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10 Best Indoor Dog Gates in 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks

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By Nicole Cosgrove

an Indoor Safety Gate

Indoor dog gates are one of the best and safest methods to keep your dog in or out of certain areas in your house.

There are a lot of different styles and options available on the market, which can be confusing when you’re shopping. It’s important to consider each option carefully, which is time-consuming.

Thankfully, we’ve done the research to help you make the best decision for your furry friend. After carefully researching and reviewing each model, we have found the best dog gates on the market.

Below are our Best Indoor Dog Gates and in-depth reviews of them.

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A Quick Look at Our Favorites of 2024

Rating Image Product Details
Best Overall
Richell Richell
  • High-quality rubberwood
  • Freestanding design
  • Adjustable to most doorways
  • Best Value
    Second place
    North States Mypet North States Mypet
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Assembly-free design
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Arf Pets Arf Pets
  • Premium quality wood
  • Interlocking panels
  • Swinging door
  • Freestanding wooden gate
  • Up to 72” wide
  • Optional wall mounting kit
  • Carlson Carlson
  • Extra-tall design
  • Swinging doggy door
  • Locking walkthrough door
  • The 10 Best Indoor Dog Gates

    1. Richell Freestanding Indoor Dog Gate – Best Overall


    With its elegant appearance and freestanding design, the Richell 94136 Wood Freestanding Pet Gate is the best indoor dog gate. It is adjustable in width from 39.8 to 71.3 inches, with a sliding panel to match any doorway or opening. It stands upright on its own with a wide base to prevent tipping over. The Richell Wood Pet Gate is just over 20 inches high, so you can easily step over while keeping your dog safely confined. This model is made with rubberwood and has a hardwood finish for a complete look. One major benefit to this gate is that it requires no assembly and will not damage walls or door frames. The only issue with this model is that it’s made for small dogs that don’t exceed 18 pounds, so this won’t work for bigger sized dogs.

    • High-quality rubberwood
    • Freestanding design
    • Adjustable to most doorways
    • No assembly required
    • Not suitable for dogs over 18 lbs.

    2. North States Portable Dog Gate – Best Value

    North States Pet

    If you’re looking for the best value, the North States Mypet Paws 8871 Portable Pet Gate is an expanding dog gate that locks into place to keep dogs out. Made with high quality and durable plastic, the North States Pet Gate can fit doorways from 26 inches to a maximum of 40 inches wide. The gate is only 23 inches tall so it’s easy to step over when walking around your house. The lightweight plastic and assembly-free design make it perfect for traveling. We kept it out of our #1 spot because it does not expand wider than 40 inches, so it can’t fit bigger hallways and openings. Otherwise, the North States Portable Pet Gate is the best indoor dog gate for the money.

    • Durable
    • Lightweight
    • Easy for humans to step over
    • Assembly-free design
    • Only expands to 40″

    3. Arf Pets Indoor Dog Gate – Premium Choice

    Arf Pets

    The Art Pets APDGTSG Free Standing Wood Dog Gate is a premium model using high quality finished wood and an interlocking design for multiple ways to place the gate. The panels can also be connected to form an enclosed pen.  The Art Pets Wood Gate can fit doorways measuring between 31.5 inches up to 80 inches wide and a hinged door for easy access in and out of the blocked-off area. The wood itself is also sturdy and durable, so it won’t break easily if your dog manages to knock it over. The problem is that it is on the expensive side of dog gates and it also requires assembly, which can influence your decision. If you don’t mind those two factors, the Arf Pets Free Standing Wood Gate is a premium choice for your home.

    • Premium quality wood
    • Interlocking panels
    • Swinging door for easy access
    • Fits wide doorways and hallways
    • More expensive compared to other models
    • Some assembly required

    4. PRIMETIME PETZ Dog Gate for Indoors


    The PRIMETIME PETZ 33232 Configurable Pet Gate is a freestanding wooden pet gate with flexible panels that can be configured to fit hallways measuring up to 72 inches wide. It has a height of 30 inches, so this is a good option for smaller dogs that like to jump. The Primetime Pet Gate also has a swinging door so you can enter and exit without having to step over it. It’s also customizable with a wall mount kit for more stability. The issue this model has is that the lightweight design could easily knock it down if it’s freestanding by a larger-sized dog, which defeats the whole purpose. The Primetime Petz gate is better for smaller dogs that can’t easily knock it over. The wood is also on the fragile side so it may break easier than other models.

