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17 DIY Dog Sweaters Anyone Can Make (With Pictures)

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By Nicole Cosgrove

dog wearing sweater

Your four-legged friend is lucky enough to have a built-in coat of their very own, but that doesn’t mean they never get cold! Taking the time to learn how to make a dog sweater is a great way to bond with your pup and ensure that they stay warm in all types of weather.

Don’t let the thought of sitting down to craft a dog sweater from scratch scare you. There’s a pattern or tutorial out there for all skill levels, so you can find one perfectly suited to your experience and what you already have on hand.

Ready to get crafty? Below are 17 dog sweaters you can make today.

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Top 17 DIY Dog Sweaters

1. Knitted Harry Potter Dog Sweater by Handy Little Me

DIY dog sweater
Image Credit: Handylittleme
Materials: Three skeins extra-bulky yarn (primary color), Yarn for the letter (coordinating color)
Tools: S. 15 straight knitting needles, S. 15 20- or 24-inch circular knitting needles, Scissors, Darning needle, Tape measure, Stitch markers
Difficulty: Moderate

Whether you consider yourself a Potterhead or just a casual fan, this Handy Little Me knitted dog sweater pattern makes an excellent DIY project for any four-legged friend. While this sweater is inspired by Ron and Harry’s monogrammed Christmas sweaters — hence the Gryffindor colors — you can customize this sweater to reflect your pup’s own Hogwarts house!

2. The Juno Jumper by Alice in Knittingland

DIY dog sweater
Image Credit: Lovecrafts
Materials: Chunky yarn
Tools: S. 10.5 circular knitting needle, Darning needle, Stitch markers, S. 10 crochet hook (optional)
Difficulty: Moderate

Inspired by her own Jack Russell Terrier, Alice in Knittingland’s Juno Jumper from Love Crafts is a great pattern for small dogs in need of a cozy sweater. This is a great project for knitters who have some experience under their belts but want to tackle something a little more challenging than a scarf or potholder.

3. Easy DIY Dog Coat by Ricochet & Away!

DIY dog sweater
image Credit: Ricochetandaway
Materials: Paper pattern, Outer fabric, Lining fabric, Batting, Fleece, Velcro
Tools: Scissors, Sewing machine or needle and thread
Difficulty: Advanced

Many dogs handle the winter weather just fine while indoors, but what about when outside on a walk or just to go potty? Ricochet & Away! has easy-to-follow instructions for making a winter coat that will keep your dog warm during the coldest months. You can even buff up the weather-protection offered by this jacket with waterproof fabric.

4. Cute Bumble Bee Dog Sweater by Crochet Guru

DIY dog sweater
Image Credit: Crochetguru
Materials: Black medium yarn, Yellow medium yarn
Tools: S. 9 crochet hook, Darning needle, Measuring tape, Scissors
Difficulty: Moderate

Who says dog sweaters can’t be functional and fashionable? This Crochet Guru sweater pattern will have your dog looking like an adorable bumble bee while staying warm and cozy during the winter months.

5. DIY Flannel Dog Sweater by Sew DoggyStyle

DIY dog sweater
Image Credit: Sewdoggystyle
Materials: Old flannel shirt, Fleece, Paper pattern
Tools: Sewing machine or needle and thread, Straight pins, Scissors
Difficulty: Advanced

Do you have an old flannel shirt lying around that’s just begging to be repurposed? This DIY tutorial from Sew DoggyStyle shows how to turn an old flannel button-down into an ultra-fashionable puppy sweater.

6. Simple Bone Dog Sweater by Mimi & Tara

DIY dog sweater
Image Credit: Mimiandtara
Materials: Knit fabric, Contrasting fabric for bones (optional), Paper pattern
Tools: Sewing machine or needle and thread, Scissors
Difficulty: Moderate

Mimi & Tara offers a straightforward tutorial for dog owners interested in sewing a sweater from scratch. You can keep it basic, add bone appliques for style, or even sew an attached hood. The possibilities are practically endless.

7. Custom-Tailored Dog Sweater by Sew What Alicia

DIY dog sweater
Image Credit: Sewwhatalicia
Materials: Paper, Fabric, Velcro
Tools: Measuring tape, Straight ruler, Scissors, Sewing machine or needle and thread
Difficulty: Moderate

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes. If you’re having trouble finding dog attire that fits your pup, Sew What Alicia has put together detailed instructions for drafting and sewing your own dog sweater from scratch.

8. Heavy-Duty Outdoor Dog Sweater by Sew Can She

DIY dog sweater
Image Credit: Sewcanshe
Materials: Piece of scrap fabric, Outer fabric, Lining fabric, Batting, Bias binding, Velcro
Tools: Sewing machine or needle and thread, Scissors, Marker
Difficulty: Advanced

Not all occasions call for a soft, knitted dog sweater. Sew Can She offers instructions for a custom-tailored pattern that will create a durable, weather-resistant sweater for those times when your dog is outside during the winter months.

9. Ugly Christmas Dog Sweater by Sew DoggyStyle

DIY dog sweater
Image Credit: Sewdoggystyle
Materials: Basic dog sweater (like the one from Mimi & Tara), Two yards of ribbon, Button, Gift tag
Tools: Sewing machine or needle and thread
Difficulty: Moderate

Sew DoggyStyle is back with another fashionable dog sweater that’s perfect for the Christmas season. This ugly holiday sweater is surprisingly easy to make — it also makes great “wrapping paper” for any dog being given as a gift.

