resistance.

    • Ergonomic handle with non-slip design
    • The leash can move 360 degrees
    • Can extend up to 16 feet
    • Features a quick lock and brake system
    • It is expensive
    • It is a little heavy

    4. Chai’s Choice 3M Polyester Reflective Dog Leash

    Chai's Choice 3M Polyester Reflective

    If you love options, you are unlikely to find such a wide variety of choices in any other dog leash than this one. The Chai’s Choice 3M Polyester Reflective Dog Leash comes in 9 different color options to match a wide variety of dog collars and styles. It also has 2 length options (3.6 feet and 6.5 feet), and you can choose between a 4/5-inch or 1-inch width depending on the size of your German Shepherd.

    This leash is made from polyester but is lined with nylon webbing for added strength. The Duraflex bolt snap is made from a lightweight zinc alloy with a sturdiness that enables you to attach the leash securely.

    Thanks to the padding on the ergonomic handle, you can grip the leash comfortably for hours without discomfort. The leash comes in a reflective material that makes it convenient and safer to walk your Shep at night or in dimly lit environments. However, we found it a bit costly for a standard option.

    • Comes in varying sizes and colors
    • Sturdy bolt snap
    • Padded ergonomic handle
    • Reflective material
    • Expensive

    5. ZippyPaws Climbers Mountain Rope Dog Leash

    ZippyPaws Climbers Mountain Rope Dog Leash

    The ZippyPaws Climbers Mountain Rope Dog Leash is made from authentic mountain climbing rope with 3,791 pounds of tensile strength for unmatched sturdiness and durability. Add that to the heavy-duty snap, and you have a leash that will serve you and your German Shepherd for a long time to come.

    If you have a forceful Shep that loves to pull at its leash, this is what you need.  The ⅔-inch-thick rope will handle any pressure you throw its way. The woven rope material will also protect your hands from getting blisters as you struggle to keep your strong canine in control.

    This leash comes in either black or green colors, and you can choose between the 4-foot or the 6-foot length versions depending on your needs. The only drawback is that the leash may be too thick for smaller or younger German Shepherds.

    • Made from authentic mountain rope
    • Features a heavy-duty snap
    • Comfortable grip
    • Thick rope
    • Not suited for younger dogs

    6. Prima Pets Dual-Handle Dog Leash

    Prima Pets Dual-Handle Dog Leash

    This dual-handled leash will give you more flexibility when walking your furry friend. You can either use the long lead for the casual walks or switch to the shorter one for stricter control. The neoprene padding will also shield your hand from injuries, while the D-ring situated near the handle will enable you to attach accessories to the leash.

    You can either choose the 6 feet or the 4 feet length versions that both come in either black or red colors. But the leashes also have varying widths to suit a variety of different needs. Thanks to the reflective stitching on either side, you can also safely walk the dog at any time of day and night.

    With the durable, weather-resistant nylon material and the heavy-duty swivel, you can be sure the Prima Pets Dual-Handle Dog Leash will serve you for a long time. However, the shorter leash may not be suited for taller people, and the plating on the metal clip comes off rather easily.

    • Dual handle
    • Neoprene padding
    • Features a D-ring
    • Reflective stitching
    • Not suited for taller people
    • The platting on the metal clip comes off easily

    7. Mighty Paw HandleX2 Dog Leash

    Mighty Paw HandleX2 Dog Leash

    The Mighty Paw HandleX2 Dog Leash features a dual handle that gives you the ability to choose between the 6-foot and the 1-foot leash. The longer leash is suited for casual walks, while the shorter one is designed to give you more control when walking the dog in tight spaces or crowded environments. The handles are padded with neoprene to allow for a comfortable grip and protect your hands from blisters.

    With the 1-inch nylon webbing and the large clap, the leash is unlikely to give in even when under high pressure. It is built to withstand heavy-duty use and can handle large breeds of up to 100 pounds. So you can rest easy if your German Shepherd is a strong puller.

    If you love walking your dog early in the morning or late in the evening, the reflective stitching will increase visibility in the dim light, making it safer for you and your dog. Our main gripe with this leash is that the handles are wide and feel awkward in hand. The leash is also very scratchy when you hold it anywhere else but the handle.

    • Dual handle
    • Handles padded with neoprene
    • Heavy-duty nylon webbing
    • Reflective stitching
    • The handle feels wide and awkward
    • The leash is very scratchy

    8. Red Dingo Nylon Dog Leash

    Red Dingo Nylon Dog Leash

    The Red Dingo Nylon Dog Leash comes in a variety of widths to suit your specific needs. They range from ½ inch to 1 inch and include extra small, small, medium, and large options. Moreover, you can adjust the length from 3.5 to 6 feet depending on the level of control required.