    • Freestanding wooden gate
    • Up to 72” wide with swinging door
    • Optional wall mounting kit
    • Bigger dogs may knock it down
    • On the fragile side

    5. Carlson Through Indoor Pet Gate

    Carlson Pet Products

    If you have a larger dog, the Carlson 0941 PB DS Walk Through Pet Gate is an extra tall gate to keep your gentle giant safely enclosed, with a locking walkthrough door for your convenience. It also features a smaller door at the bottom of the swinging door for your smaller animals to pass through easily. The kit does require some assembly, but it’s relatively simple to follow. With the pressure-style mounting, the Carlson Pet Gate is gentle on door frames and walls, with no permanent drilling required. While it may be on the extra tall side, this gate only fits doorways between 29 inches and 36.5 inches wide. There is an extension panel available, but for an additional cost. Another problem is the design is bulky and may not blend well with your house.

    • Extra-tall design for bigger dogs
    • Swinging doggy door for smaller pets
    • Locking walkthrough door
    • Some assembly needed
    • Not suitable for openings wider than 36”

    6. Total Win Freestanding Dog Gate

    Total Win

    The Total Win Freestanding Pet Gate is a wooden freestanding gate that is only 24 inches high, making it easy to step over. This pet gate features swinging panels that can be folded and arranged to fit openings up to 80 inches wide. There are rubber pads on the bottom to prevent sliding and supports to prevent your dog from pushing it over. The problem is that this gate is too lightweight for bigger dogs, so it’s better suited for smaller dogs. The lightweight wood makes it more fragile than other models, which may break if it’s pushed hard enough. It’s also on the expensive side compared to other models with better quality. If you’re looking for a freestanding or lightweight gate, we recommend trying the Richell Freestanding Gate or the North States Portable Gate first.

    • Easy to step over
    • Up to 80” wide
    • Rubber pads and supports for stability
    • Not suitable for bigger dogs
    • On the expensive side

    7. Woohubs Magic Indoor Dog Gates


    The Woohubs Magic Pet Gate is a mesh screen gate that is super lightweight and easy to install. The mesh is partially see-through so you can keep an eye on your dog. The problem with the mesh gate is that it’s not adjustable, so it only works for doorways measuring 70.9 inches wide. It’s over 28 inches tall so it’s hard to step over it comfortably. The mesh itself is not very durable, so most dogs will go underneath it or over it to escape. The Woohubs Magic Pet Gate comes with sticky hooks to hang up the mesh, but they’re not sticky enough to stay on for long. If your dog is small and won’t test the mesh, the Woohubs Magic Pet Gate may work. However, we recommend trying other models for better quality and value.

    • Lightweight mesh design
    • Easy to install
    • Partially see-through
    • Not adjustable
    • Flimsy design not suitable for big dogs
    • Hooks don’t stick well

    8. PAWLAND Freestanding Foldable Pet Gate


    The PAWLAND Wooden Freestanding Foldable Pet Gate is a folding four-panel dog gate that can fit openings up to 74 inches wide. It is around 24 inches tall, so it’s easy to step over for easy access into any room.  The zig-zag accordion design allows it to stand on its own, but there aren’t any additional stabilizers on the gate to keep it from sliding.  The wood is much softer than other models, so this is not a great option if your dog will scratch or chew on the gate. Another issue is that the gate weighs 20 pounds, which is heavier than most dog gates. We recommend trying other models with better quality and more durability first before trying the PAWLAND Freestanding Pet Gate.

    • Up to 74” wide
    • Easy to step over
    • Freestanding design
    • No stabilizers to keep it upright
    • Wood is soft & easily damaged
    • Not suited for medium or large dogs
    • Heavy at 20 lbs.

    9. PETSJOY Indoor Safety Dog Gate


    The PETSJOY Indoor Safety Gate is a freestanding dog gate that is made with pinewood. The PETSJOY gate that is adjustable for doorways between 38 inches to 63 inches wide. While it may be lightweight at 13 pounds, it’s too light for most medium or large dogs. This dog gate is a step-over style at a height of 21 inches, which can be convenient when you’re walking from room to room. The problem with this gate is that the lightweight design is fragile and can break easily if it’s knocked over. It’s on the cheaper side compared to other wooden gates, but the quality is too low to be considered a good value. It also has a paint coating that may be considered non-toxic, but it can still chip and be consumed by your dog. For a better deal and higher-grade gates, we recommend trying other models first.

