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10 Best Reflective Dog Vests 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks

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By Nicole Cosgrove

VIZPET Reflective Dog Vest with Lightweight Adjustable Strap & Comfortable Material Ideal to Keep Dogs Safe While Walking & Hunting

If you think taking your beloved pup on a nighttime walk is as simple as putting on their everyday collar and leash, think again. While you might be aware of your surroundings at all times, your dog can easily go unnoticed by passing drivers and cyclists. So, if you and Fido often find yourself out and about in the early morning or evening hours, it’s time to invest in a reflective dog vest.

For many dogs, to say finding the perfect harness is a struggle would be an understatement. Fortunately, vest-style harnesses eliminate many of the most common issues associated with traditional dog harnesses. Still, there are hundreds of dog vests out there to sift through.

To help make your hunt for the best reflective dog harness a little easier (and quicker!) we’ve compiled reviews of our top ten picks. With our help, you’ll be well on your way to enjoying safer walks with your best friend.

Let’s get started!

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites in 2024

Rating Image Product Details
Best Overall
Illumiseen LED Dog Vest Illumiseen LED Dog Vest
  • Five different size options
  • Adjustable straps with quick-release buckles
  • Bright
  • high-visibility orange color
  • Best Value
    Second place
    SafetyPUP Reflective Dog Vest SafetyPUP Reflective Dog Vest
  • Five sizes to choose from
  • Comes in several bright colors
  • Weather-resistant
  • durable design
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Hurtta Polar Visibility Dog Vest Hurtta Polar Visibility Dog Vest
  • Four bright color options
  • Large reflective panels and detailing
  • Silent and water-resistant
  • 4LegsFriend Dog Reflective Vest 4LegsFriend Dog Reflective Vest
  • Available in five sizes
  • Reinforced leash slit
  • Plenty of reflective detailing
  • rabbitgoo Dog Coat rabbitgoo Dog Coat
  • Unique design keeps body heat in
  • Bright
  • high-visibility orange material
  • Uses Velcro and buckles
  • The 10 Best Reflective Dog Vests

    1. Illumiseen LED Dog Vest – Best Overall


    Based on our reviews, the Illumiseen LED Dog Vest is easily our number one pick. This vibrant orange dog vest comes in five sizes, fitting dogs with chest measurements from 18.5 to 41.3 inches. You can adjust both the chest and neck straps to find the perfect fit and the quick-release buckles make putting on and taking off this vest a piece of cake.

    Our favorite thing about the Illumiseen LED Dog Vest is the inclusion of three high-visibility safety features. First, there’s the bright orange color. Second, there are several reflective strips along the vest’s length. Finally, this dog vest includes two rows of LEDs for maximum visibility at any time of day.

    This vest charges via a standard micro USB cable and a full charge takes a little as 30 minutes to complete. Sadly, some owners report that the LEDs stop working shortly after purchase.

    • Five different size options
    • Bright, high-visibility orange color
    • Adjustable straps with quick-release buckles
    • Features LED safety lights
    • Rechargeable battery
    • LEDs may stop working

    2. SafetyPUP Reflective Dog Vest – Best Value


    Whether you’re on a budget or only plan to use a reflective vest once in a blue moon, the SafetyPUP XD Reflective Dog Vest is the best reflective dog vest for the money. This vest comes in five sizes, fitting dogs with chest measurements between 18.5 and 42 inches. When purchasing this vest for your own dog, you can choose from five different colors and patterns.

    While the bright colors help increase visibility during the day, the reflective detailing on this vest ensures everyone can see your dog at night. The durable fabric construction is designed to withstand plenty of wear and even offer protection from rain and other weather. There is also a utility strap on one side that can hold a carabiner with a small accessory.

    The straps on this vest attach with Velcro, which may not be as secure as a buckle system. Also, some owners reported that the material is not breathable. This isn’t a problem on regular walks but can pose an issue if you plan to use this vest for running or intense hikes.

