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20 Best Dog Sweaters of 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks

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By Nicole Cosgrove

Dog wearing a red christmas sweater

Do you turn your nose up at owners who dress their dogs in “people” clothes? Or do you recognize the need for warm winter attire, especially for short-haired breeds?

Whether you already own a closet full of dog apparel or still need some convincing, finding the best dog sweaters for your pooch’s wardrobe isn’t always easy.

When shopping for your dog’s closet, you want pieces that are comfortable, stylish, and practical. Of course, few articles of pup clothing actually meet these criteria. We’ve put together reviews of the best dog sweaters currently available, so you don’t have to do the hard work of finding them for yourself.

So, what do you think? If you ask us, it’s about time to treat your best four-legged friend to some cozy new looks!

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A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites in 2024

Rating Image Product Details
Best Overall
Chilly Dog Boyfriend Dog Sweater Chilly Dog Boyfriend Dog Sweater
  • Classic style
  • Available in eight different sizing options
  • Made with all-natural materials
  • Warmest Choice
    Second place
    kyeese Fashion Dog Sweater kyeese Fashion Dog Sweater
  • Cute and warm for winter
  • Comes in six different sizes
  • Built-in leash hole
  • Best for Small Dogs
    Third place
    BINGPET Small Dog Sweater BINGPET Small Dog Sweater
  • Warm and soft fleece material
  • Retro print in three different colors
  • Machine-washable
  • Idepet Dog Knitwear Sweater Idepet Dog Knitwear Sweater
  • Several sizes for small dog breeds
  • Soft
  • fleece interior
  • Secure design stays on
  • Blueberry Pet Knit Dog Sweater Blueberry Pet Knit Dog Sweater
  • Comes in six different sizes
  • Wide range of colors to choose from
  • Includes built-in leash hole
  • The 20 Best Dog Sweaters:

    1. Chilly Dog Boyfriend Dog Sweater – Best Overall

    Chilly Dog

    Forget about overly cute dog sweaters. If you want something dignified and fashion-forward for your pooch, then you’ll love our top overall pick: the Chilly Dog 200746 Boyfriend Dog Sweater. This sweater is available in eight different sizes, fitting dogs from 2 pounds all the way up to 120 pounds.

    This classic look features heathered gray across the torso with red and white stripes at the neck and hemline. Each Chilly Dog sweater is hand-knit by Quechuan artisans in South America. These sweaters are made entirely from pre-shrunk wool, use plant-based dyes, and adhere to fair trade practices.

    While this sweater is incredibly warm and comfy, there’s no built-in leash attachment slit. If you want to keep your dog bundled up on a walk, you’ll need to put their harness over the sweater. Also, the fact that this sweater is made of wool can be an issue for both dog and owner, especially if either has an allergy.

    • Classic style
    • Available in eight different sizing options
    • Made with all-natural materials
    • Hand-knit by fair trade workers in South America
    • Extremely warm
    • No way to hook leash through sweater
    • Wool can irritate a dog’s skin
    • May trigger wool allergic reactions

    2. kyeese Fashion Dog Sweater – Warmest Choice


    We know that dropping big bucks on your dog isn’t always a worthwhile investment. After all, things can get chewed up, dirty, and torn in a matter of minutes! If you’re on the hunt for the best dog sweaters for the money, your first choice should be the super-warm kyeese Fashion Dog Sweater. This adorable winter sweater is available in six different sizes, fitting dogs with a back measurement of 8 to 20 inches.

    You can choose from two different color options, each with a turtleneck and built-in skirt hem. Each sweater is made from acrylic fiber, which is durable and stretches for comfort, and includes a leash attachment hole. This sweater can easily be thrown in the wash, just use cold water and a low-heat setting.

    Although the ruffle hem is cute, it does tend to fold up on itself. This can make the back length too short for your dog when worn. Also, with extended wear, the material tends to stretch out and lose its overall shape.

