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5 Best Hunting Dog Boots of 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks

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By Nicole Cosgrove

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If you enjoy bringing your dog along on the hunt, make sure to protect their paws from the rough terrain and extreme weather conditions. Sore or injured feet can inhibit your dog’s ability to perform.

By taking the time to keep their paws safe and healthy, your dog will be able to run longer and harder. The right hunting dog boots can keep you and your dog out where you want to be—out on the trail and on the hunt.

Buying a pair of hunting dog boots can be as exhaustive as buying your own! Fortunately, we’ve found the top five hunting dog boots and included thorough reviews, highlighting performance levels, features, and value.

Be sure to check out our buyer’s guide for more in-depth information about choosing the best hunting boots for your dog.

A Comparison of Our Favorites for 2024:

Rating Image Product Details
Best Overall
Bark Brite Neoprene Bark Brite Neoprene
  • Breathable neoprene material
  • Non-skid
  • Soft-tread rubber sole
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Petacc Reflective Velcro Petacc Reflective Velcro
  • Waterproof fabric
  • Sturdy
  • Contoured soles
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Ultra Paws Rugged Ultra Paws Rugged
  • Made with 1000 denier material
  • Fabricated from recycled tire
  • Weatherproof
  • Lymenden Waterproof Lymenden Waterproof
  • Fashionable
  • Waterproof
  • Hand washable
  • HIPIPET Anti-Slip HIPIPET Anti-Slip
  • Fun boot design
  • Breathable mesh
  • Reflective Velcro straps
  • The 5 Best Dog Boots for Hunting

    1. Bark Brite Paw Protector Dog Boots – Best Overall

    Bark Brite

    Great for all weather conditions and made with high-quality, breathable neoprene, the Bark Brite Paw Protector dog boots earn our top spot for the best overall product. The new and improved rubber sole has a non-skid, soft tread that is lightly lined for temperature control.

    You can take your dog out on the hunt with the confidence that your dog’s paws are protected from water, punctures, and a variety of hazards, including snow, ice, hot surfaces, rocky trails, and sharp objects. These boots are designed to fit and move with your dog’s natural paw shape and stride.

    Each Bark Brite boot features two reflective straps and are easy to put on, thanks to a handy opening and snug-fitting straps. We did find, however, that some dogs did have difficulty with a proper fit. Also, durability may be an issue on longer hikes. Despite this, we believe these are the best hunting boots for dogs on the market today.

    • High-quality, breathable neoprene material
    • Non-skid, soft-tread rubber sole
    • Lined for temperature control
    • Water and puncture-proof
    • Fitted for natural paw shape and stride
    • Two reflective straps on each boot
    • Easy to put on
    • Durability issues on long hikes
    • Difficulty with proper fit

    2. Petacc Hunting Dog Boots – Best Value


    We choose the Petacc dog boots as the best value hunting dog boots. They are made of weather-resistant material and have durable performance and a unique patented design. Ideal for hunting dogs, these boots have soft, breathable, waterproof fabric and sturdy non-slip soles that protect your dog from heat, ice, snow, and rough terrain. The contour in the soles also offers stability and traction as your dog ventures forward down the trail.

    Petacc dog boots come in three different sizes and fit dogs ranging in weight from 35 to 95 pounds. We did learn, however, that the sizes may run inaccurately on the smaller side.

    As long as your hunting dog cooperates, you can fit each boot in place by sliding your dog’s paws into the wide opening and adhering the crossed Velcro straps. Unfortunately, this patented fit design may fail at actually staying on your dog. All in all, we gave these the best hunting boots for dogs for the money you can buy this year.

    • Great value
    • Soft, breathable, waterproof fabric
    • Sturdy, non-slip soles
    • Contoured soles for better traction
    • Easy to put on dog’s paws
    • Difficulty keeping boots on dog
    • Sizes run smaller than the chart indicates

    3. Ultra Paws Dog Boots – Premium Choice

    Ultra Paws

    Advertised as the best boot for hunting dogs, we selected the Ultra Paws rugged dog boot as our premium choice. These durable, water-resistant hunting dog boots are made from 1000 denier nylon material. The soles are built to be as tough as the wheels on your hunting vehicle, as they’re made with recycled tire material.

    These hunting dog boots perform well in a variety of conditions including snow, rain, hot surfaces, and rough terrain. Your dog will be able to always keep going, thanks to the flexible, skid-resistant soles. When it’s time to head out hunting, two Velcro straps hold the boots in place, to prevent them from accidentally slipping off. However, despite these measures, some boots do still fall off.

    These machine-washable boots come in four sizes to fit most hunting dogs. For the most part, they are true to size, with some exceptions.

    • Sole is fabricated from recycled tire
    • Weatherproof for all conditions
    • Flexible, skid-resistant sole
    • Machine washable
    • Four sizes available
    • More expensive than similar products
    • Durability issues
    • May fall off
    • Sizing issues

    4. Lymenden Hunting Dog Boots


    If you’re looking for dog boots that not only function well but also have the fashionable look of human boots, then you may want to consider these Lymenden dog boots. With a sporty design, these dog boots are built with high-quality waterproof material and have wear-resistant soles.

    Both the lightweight, soft material and the durable soles work to protect your hunting dog’s paws from extreme weather conditions, such as snow, ice, and hot surfaces, while also preventing injury from rough terrain and sharp objects. Also, when you get back home from the hunt, these boots should be hand-washed.