    Whether you have a large or small breed, the nylon webbing is designed with extra-strength sewn seams to withstand heavy-duty use. It can handle dogs weighing from 50 to 150 pounds, and it comes in a variety of colors (8 total) to suit your best friend’s unique style.

    Thanks to the soft padded handle, you can also comfortably walk your dog. However, the leash is subject to fraying. Additionally, the poor-quality build may not last as long as expected, especially with heavy-duty use.

    • Adjustable length
    • Variety of colors and widths
    • Extra-strength sewn seams for durability
    • Poor quality build
    • Leash subject to fraying

    9. OneTigris Training Nylon Bungee Dog Leash

    OneTigris Training Nylon Bungee

    The OneTigris Training Nylon Bungee Dog Leash features a heavy-duty nylon leash that can handle breeds of up to 50 to 90 pounds. It is available in black, tan, or ranger green colors. One of the best things about this leash is the bungee action. This allows you to extend the length of the leash from 33.5 inches to 46.5 inches while reducing the impact generated when your dog suddenly jerks the leash.

    Thanks to the dual handle, you can have more control over your Shep, which may come in handy when it gets too violent or aggressive. And in case that happens, you will be glad the control loop is fitted with a soft EVA padding to protect your arms from injuries.

    However, the large metal bull clip leaves a lot to be desired. While the nylon leash is expected to hold up for a long time, the same cannot be said of the poor-quality snap. The leash is also too short and may not be suitable for taller individuals.

    • Includes bungee action
    • Has a dual-handle
    • Features a heavy-duty nylon
    • Poor quality build
    • Weak clip
    • The leash is too short

    10. Kurgo Quantum Hands-Free Running Dog Leash

    Kurgo Quantum Hands-Free

    This versatile leash is suitable for all breed sizes, and you can use the simple carabiner adjustment to switch between different styles. Depending on your unique needs, you can change it to a 6-foot leash, a 3-foot training leash, or a double dog walker. Moreover, you can choose between blue, green, and raspberry color options.

    With this dog leash from Kurgo, you can have control over your dog while still leaving your hands free to do other things. The floating padded handle will give you a comfortable grip, while the reflective material will allow you to safely walk your dog at night.

    However, apart from the strong nylon webbing, we felt the leash was poorly made compared to other options on this list, considering it is the most expensive option. Also, the snap could have been stronger, and it would have been better if the reflective stitching was present on both sides of the leash.

    • Versatile
    • Hands-free control
    • Floating paddled handle
    • Expensive
    • Poor quality build
    • Weak snap
    • Reflective stitching is only on one side

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    Buyer’s Guide: Selecting the Best German Shepherd Leash

    Dogs are unique and a good leash for one may not be great for another. The following are some of the most important things you should look out for when buying a dog leash for a German Shepherd.


    The handle is the point of contact between your hand and the leash. Therefore, it should be soft-lined to provide a firm and comfortable grip. Otherwise, your hand is bound to get blistered with extended use. Most handles are usually lined with fleece or neoprene.

    Clip Style

    It won’t matter how sturdy your leash is if the clip is of low quality. The best ones are either made from brass or steel for sturdiness. But since there is a likelihood that the leash will get wet at some point, most of them are nickel-coated to avoid corrosion. There are two common clip styles:

    Bolt Snaps

    Bolt snaps feature a small spring situated inside a shaft that you slide open whenever you want to attach it to the collar. This style is quite reliable, and that’s why you will find it on many leashes on the market. However, the spring tends to weaken with use, thus loosening the clip and letting your dog out.

    Trigger Snaps

    Just like the bolt snap, this one comes with a spring and opens by pushing a tiny lever that acts as a trigger. But it is a more reliable option since it features a bigger spring that doesn’t weaken as easily. Moreover, its unique design makes the leash more secure.


    The most common material used for making dog leashes is nylon. Apart from having a strong tensile breaking strength that ensures it won’t snap no matter how hard your German Shepherd pulls at it, it is also lightweight.

    But if you’re looking for a classy look and a leash that will resist wear and tear better, you should consider a leather option. Although not as strong as nylon, leather is very comfortable and gets comfier with time without losing its strength. Other common materials include cotton and rubber. But they are not as durable.