    • Cute and warm for winter
    • Comes in six different sizes
    • Built-in leash hole
    • Machine-washable
    • Ruffle hem folds up
    • Back measurement too short for some dogs
    • Acrylic material stretches over time

    3. BINGPET Small Dog Sweater – Best For Small Dogs


    If your toy or small breed pup struggles to stay warm in the cooler months, you should definitely consider the BINGPET Small Dog Sweater. This sweater is made exclusively for smaller dog breeds and puppies and comes in three different sizes and colors. You can choose from black, navy blue, or pink and fit dogs with bodies up to 13 inches long.

    While the retro-inspired print makes the outside of this sweater extra stylish, the inside is soft and fuzzy for your dog’s comfort. Even if your dog has a short or fine coat, they’ll be cozy and warm in this sweater. You can also clean this sweater in your standard washing machine.

    It’s important to accurately measure your dog before ordering because this sweater doesn’t offer much stretch. Since it’s designed for small breeds, it also won’t fit many dogs in general.

    • Warm and soft fleece material
    • Designed for small dog breeds
    • Retro print in three different colors
    • Machine-washable
    • Material doesn’t stretch much
    • Sizing is confusing
    • Won’t fit many dogs

    4. Idepet Dog Knitwear Sweater


    The Idepet Dog Knitwear Sweater is another excellent option for smaller dogs who struggle to keep warm in the fall and winter. This sweater comes in six different sizes and an impressive range of nine colors. No matter your pup’s personal style, you’re sure to find the perfect addition to their existing wardrobe.

    This sweater uses a heathered sweater material with a soft, fleece-lined interior. It also features cuffed leg, neck, and torso holes to keep your pup nice and comfy.

    Because of the pullover design, some dogs might be resistant to putting this sweater on in the first place. Plus, there is no leash hole built in and the sweater must be hand-washed. While this sweater comes in several different sizes, the largest one will only fit a dog up to 20 pounds.

    • Wide range of colors
    • Several sizes for small dog breeds
    • Soft, fleece interior
    • Secure design stays on
    • Will not fit dogs over 20 pounds
    • No built-in leash attachment hole
    • Hand wash only
    • Pullover design can be difficult to put on

    5. Blueberry Pet Knit Dog Sweater

    Blueberry Pet

    For those pups who have a truly timeless style, the Blueberry Pet Knit Interlock Dog Sweater is the perfect outfit for any winter occasion. This sweater comes in seven different sizes, fitting dogs with a back measurement of 10 to 22 inches. It also comes in an impressive selection of 20 different colors.

    This sweater uses a 20% wool and 80% acrylic blend for optimal comfort, warmth, and stretch. It also features a convenient leash hole for use with a harness or collar. You can machine wash this sweater for easy cleaning.

    The pullover style can present a challenge but stays on even the squirmiest dog once put on. However, sizing seems to be inconsistent across different colors and orders. Although this sweater only uses 20% wool, it can still cause irritation if your dog has sensitive skin.

    • Comes in six different sizes
    • Wide range of colors to choose from
    • Includes built-in leash hole
    • Machine-washable
    • Inconsistent sizing
    • Wool content may cause irritation
    • Difficult pullover style
    • Material may stretch over time

    6. Kuoser Cozy Waterproof Sweater


    When a normal sweater just won’t cut it, the Kuoser 92972 Cozy Waterproof Sweater is your best option. This sweater is perfect for the active pup who loves to play outdoors, no matter the time of year. It comes in seven different sizes and fits dogs up to 29.5 inches long. This sweater comes in several reversible color options, so your dog’s wardrobe will be full of versatility.

    Each sweater is constructed with a waterproof exterior and a soft and warm interior. The filler adds an extra layer of warmth and comfort. This sweater utilizes a sturdy hook and loop closure so it’s always easy to put on and take off. There is also a built-in leash hole for use with a collar or harness.

    Despite the variety of sizes available, it can still be hard to find the right fit for every dog. The hook and loop fastenings can wear out with extended use. Also, you will still need to place your dog’s front legs through the holes, as they don’t come apart.