    • Five sizes to choose from
    • Comes in several bright colors
    • Weather-resistant, durable design
    • Built-in utility carrying strap
    • Uses Velcro rather than buckles
    • Material is not breathable

    3. Hurtta Polar Visibility Dog Vest – Premium Choice


    If you’re worried other reflective vests won’t fit your dog properly, then you might want to try out the Hurtta 932506 Polar Visibility Dog Vest. This vest comes in an impressive range of eight sizes, fitting dogs with chest measurements from 14 to 40 inches. It also comes in four high-visibility colors: green, orange, yellow, and purple.

    Along with the bright color, this vest features two large reflective panels on each side, plus some smaller reflective detailing along the sides. This vest is designed to be silent and as comfortable as possible for your dog to wear for extended periods, making it great for hunting, hiking, and other outdoor activities. Plus, it’s water-resistant.

    This high-visibility vest relies on a back zipper to put it on and take it off. While this helps ensure the vest stays on, it eliminates the ability to adjust the size. Unfortunately, the zipper’s quality is this vest’s biggest downfall.

    • Available in eight sizes for small and large dogs
    • Four bright color options
    • Large reflective panels and detailing
    • Silent and water-resistant
    • Size is not adjustable
    • Zipper breaks easily

    4. 4LegsFriend Dog Reflective Vest


    The 4LegsFriend Dog Safety Reflective Vest is another great option, especially if you’re searching for a blaze orange vest for the upcoming hunting season. This vest comes in five sizes, fitting dogs with chest measurements from 14 to 41 inches. There is also a built-in, reinforced slit for attaching your dog’s leash to their regular harness.

    This vest features reflective detailing along its entirety, offering plenty of visibility at night. The material is rip-resistant, so your dog can play and roll around without worrying about destroying their vest. Plus, the waterproof design will help keep them dry during rainy weather.

    This is another vest that relies on Velcro to secure the straps. While this is easier to adjust than a buckle system, it might not be as secure. Also, the advertised rip resistance isn’t always reliable.

    • Available in five sizes
    • Reinforced leash slit
    • Plenty of reflective detailing
    • Blaze orange color is perfect for hunting
    • Not as rip-resistant as advertised
    • Velcro wears out quickly
    • Sizing runs small

    5. rabbitgoo Dog Coat


    For many owners, walking their dogs safely means fighting the darkness and the cold. The rabbitgoo Dog Coat is a fleece-lined vest that keeps in warmth while protecting your dog from the elements. This vest comes in two sizes, fitting dogs with chest measurements from 26.1 to 32.6 inches. It is bright orange and features reflective detailing along the edges.

    Along with the fleece lining, this vest features a chest panel and a drawstring neckline to keep as much body heat in as possible. There is a reinforced hole for attaching your dog’s leash to their harness. This vest uses both Velcro and buckles to get the perfect and most secure fit.

    While this vest is great for brisk mornings and nights, the material is still quite thin. This vest won’t be enough to keep your dog warm on extremely cold days. Also, the sizing options currently available only accommodate medium and large dogs.

    • Unique design keeps body heat in
    • Bright, high-visibility orange material
    • Uses Velcro and buckles
    • Adjustable chest sizing
    • Not thick enough for extremely cold weather
    • Very limited sizing options
    • The size chart is unclear

    6. Canine Friendly High Visibility Dog Vest

    Canine Friendly

    The Canine Friendly PE-61102007 High Visibility Dog Vest is a sleek and simple reflective vest for day or night. This vest comes in six different sizes, fitting dogs with chests from 14 to 44 inches in circumference. This dog vest is bright orange with large, reflective panels on each side.

    The lightweight mesh is breathable, which is great for long walks, hikes, and even runs. Each vest features an elastic chest/stomach band and a Velcro closure around the front of the neck.

    While the reflective panels on this vest are quite prominent, the reflective coating appears to wear off over time. Unfortunately, this can greatly affect the visibility of your dog at night. The mesh is also very easy to rip and the sizing is inconsistent.