    The width of the leash affects its strength. Thicker ones are stronger and thus better suited for a strong dog like the German Shepherd. Thinner leashes could snap quickly when subjected to a lot of force.


    The ideal length of a dog leash is either 4 or 6 feet. Anything shorter will limit your freedom and that of the dog, while a longer version could be cumbersome in tight spaces.

    Waterproof Qualities

    Wetting and drying your leash repeatedly will weaken the material and lead to wear and tear. You should ensure your leash has a waterproof coating to prevent it from getting into direct contact with water.

    Reflective Stitching

    If you plan to walk your dog at night or in dimly lit environments, a leash with reflective stitching will enhance your visibility and prevent accidents.

    Types of Leashes

    There are different types of leashes, depending on your needs and preferences. They include the following:

    Basic Standard

    This is the most common type of leash, and it is either made from nylon or leather. If your dog obeys the heel of command, naturally walks slowly, and doesn’t pull hard, this leash will help to keep them close to you when walking for their safety.


    Unlike the standard leash, this one includes two handles instead of one. The second handle, which is usually located 18 inches from the clip, gives you better control. You can use it when walking the dog through a busy sidewalk, crowded place, or bike path. It is also a good option for a dog with a strong pull.

    Hands-Free Leash

    A hands-free leash features a waist belt that attaches to the leash, thus leaving your hands free to do other tasks. It includes two handles and an elastic that allows you and your dog to move independently while still staying close. Without the elastic, you could fall off easily when your canine tugs on the leash while you’re bike riding or hiking. Sometimes the belt includes a pouch where you can keep your accessories such as a phone and keys.

    Retractable Leash

    A retractable option features a long leash that can extend up to 16 feet, allowing your dog to wander as far as they like without getting out of your control. If you feel the dog has wandered too far away, you can engage the locking mechanism to limit how far it can go. When not in use, the leash retreats into a sturdy construction for easy storage.

    However, this type of leash is only suited for a smaller canine or a gentle walking dog that won’t pull hard since the leash is usually thin. Also, this type of leash trains the dog to continue pulling since it gets rewarded by getting where it craves to go.


    Training Leash

    A training leash is extremely lengthy and can extend up to 50 feet. The long length enables you to train your dog without having to run after it. It features a simple design with one handle and a clip.

    Multiple-Dog Leash

    A multiple-dog leash can hold two or three dogs at the same time. It can either be a 6-foot leash with more than one connection point or an adaptor that is compatible with most types of leashes. This type of leash is a good option if you have many dogs that know how to walk together.

    Adjustable Leash

    It is a standard dog leash with several loops that enable you to adjust the length depending on your needs. It will save you the trouble of having to buy more than one leash.

    Chain Leash

    This is a metal version of the standard leash and is a good choice for a dog with a chewing problem. However, it should only be used as a temporary option owing to its hard nature. While some dogs will learn it is indestructible and let it be, others will continue chewing it in defiance and end up damaging their teeth. Moreover, the metal is also hard on your hands.

    Seat Belt Leash

    It is a short leash with a clip on either end. One of the clips attaches to the collar and the other to the belt. It helps to keep your dog safe when they’re riding in your car and also prevents them from wandering off or distracting you.

    Martingale Leash

    When you combine a standard leash with a martingale collar, you get a martingale leash. This type of leash is common among dog trainers as it is used to train the canine to stop pulling the leash. The martingale collar slips and tightens on your dog’s neck whenever they pull the leash. Although it doesn’t choke or harm the dog in any way, it makes them uncomfortable enough to stop.

    Why You Should Buy a Dog Leash

    • It will protect other people and pets from your dog
    • It gives you more control during training
    • It prevents your dog from getting into dangerous situations
    • It will prevent your dog from relieving themselves in inappropriate places
    • You can tether the dog close to use when you’re busy

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    A leash is a must-have tool for every dog owner. It keeps your best friend in control, thus protecting them and others (both people and animals) from harm. Choosing the right leash can be overwhelming, with so many different types and sizes available. But we hope our reviews of the ten best dog leashes for German Shepherds and our comprehensive buyer’s guide have helped you narrow down your choice.

    With a dog as strong as a German Shepherd, not every dog leash will be able to restrain it. But having put the above leashes to the test, we can confidently claim they can all get the job done. However, the Mendota Products Slip Solid Rope Dog Leash towers above the rest owing to its simplicity, sturdiness, and versatility. But if you’re on a budget, we recommend the Frisco Solid Nylon Dog Leash.

    Featured Image Credit: OlgaOvcharenko, Shutterstock

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