    • Waterproof and insulated
    • Reversible color options
    • Easy to put on and take off
    • Includes a leash hole
    • Finding the right size is a challenge
    • Hook and loop fasteners don’t last long
    • Leg openings don’t come apart

    7. CHBORLESS Pet Dog Sweater


    The CHBORLESS Pet Dog Sweater is a super-soft and cozy sweater for dogs under 16.5 pounds. This sweater is available in six different sizes for toy and small breeds and comes in a variety of classic colors to suit your dog’s style. The cotton material is plush and warm, so your dog will always be comfortable.

    This pullover-style sweater works great for keeping your pup warm on walks and while lounging around the house. It doesn’t feature any way to attach a leash to a collar or harness underneath, though.

    While this sweater comes in a wide size range for smaller dogs, determining the right size for your dog still isn’t always easy. This sweater won’t fit wide-chested pups very well, so take that into consideration when shopping for a new dog sweater.

    • Wide size range designed for smaller dogs
    • Assortment of color options
    • Soft both inside and out
    • Made of cotton
    • No leash attachment hole
    • Only for toy and small breeds
    • Size chart isn’t always accurate
    • Not good for dogs with wide chests

    8. Fashion Focus On Dog Sweater

    Fashion Focus On

    If your dog has short fur or just tends to get cold in the winter months, then they might need a sweater they can wear all of the time. If this is the case for your pooch, the Fashion Focus On Knitwear Dog Sweater is a great fit for smaller dogs. This sweater is available in six sizes for dogs up to 16.5 pounds. You can also choose from a range of over a dozen colors.

    This sweater is machine-washable and features a fashionable heathered sweater material. The interior is a softer, fleece-like material for added comfort against your dog’s skin.

    Since this sweater doesn’t include a leash attachment hole, it’s not the best option for putting on over a harness. The bottom hem may also ride up during wear, which can be uncomfortable for your dog. Like many other dog sweaters on the market, the sizing of this garment is often inconsistent.

    • Great for wearing around the house
    • Fleece-like interior
    • Machine-washable
    • Many color options
    • No leash hole
    • Hem rides up during wear
    • Sizing is inconsistent and runs small

    9. KOOLTAIL Plaid Dog Hoodie Sweaters


    For a dog sweater that’s comfortable, versatile, and looks great on every pup, look no further than the KOOLTAIL KPC05_RedM Plaid Dog Hoodie Sweaters. These sweaters come in six sizes and three different plaid colorways. Plus, they have a hood to keep your dog’s head warm and dry in bad weather!

    These sweaters are constructed of 65% polyester and 35% cotton, meaning they’re durable and can stand up to a little wear and tear. There’s also a convenient leash attachment hole on the back, so you can pair one of these sweaters with any leash or collar.

    Unfortunately, the larger sizes of this sweater have hoods that are too small for most medium- or large-sized breeds. The size chart is also difficult to use and the material may shrink when washed.

    • Unique, fashionable design
    • Includes a hood
    • Built-in leash hole for a harness or collar
    • Fits dogs with a back measurement of up to 30 inches
    • Runs small and shrinks in the wash
    • Hoods are too small on larger sizes
    • Colors fade with washing

    10. Mihachi Dog Sweater


    Whether you’re planning your family Christmas photos or just want to step up your pup’s fashion game, the Mihachi SWTER_MI1M_RED_1 Dog Sweater can’t be beaten. Unlike other dog sweaters that resemble athletic sweatshirts, this sweater has a classy knit design. You can choose from five sizes and four different colors for the perfect look.

    This cable knit style is created with 100 percent polyester fabric, which is soft, warm, and durable. There’s also a built-in hole on the back for attaching a leash to your dog’s collar or harness.

    With extended wear, this sweater tends to stretch out and become loose. Sizing is also inaccurate, with some sizes running large and others being too small. The material will pill over time, which can be unsightly.