    • Lightweight, breathable mesh design
    • Large reflective panels
    • Works well in warm weather
    • Reflective coating is not durable
    • Better for daytime visibility than nighttime
    • Easy to rip
    • Inconsistent product sizing

    7. Pet & Protect Dog Reflective Vest

    Pet & Protect

    Another worthwhile option is the Pet & Protect Premium Dog Reflective Vest. This vest comes in a high-visibility neon yellow and is available in four different sizes. These sizing options fit dogs with chest measurements between 14 and 42 inches, accommodating most dog breeds.

    Along with the super-bright yellow fabric, this vest features reflective detailing along the edges and the back. The water-resistant material will help keep your dog dry and clean even in the worst weather. This vest is constructed with dual-sided fabric to help keep your dog as comfortable as possible.

    The neck and chest straps attach with Velcro, which may not be secure enough for some dogs. Also, the durability of this vest is extremely disappointing. The water-resistant fabric is also quite slick, meaning it will slide around during wear.

    • Water-resistant material
    • Designed to prevent chafing and discomfort
    • Lacking in durability
    • Slides around when worn
    • Only moderate visibility during daytime and nighttime
    • Velcro straps rather than buckles

    8. Hiado Dog Reflective Safety Vest



    The Hiado XY2001-14 Dog Reflective Safety Vest is a simple but effective option for those looking to add a little extra safety to their nightly walks. This vest is available in three sizes, accommodating dogs with chest measurements from 25 to 41 inches. It comes in a bright orange color for plenty of visibility, even during the day.

    This vest helps make your pup visible to drivers, cyclists, and hunters from up to 500 feet away. The neck and chest straps adjust with Velcro and reflective detailing is included on every side. The material is lightweight, which is a must on long walks, hikes, or runs.

    While the design of this vest is very reflective, the actual material is not durable. If your dog snags this vest on a stick, fence, or another object, it will easily rip. The seams are also poorly reinforced and will come apart with use. For active dogs, this vest probably won’t suffice since it relies on Velcro to stay put.

    • Highly visibly material
    • Lightweight and comfortable design
    • Not durable
    • Poor-quality stitching
    • Velcro comes apart easily
    • Will snag on sticks and other objects

    9. See Spot Trot Dog Safety Vest

    See Spot Trot

    For highly active dogs that need a vest that will stay put, the See Spot Trot Reflective Dog Safety Vest is a viable option. This vest comes in five sizes, fitting dogs measuring from 12 to 34 inches around the chest. You can purchase this vest in bright yellow or bright pink, both of which offer plenty of daytime visibility.

    This vest’s slim, fitted design works with almost any harness or collar and leash. It also means this vest is less likely to snag on obstacles when out walking, hiking, running, or hunting. The zipper makes putting on and taking off this vest fairly easy without giving your dog an opportunity to wiggle out of it.

    For some male dogs with shorter torsos, the design of this vest can get in the way of urinating. Be sure to measure your dog’s body length before ordering this vest. Despite its convenience, the zipper on this vest is not durable and is prone to breaking. Also, the sizing is inconsistent with the size chart.

    • Slim, fitted design won’t catch on things
    • Comes in multiple, high-visibility colors
    • Zipper is weak
    • Does not fit all male dogs
    • Sizing is inconsistent
    • Does not fit large dogs

    10. VIZPET Reflective Dog Vest


    Finally, the VIZPET Reflective Dog Vest is an easy option to slip right over your dog’s normal harness or collar. You can choose from three different sizes, fitting dogs with chest measurements from 14 to 30.7 inches. This vest is available in bright yellow or orange and has two reflective strips going around the chest and the neck.

    This reflective safety vest is made from a breathable mesh material, which is great for warmer months and intense activities. The lightweight design also means your dog is less likely to be bothered wearing this vest.