    • Adjustable from 38” to 63” wide
    • Easy to step over
    • Suitable only for smaller dogs
    • Low-quality wood
    • Paint can be chipped
    • Lightweight design easy to knock over

    10. Unipaws UH5041 Dog Gate


    The Unipaws UH5041 Dog Gate is a freestanding panel-style gate that can be folded and arranged however you may need it to be. It can cover areas between 20 inches to 80 inches wide, but it needs to be folded the right way for it to stand upright. There are no stabilizers to keep it from falling over, so this model is only suitable for calmer dogs. It can also be easily damaged from biting and scratching, making this model unsafe for dogs with destructive habits. Another issue is the lack of a walkthrough gate since the height is a bit awkward to step over comfortably. One potential safety hazard is that the gate itself is heavy, which can injure your pets or children if it does fall over. We recommend trying the North States portable gate for a safer gate or the Richell for a better-quality freestanding gate.
    • Freestanding design
    • 20” to 80” wide coverage
    • No support to prevent falling over
    • No walkthrough gate for easier access
    • Easily damaged by biting and scratching
    • Too heavy and can injure pets if it falls over

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    Buyer’s Guide: Picking the Best Indoor Dog Gates

    Things to Consider

    Buying an indoor dog gate can be complicated and your decision will be influenced by several factors. Styles and colors may be fun to shop for, but your dog’s safety is the most important. Here are some things you’ll have to consider when you’re buying an indoor dog gate:

    Dog Size

    Your dog’s size and weight will be major factors that you’ll need to consider. Some gates may be great for your neighbor’s Chihuahua, but it may not work if you have a German Shepherd that can jump it with ease. Look for gates that are tall and sturdy enough to prevent your dog from knocking it down or jumping over it.

    Hallway Size

    Not all gates are built the same, so you need to measure the hallway or doorway before buying a gate.  Make sure that there’s enough room for the gate to be safely attached, especially for gates that use pressure to stay in place. When in doubt, buy a bigger gate that can be adjusted to a smaller width to fit.


    If your companion has destructive or bored habits like scratching and chewing, you’ll need a gate that is durable enough to handle your pup. Softwood and freestanding gates may not work if your dog is more likely to chew its way out, which can be a serious health hazard. Durable plastic or metal gates are a better option if this is the case.

    Regalo Easy Step Walk-Through Gate

    Types of Gates

    There are many types of gates available on the market to choose from that will also help make your decision. If one option does not work, you can try a different style.

    Freestanding Gates

    One of the most popular options available, freestanding gates are great because they don’t usually require assembly and have different arrangements for versatility. These gates are better for small dogs or calmer, less inquisitive dogs.

    Pressure-Mounted Gates

    Pressure-mounted gates use firm, but gentle, pressure against your walls or doorframes to block off the entrance from your dog. These are the most recognized gates, though they may be the prettiest.  Pressure-mounted gates are great for bigger dogs that can knock over a freestanding gate.

    Portable Gates

    Portable gates are usually pressure mounted and they’re convenient for when you travel with your furry friend.  They’re lightweight to make it easy for travel but strong enough when correctly mounted to keep your dog comfortably confined.

    Wall-mounted Gates

    Wall-mounted gates are very stable, but they do require assembly to set them up. They can also do damage to your doors and walls, so that’s something to consider.  However, wall-mounted gates are your best bet for strong, destructive dogs that can’t easily knock them over.

    PAWLAND Wooden Freestanding Foldable Pet Gate for Dogs


    The type of materials used for your gate will also be an important factor when shopping for an indoor dog gate. Depending on what kind of dog you have will determine what is the safest material for your dog.


    Many indoor gates are made out of different types of wood for a cleaner, nicer look. If your dog is calm and won’t try to scratch and chew the gate, wood can be a great choice for a dog gate. Try to find a harder wood to avoid the gate from breaking or being damaged by your dog. We recommend looking for real wood with no painted layers for the safest option.


    Plastic is another popular choice for dog gates because it’s lightweight enough for easy maneuvering yet durable enough for dogs that may try to scratch and bite the gate. Plastic is also easy to clean and care for in case there are any spills or accidents.


    The most durable option on this list, metal is best for large dogs that will test the strength of any indoor gate. Metal gates usually require some kind of assembly, but they can be long-lasting and strong enough to endure your dog’s escape attempts.

    When Gates Won’t Work…

    Dog gates are useful in many situations, but it may not work out for you and your dog. Always keep your dog’s safety and wellness in mind before introducing a new product or accessory. While most dogs do well with gates, some dogs can and will jump over even the tallest gates on the market. If the gate isn’t serving its purpose, it may not be an option for your companion. Consider other methods if the indoor dog gate does not work out to keep your dog safe and happy.

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    After comparing tests and reviews of each indoor gate model, the winner of Best Overall goes to the Richell 94136 Wood Freestanding Pet Gate. With its elegant look and freestanding design, the Richell Pet Gates is affordable and uses the finest quality wood compared to other gates. We found the North States Mypet Paws 8871 Portable Pet Gate to be the winner of Best Value. It’s not nearly as expensive as other models and the lightweight design makes it perfect for traveling and storage.

    Hopefully, we have made it easier to shop and find the best indoor dog gate. We look for the best design and quality for your dog and hope this guide will help you make the right decision. If you’re still not sure, ask a dog trainer or friends and family for a recommendation.

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