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7 Best Dog Nail Clippers With a Sensor – 2024 Reviews & Top Picks

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By Nicole Cosgrove

Dog Trimming Nails Trimming your dog’s nails can be a difficult task to take on at home, regardless of your dog’s size and demeanor. Some dogs have light-colored, thin nails that make them slightly easier to cut, but many dogs have thick, dark nails that make it impossible to see the quick.

Nail clippers are available with safety catches to reduce the chance of cutting into the quick, but it can be tough to find the right ones for your dog. Thankfully, we’ve done the research to help you find the best clippers for your dog.

We found the best pairs of dog nail clippers with sensors and carefully reviewed each pair. Below is our list of the 7 Best Dog Nail Clippers with Sensors and their reviews.

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A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites in 2024

Rating Image Product Details
Best Overall
GoPets GoPets
  • Plier-style clippers with safety guard
  • Made with 3.5mm stainless steel metal
  • Rubberized grips
  • Best Value
    Second place
  • Safety sensor
  • Ergonomic design
  • Not as expensive
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    iToleeve LED Dog Nail Clipper with Light iToleeve LED Dog Nail Clipper with Light
  • Comfortable handle with soft grip
  • LED light illuminates quick
  • Hidden file for grinding claws
  • Safari Professional Nail Trimmer for Dogs Safari Professional Nail Trimmer for Dogs
  • Double-bladed cutter
  • Non-slip handle
  • Affordable
  • Simply Pets Online Simply Pets Online
  • Rounded grooved handles
  • Metal safety guard
  • Stainless steel metal blades
  • The 7 Best Dog Nail Clippers With Sensors

    1. GoPets Nail Clippers – Best Overall

    GoPets Nail Clippers

    Check Price on Chewy

     The GoPets Nail Clippers are a professional-grade pair of nail clippers designed for dogs with all nail types and thicknesses. The plier-style clippers have a safety guard to prevent cutting into the quick, which can cause moderate blood loss, pain, and trauma to your dog. The cutting blades are made with 3.5mm stainless steel metal that will not rust or dull with time, giving you a reliable cut every time.

    It cuts the nail cleanly and quickly, preventing it from splitting apart or getting caught on clothing and furniture. The GoPets clippers come with rubberized grips on the sides of the handles, so you can cut the nail with comfort and control. They also have a hidden file inside the handle for a finishing touch.

    The only problem is that the locking mechanism used for storing might jam during a cut, but it doesn’t happen often. Aside from the occasional jam, the GoPets Nail Clippers are the best overall clippers for nail trimming at home.

    • Plier-style clippers with safety guard
    • Made with 3.5mm stainless steel metal
    • Cuts the nail clean to prevent splitting
    • Rubberized grips for comfort and control
    • Nail file hidden inside handle for finishing touch
    • Locking mechanism might jam

    2. BOSHEL Dog Nail Clippers – Best Value


    Boshel BA-NCOO3 Dog Nail Clippers are plier-style nail clippers. They have a safety sensor that helps protect the quick, reducing the chance of cutting too deeply and causing the nail to bleed. They feature an ergonomic design with rubber grips, which helps prevent hand cramping and gives you more control as you cut.

    The Boshel pliers also have a nail file and a storage compartment inside the handle, so you can smooth out your dog’s nails if the edges are too sharp. They’re not as expensive as premium clippers and give you a professional cut at an affordable price.

    However, they may not work on dogs with extra thick nails, so you may have to look for clippers designed for thick nails. The locking mechanism at the top can also break after a few uses. Otherwise, we think the Boshel BA-NCOO3 Dog Nail Clippers are the best dog nail clippers with a sensor for the money.

    • Safety sensor helps protect the quick
    • Ergonomic design with rubber grips
    • Nail file and compartment inside handle
    • Not as expensive as premium models
    • May not work on extra-thick nails
    • The locking mechanism may break

    3. iToleeve LED Dog Nail Clipper with Light – Premium Choice

    The iToleeve LED Dog Nail Clipper has a bright light to illuminate light-colored claws, which makes it easy to identify the quick. The incredibly sharp blades cut the claws cleanly, and the safety guard prevents injuries. Although the iToleeve is more expensive than most models, it’s more durable than the competition.

    It has a blade lock to keep it closed when it’s not being used and a nail file to apply the finishing touches to your dog’s claws. It’s an effective clipper, but if your dog’s claws are dark, the LED light won’t help you identify the quick. 

    Most users were impressed by the durability of the iToleeve, but some were disappointed that the batteries in the light had to be replaced more frequently than they anticipated.

    • LED light makes quick visible
    • Includes file to grind nails
    • Comfortable handle with soft rubber grip
    • Blade lock keeps clipper in closed position
    • Expensive compared to other models
    • Requires batteries for LED light

    4. Safari Professional Nail Trimmer for Dogs

    The Safari Professional Nail Trimmer for Dogs has a double-bladed cutter made of stainless steel, and it’s more suitable for small dogs. It has a comfortable, non-slip handle, and it’s designed for left and right-handed users. Although it’s supposed to be a “professional” tool, the blades are not sharp enough to cut the thick nails of large canines.

    However, owners of small dogs were generally happy with the Safari trimmer, and although they must be replaced after several months of nail trimming, they’re affordable. They’re nearly half as costly as our premium pick. Some customers also mentioned that the safety guard gets loose over time.