    The seams of this vest are quite weak and are prone to ripping with normal use. This vest also tends to run small, so getting a proper fit is difficult. If you do need to make adjustments to this vest, the Velcro straps are easy to move around. However, these Velcro closures aren’t particularly secure.

    • Large reflective strips around the entire vest
    • Lightweight and breathable material
    • Runs smaller than expected
    • Seams rip very easily
    • Velcro strips aren’t secure and wear out with time
    • Stains quickly

    Buyer’s Guide: Selecting the Best Reflective Dog Vest

    While any reflective vest will help make your pup more visible to vehicles and other passersby, taking the time to find the ideal fit will leave you with a much happier dog. After all, no one likes to wear uncomfortable clothing — regardless of species.

    Here are some key things to consider when shopping for a new dog harness:


    One of the biggest challenges in buying a vest for your dog is choosing the right size. While most reflective vests offer some degree of adjustability, you’ll still need to measure your dog carefully to achieve a proper fit.

    To determine your dog’s size, first, check the sizing guide provided by the vest manufacturer. This chart will tell you which measurements you need to take of your dog.

    When it comes time to actually measure your dog, make sure to hold the measuring tape the way you’d like their vest to fit. In other words, don’t pull the tape extra-tight or let it hang loose around their body.

    Reflective Dog Vest
    Image Credit to: alexei_tm, Shutterstock

    Climate and weather

    If you want your dog to be as comfortable as possible, you need to match their attire to your local weather conditions. If you and your dog live in a hot and dry region, then you’ll want to invest in a vest that’s lightweight and breathable. But if you live somewhere with lots of rain, you’ll probably want one that’s water-resistant.

    Keep in mind that one vest might not meet all of your dog’s needs. Instead, you might need to buy one vest for warmer months and another for the colder ones.


    When you put any item of clothing on your dog, but especially one designed for safety like a reflective vest, you want to know that it will stay put. If you can’t trust your dog’s vest to stay on while running, playing, and exploring, you can’t trust it to keep them safe when it matters most.

    While Velcro may suffice for smaller or less rowdy dogs, it probably won’t do the trick for those that like to play rough. Instead, you should look for a vest that uses buckles instead of Velcro.

    Additional safety

    Reflective detailing isn’t the only way to ensure your dog is always visible. As you’ve seen throughout our product guide, there are several other safety features to look out for when shopping for a reflective vest.

    Vests with LED lights and high-visibility colors add even more safety throughout all conditions. With LEDs, you don’t have to rely on external light sources to keep your dog visible. With bright colors, your dog will be easier to see both during the day and at night.

    If you hunt or live in an area with a heavy hunting population, bright colors like orange can also keep your dog safe during the hunting season. Of course, you should also always keep tabs on local hunting zones.

    Divider 2


    If safety is your top priority and you want the absolute best for your dog, then the Illumiseen LED Dog Vest is our top pick. This reflective vest comes in five different sizes to fit most dogs and features a bright orange material for increased visibility. No other reflective vest compares to the LED strips found on this one, which recharge with any micro USB cable.

    For owners who want to invest in additional safety without spending a fortune, we highly recommend the SafetyPUP XD Reflective Dog Vest. This vest is available in five different sizes and a variety of high-visibility colors. The durable and weather-resistant design is great for all types of conditions. Plus, the included utility strap is a great bonus.

    Finally, if you’re looking for a reflective vest that will stay put on even the most skilled escape artist, check out the Hurtta 932506 Polar Visibility Dog Vest. With its unique zipper design, this vest fits snugly and securely on almost any dog. If you’re a hunter or enjoy watching local wildlife, you’ll also enjoy the noise-free construction. It’s also water-resistant.

    Whichever reflective vest you choose for your pooch, you’ll definitely enjoy the extra peace-of-mind that comes with using one. While you’re at it, why not invest in some reflective safety gear for yourself, too?

    How do you ensure both you and your dog stay safe on late night walks? Have you ever had any nerve-wracking experiences that made you think twice about skipping reflective gear? Let us know in the comments below!

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