10. Knitted Dog Sweater for Beginners by Saga

DIY dog sweater
Image Credit: Saga
Materials: Heavy worsted yarn in dark green and mustard yellow
Tools: S. 6/U.S. 8 knitting needles, Stitch holder, Darning needle
Difficulty: Easy

Learning to knit is a great way to boost your DIY abilities. With this basic knitting pattern from Saga, you can create a warm and stylish sweater for your dog — minimal experience required. While this pattern is designed for a Welsh Terrier, it can be adjusted to fit almost any dog.

Also here’s a great read by Knit Like Granny: How Much Yarn Do I Need To Knit A Dog Sweater?

11. Canine Carhartt Dog Sweater by Instructables

DIY dog sweater
Image Credit: Instructables
Materials: Chunky yarn
Tools: Seam ripper, Heavy-duty sewing machine or needle and thread, Scissors, Pins
Difficulty: Advanced

Carhartt is known as one of the most durable outerwear brands in the United States. With this guide from Instructables, you can take an old Carhartt jacket and turn it into a heavy-duty sweater for your dog. Now, you and Fido can match wherever you go!

12. Easy Recycled Dog Sweater by Resweater

DIY dog sweater
Image Credit: Resweater
Materials: Paper pattern, Used sweatshirt(s)
Tools: Sewing machine or needle and thread, Scissors
Difficulty: Easy

If you have multiple old sweatshirts no longer being worn, Resweater offers an easy-to-follow tutorial for making custom-sized dog sweaters. This pattern can give your old clothes a new lease on life in the form of a fashion-forward and cozy sweater sure to make all the neighborhood dogs jealous.

13. Seamless Dog Sweater by Taryn at Calico Radio

Materials: Worsted weight yarn (number 4 yarn)
Tools: Circular needles, double-pointed needles (sizes depend on sweater size—check the plan for specifics)
Difficulty: Moderate

This seamless, no-sew dog sweater is made with only one piece of yarn, so it’s the perfect choice for those who don’t want to gather lots of materials and tools. It can be made in a wide variety of sizes ranging from XXS to XL, and you can adapt the style and change up the color as you wish.

On the Dachshund model, it looks seriously cute, and the seamless look really gives the sweater a nice, clean look. It might be a bit finicky for complete beginners, though—the creator mentions that this is an intermediate-level project.

14. DIY Dog Sweater by DZ Dogs

DIY dog sweater
Image Credit: Dzdogs
Materials: Sweatshirt, zipper or Velcro, thread
Tools: Scissors or rotary cutter, cutting board, ruler, chalk or washable marker, straight pins, safety pins, needle, sewing machine
Difficulty: Easy to moderate

If you’ve recently purchased a dog sweater but are disappointed because it’s too big, there is a fix—adapting it like those at DZ Dogs did with this ready-made dog sweater. The DIYer cut a piece of fabric off the underside of the sweater to make it fit their dog better and installed a zipper to close it up. The initial steps are really simple, but you will need to know how to use a sewing machine for this project.

15. Dandy Dog Sweater by Heart Hook Home

DIY dog sweater
Image Credit: Hearthookhome
Materials: Brava Worsted Weight Yarn
Tools: Crochet hook (H/5 mm)
Difficulty: Easy to moderate

This crocheted DIY dog sweater can be adapted for dogs in various sizes and is no-sew, so it’s a great choice for those wanting a neat, clean finish. You will need some crocheting skills, but the materials and tools are really basic, and the finished product is a cozy-looking winter sweater.

Even better, the creator has kindly included a video tutorial on how to make this, as well as a link to how to spruce it up for the holiday season for those looking for an extra challenge.

16. DIY Dog Sweater by Annika Victoria

Materials: Old sweater, pins, paper, pens
Tools: Scissors, sewing machine, scissors, ruler
Difficulty: Easy

If you are due a trip to your local thrift store or have an old sweater lying around that you’re thinking of throwing out, you could instead repurpose it into your dog’s very own sweater to keep them cozy, as explained in these instructions.

Sewing machine skills are required, but reusing an old sweater eliminates the need for any knitting or crocheting, which is why this tutorial is so beginner-friendly. It only takes around 1–2 hours to make.

17. Easy No-Sew Dog Jacket by Cooking for Dogs

Materials: Sweater or track pants, pins
Tools: Measuring tape, scissors
Difficulty: Easy

This DIY fleecy jacket is another great example of repurposing, and it’s a good one for beginners because no sewing is involved. You can use an old sweater or track pants—ideally fleecy ones—and all you need to do is measure your dog, cut some holes for the legs, and possibly cut off the collar or cuff if it’s too tight.

The creator has included a video tutorial along with written instructions to help you better visualize the steps and finished project.

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Creating your own DIY dog sweater offers a chance to design something that you know you (and your dog) will love. Many of the sweaters mentioned above can be custom-tailored to fit almost any breed.

So, why not take the opportunity to flex your knitting, crocheting, or sewing skills? Or upcycle old clothes taking up valuable space in your closet?

Of course, you don’t have to settle on just one of these designs. You can learn how to make dog sweaters of all kinds if you like — maybe you’ll even make them all!

Which of these DIY dog sweaters is your favorite? Have you made any of these designs for your own pup?

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