    • Size options for almost any breed
    • Unique cable knit design
    • Includes a leash attachment hole
    • Stretches and pills over time
    • Size chart is inaccurate
    • Will unravel if material is snagged

    11. Gooby Stretch Fleece Vest Sweater


    The Gooby 72109-VIO-XS Stretch Fleece Vest Sweater will keep your pup warm outside or in a drafty house. The pullover style stays on securely while the plush fleece material is super comfortable and traps heat.

    This dog sweater comes in ten different sizes, fitting dogs with length measurements up to 27 inches. You can also select from fifteen colors to suit whatever style your dog prefers.

    Unfortunately, because this is a pullover sweater, it can be a challenge to get onto some dogs. There is no built-in space for a leash to connect through. The material is also extremely stretchy, which can cause fit issues over time.

    • Plush fleece material
    • Wide range of sizes and colors
    • Traps warmth effectively
    • Pullover style is an issue for some pups
    • Stretches with wear
    • No leash attachment hole

    12. BOBIBI Dog Sweaters


    Let your dog show off their holiday spirit with the BOBIBI Dog Sweaters. This design features an adorable cartoon reindeer on the back, perfect for Christmastime or throughout the winter months. You can choose from five different sizes, fitting dogs up to 22 inches long. This pullover sweater stretches slightly for an improved fit.

    This Rudolph sweater is designed for smaller dogs, so large breeds might not fit comfortably. However, the material stretches out quickly with wear. The cartoon reindeer graphic is also poorly attached, with some owners reporting the nose fell off.

    • Cute and unique holiday design
    • Stretches for comfort
    • Thick and warm material
    • Material stretches over time
    • Sizing runs small
    • Sweater is well-made, but decoration is not

    13. Leepets Pullover Puppy Sweater


    If your dog loves exploring the great outdoors and you want them to look sporty while they do it, the Leepets Pullover Puppy Sweater is the perfect attire. This pullover-style sweater features a half-zipper at the collar for an adjustable fit. The double-layer fleece is extra warm for when your dog needs a little more insulation.

    Since this sweater doesn’t stretch, an exact fit is required. This sweater also only fits dogs with a chest measurement of up to 21 inches. There is also no place to connect a leash, which poses an issue for owners who prefer harnesses.

    • Classic and sporty style
    • Wide range of colors
    • Double-layered, breathable fleece for extra warmth
    • Material does not stretch
    • Only fits smaller breeds
    • No leash attachment spot

    14. FAMI Turtleneck Dog Sweater


    For fashion over function, the FAMI Turtleneck Dog Sweater will keep your pup nice and warm while also looking their best. This sweater features a cable knit pattern and is available in a range of colors.

    This sweater is designed specifically for toy and small breeds, so won’t fit many dogs. It also utilizes a pullover design, which can be difficult to put on and take off. While the acrylic material is quite warm, it is fairly thin.

    • Fashion-forward cable knit design
    • Variety of colors
    • Keeps small dogs warm
    • Material is quite thin
    • Only for toy and small breeds
    • Difficult to put on and take off
    • No leash hole for a harness or collar

    15. SCIROKKO Turtleneck Dog Sweater


    The SCIROKKO Turtleneck Dog Sweater certainly is stylish, especially with its use of glittery yarn! This cable knit dog sweater is available in two colors, pink or cream, and five different sizes. The thick fabric will keep your pooch warm and there’s a built-in leash hole for use with a harness or collar.

    Over time, the material of this sweater will stretch and become loose. The hem is also a little short, leaving much of the dog’s torso exposed to the cold. The sizing reportedly runs large, even without the additional stretching with wear.

    • Glitter cable knit design is unique
    • Thick, warm fabric
    • Too short for some dogs
    • Stretches with wear
    • Sizing runs large

    16. PAWCHIE Classic Dog Sweater


    The PAWCHIE Classic Dog Sweater is an argyle-lover’s dream. This sweater is available in two colorways, red/black and pink/gray, and comes in five sizes. It is machine-washable and features a convenient leash attachment hole for use with any collar or harness. This dog sweater fits pups with a back measurement of up to 20 inches and is made from eco-friendly, non-toxic textiles.