    • Non-slip, comfortable handle
    • Metal safety sensor prevents injuries
    • Double-bladed cutter
    • Affordable
    • Not as sharp as other models
    • May not cut thick nails
    • Safety guard loosens over time

    5. Simply Pets Online Dog Nail Clippers

    Simply Pets Online

    Simply Pets Online QE-LMC9-H741 Dog Nail Clippers are plier-style clippers with an ergonomic design. They are made with rounded, grooved handles with comfortable grips, giving you a more secure hold as you trim. They feature stainless steel metal blades with a safety lock, preventing them from opening on their own while being stored away.

    They also have a metal safety guard that can be adjusted and moved, which helps you find the right angle to clip your dog’s nails. However, we had a few concerns about the Simply Pets Nail Clippers, which outweighed the main features. The locking tab next to the blade gets stuck in the locked position, and it takes some force to unlock it, which can be frustrating if it keeps getting stuck.

    Another issue is that the clippers struggle to cut clean through thick nails, so they’re not the best choice if you have a medium or large dog. The Simply Pets clippers also don’t come with a file of any kind, which is needed to smooth out your dog’s nails.

    • Rounded grooved handles with comfortable grips
    • Metal safety guard can be adjusted and moved
    • Stainless steel metal blades with safety lock
    • Locking tab gets stuck
    • Struggles to cut clean through thick nails
    • Doesn’t have a file to smooth out nails

    6. PetSpy Dog Nail Clippers


    The PetSpy u3436g Dog Nail Clippers are plier-style clippers. They have an adjustable metal safety sensor that can be moved around to fit your dog’s nail, reducing the chance of cutting into the quick and causing blood loss. A one-click locking switch at the top allows you to store these away safely and securely.

    They also have a hidden nail file that stores inside the handle, so you’ll be able to smooth out any sharp edges to prevent nail splinters and burrs. While the PetSpy clippers are decent, the handles are made with cheap plastic that hurts your hands after a few uses. Another issue is that the blades are too dull for most nails.

    Lastly, they often get stuck in the “lock” position, making it much more difficult to use safely without causing unnecessary pressure on the nail.

    • Adjustable metal safety sensor
    • One-click locking switch at the top
    • Nail file inside the handle
    • Made with cheap plastic handles
    • Blades are too dull for most nails
    • Often gets stuck in the lock position

    7. WePtz Dog Nail Clippers Dog Nail Trimmers


    The WePtz Dog Nail Clippers Dog Nail Trimmers is a plier-style set of dog nail trimmers meant to make nail care easy and painless. They have grooved handles with rubber grips to make them more comfortable to use, so you can cut your dog’s nails without getting hand cramps. They are also less expensive than most nail clippers with sensor guards, especially compared to premium and professional-design trimmers.

    However, the WePtz Nail Clippers are made with cheap metal and plastic, so they may not last nearly as long as other models. Another issue is that the adjustable metal guard moves around as you’re clipping, causing the clippers to cut deeper than desired.

    The clippers struggle with medium to large dog nails, so they’re better for smaller dogs with thin, white nails. Lastly, the locking switch jams in the lock position, making it difficult to open after each use.

    • Less expensive than most sensor clippers
    • Grooved handles with rubber grips
    • Cheap quality plastic and metal
    • The metal guard moves around while in use
    • Struggles with medium to large dog nails
    • Locking switch jams

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    Buyer’s Guide – Finding the Best Dog Nail Clippers With a Sensor

    Purchasing a reliable pair of clippers for your dog shouldn’t be difficult, but there are a few factors to keep in mind when shopping.

    Nail Size

    The size of your dog’s nails can affect how well the clippers work. Although most brands claim they’re suitable for all breeds, some are only designed for smaller nails. If you have a large pup, it’s better to buy the more durable model you can afford. 

    Clippers with smaller, duller blades can shred large nails and irritate your dog.

    Safety Guard

    Each brand we reviewed has a safety guard to prevent injuries and avoid cutting the quick. It’s wise to review the customer comments on the models you like because some have guards that loosen over time. If you can’t tighten the guard, it’s better to purchase another model with a more durable safety sensor.

    Guillotine Dog Nail Clipper
    Image Credit: Vaillery, Shutterstock

    Blade Lock

    A clasp that keeps the clipper closed isn’t an essential feature, but it’s nice to have if you have young kids. Curious children with tiny fingers are less likely to injure themselves if they cannot open the blades.

    Extra Features

    Nail clippers aren’t complicated tools, and there aren’t too many extra features included on high-end models. However, our premium pick includes a light to illuminate the quick and a hidden nail file to smooth over your dog’s claws after clipping them.


    The price of the clipper is another factor to consider, but generally, they’re inexpensive, especially compared to other pet supplies.

    Divider 2Conclusion

    We looked for the best nail trimmers with guards and sensors available. After carefully reviewing each product, the winner of Best Overall goes to GoPets Nail Clippers. These high-quality clippers are designed for nails of all types and thicknesses and have stainless steel blades and ergonomic handles to give you the confidence you need to trim your dog’s nails.

    The winner of Best Value goes to BOSHEL BA-NCOO3 Dog Nail Clippers. They are designed like professional dog groomers’ nail trimmers without the premium price tag. When introducing a new procedure or equipment for the first time, it’s important to desensitize your dog with praise and treats to avoid accidents. For the best results, avoid clipping too close to the quick by using the nail trimmers with sensors listed above.

    Before you start clipping, make sure you have styptic powder or cornstarch to stop any bleeding if you do cut into the quick. If your dog shows signs of stress or aggression, stop clipping immediately and take your dog to your groomer or vet.

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