    Along with the material stretching out over time, the sizing of these dog sweaters seems to be inconsistent. If your dog tends to take off clothing, they’ll have no issue escaping from this sweater.

    • Attractive argyle pattern
    • Included leash hole
    • Non-toxic materials
    • Sizing is inaccurate
    • Stretches extremely quickly
    • Easy for dog to take off on its own

    17. Zonadeals Plaid Dog Sweater


    The Zonadeals ZONHD001-PinkSM Plaid Dog Sweaters will keep your dog warm during the fall and winter months. This sweater fits small and medium dogs with back measurements from 9 to 18 inches. It’s available in five sizes and three different plaid colorways. The acrylic material is breathable but warm and very soft. There is a hole for attaching a leash.

    While these sweaters are designed for small and medium breeds, they actually run quite large. The material also snags and unravels easily, which is an issue for dogs that play rough.

    • Cute plaid pattern for the winter season
    • Soft and breathable
    • Included leash attachment hole
    • Sizing inconsistent and runs large
    • Snags easily

    18. BESAZW Waterproof Warm Dog Sweater


    The BESAZW Waterproof Warm Dog Sweater is ideal for dogs that enjoy outdoor adventures and live in cold climates. This dog sweater features a quilted, waterproof top and flannel bottom that can also be reversed according to the weather. It’s available in several sizes and three colorways to suit your dog’s look. The hook and loop design makes it easy to put this waterproof dog sweater on and take it off.

    Unfortunately, the hook and loop closures wear out quickly. This sweater’s sizing is also quite inconsistent, even when following the sizing chart. The stitching and overall construction are also of low quality.

    • Waterproof construction
    • Hook and loop closures
    • Reversible design
    • Hook and loop tape doesn’t last long
    • Poor construction quality
    • Sizing is difficult to understand

    19. Fitwarm Knitted Dog Sweater


    If your dog prefers hooded sweatshirts, then the Fitwarm Knitted Dog Sweater is another option you might want to test out. This dog sweater comes in six sizes, fitting dogs with chest measurements up to 23 inches, and two neutral color options. You can easily pair this warm dog sweater with a collar or harness by using the built-in leash hole.

    If your dog dislikes pullover sweaters, then this one won’t be easy to get on. The sizing of this sweater also runs extremely small, so large breeds won’t be able to wear it. The material pulls quickly and looks ragged.

    • Includes a hood and leash attachment
    • Pullover design is disliked by many dogs
    • Runs very small
    • Pills quickly
    • Material wears out with limited use

    20. HAPEE Dog Sweater


    Finally, we have the HAPEE Dog Sweater. While this sweater is far from the best option out there, it still works for some pups. It features a classic cable knit pattern and comes in four different colors. This sweater fits dogs with a length of 7 to 19 inches and features a slightly stretchy material.

    It’s important to note that the sizing of this cute dog sweater runs very small. The material also tears quite easily, shortening the sweater’s lifespan. If you’re interested in buying your dog a sweater to keep warm in the winter, then the fabric of this sweater will be too thin to do the job.

    • Classy cable knit design
    • Sizing is off and runs small
    • Material is too delicate for long-term wear
    • Too thin to keep dogs warm
    • Only stretches slightly

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    Summary of the Best Dog Sweaters

    For the fashionistas out there, the best sweater to invest in is the Chilly Dog Boyfriend Dog Sweater. Not only is this dog sweater fashionable, but it also has a wide range of sizing options and is very warm. Plus, each sweater is hand-knit in South America.

    For dogs that shiver and cry during the winter months, our top choice is the kyeese Fashion Dog Sweater. This sweater features an adorable style and will keep your dog warm throughout the colder seasons. It has a built-in leash hole and is also machine-washable.

    We hope our reviews have helped you narrow down the best sweaters for your dog’s wardrobe!

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