    Lymenden dog boots come in a variety of sizes and expand to fit over your dog’s paws. They can be adjusted and tightened in place with straps. A reflective band lines each strap for extra safety in the dark. We did learn, however, that these boots must be tightened snugly to remain on your dog and that they may not fit comfortably on all dogs.

    • Fashionable, sporting look
    • Waterproof, soft, lightweight material
    • Durable sole for added protection
    • Hand washable
    • Variety of sizes available
    • Reflective strap for safety at night
    • Some dogs have difficulty with the fit
    • May fall off if not properly strapped

    5. HIPIPET Dog Boots for Hunters


    For another pair of rugged dog boots that resemble the boots on your own feet, consider the HIPIPET dog boots. The breathable mesh and nylon fabric keep your dog’s paws clean and comfortable, and the thick rubber soles protect them as the dog hunts. However, be aware that only the non-slip rubber soles are water resistant. Additionally, these boots are not lined for colder temperatures.

    A reflective Velcro strap helps keep your dog safe in low light and holds the boots in place. You may encounter difficulties getting these boots onto your dog, as they don’t expand as well as other products on this list, though your dog may have no trouble removing them.

    HIPIPET boots come in four sizes most suitable for medium to large dogs. Keep in mind that if you own a smaller dog, this product will be too big.

    • Fun boot design
    • Breathable mesh and nylon fabric
    • Thick, non-slip rubber soles
    • Reflective Velcro straps
    • Four size choices for medium to large dogs
    • Not completely waterproof
    • Will not fit smaller dogs
    • May be difficult to put on your dog
    • May come off easily
    • Not lined for temperature control

    Buyer’s Guide – Choosing the Best Hunting Dog Boots

    After reading through our list of reviews for the top five hunting dog boots, you may be still weighing the pros and cons of each product. In this buyer’s guide, we’ll break down each part of the boot and discuss what makes a high-quality product, from the level of protection to the comfort of the fit. We’ll give you the information you need in order to make the best purchase for your hunting dog.

    Protect Those Paws

    Let’s start with the sole and work our way up. Since the sole has the most contact with the ground and is the primary form of protection for your dog’s tender paws, you’ll want a hunting dog boot that comes with a sturdy, non-skid sole. When you’re out on the hunt, there are plenty of sharp rocks, briars, and thickets that can cut your dog’s padding or pull at their claws, causing injury. The best quality boots have soles that are designed to be puncture-proof and are made from strong rubber that can tolerate both hot and icy surfaces.

    Moving up, the fabric of the upper portion of the boot needs to be a combination of soft, lightweight, breathable material and have the capacity to be waterproof or at least water-resistant. For your dog’s comfort, you’ll also want to keep your dog’s feet from overheating. The material should protect your dog from the elements while not suffocating their lower limbs and paws.

    Be Ready for All Weather Conditions

    You’ll also need to consider temperature protection. Most hunting days aren’t spent in perfect weather. When it turns wet, cold, snowy, or icy, you’ll want your hunting dog’s boot to provide nearly as much warmth, dryness, and comfort as your own. Look for boots that indicate they are lined for all weather conditions.

    Getting the Right Fit

    Of course, hunting dog boots only work well if you can actually get them on your dog and they stay on for the duration of the hunt. Look for boots that expand wide enough to easily slide your dog’s paws into place. The straps should provide a snug enough fit that they stay on. As a bonus, many straps come with a reflective ribbon for added safety in dark conditions.

    Be sure to consider your dog’s comfort. Make sure to properly measure your dog’s paws and double-check how accurate the sizing runs. Also, look for products that are built with attention to the contouring of your dog’s paws, and that allow for a natural stride. The more comfort and ease of movement your dog experiences, the more comfortable they will be wearing the boots.

    dog paw
    Image Credit: LUM3N, Pixabay

    What Makes a High-Quality Boot?

    To sum up, before you purchase a pair of hunting dog boots, be sure to look at each part of the boot and its performance level. A high-quality product will have a strong, puncture-proof, non-skid sole, as well as breathable, waterproof fabric, weatherproof liners, and an easy-fit design that allows for your dog’s comfort and natural gait. Lastly, it helps to choose boots that can be easily cleaned after a long, messy day on the hunt.

    Divider 2


    The Bark Brite Neoprene Paw Protector Dog Boots are our choice for the best overall dog hunting boot. These boots go the extra mile by being constructed with high-quality, breathable neoprene material and a non-skid, soft-tread rubber sole. Your dog will be protected from harsh weather conditions and difficult terrains, as these boots are lined for temperature control and are water and puncture-proof. Fitted for your dog’s natural paw shape and stride, these boots have two reflective straps, are easy to put on, and come in five size options.

    The Petacc Dog Boots are our selection for the best value. For a lower price, these boots give your dog plenty of protection with soft, breathable, waterproof fabric and sturdy, non-slip soles that are contoured for better traction. These boots are also easy to put on dogs’ paws.

    Finally, the Ultra Paws 303OBM Rugged Dog Boot is our premium choice for good reason. These boots are built for optimal performance. The upper portion of the boot is constructed with 1000 denier material, and the flexible, skid-resistant sole is fabricated from recycled tires. This boot is weatherproof for all conditions, as well as being machine washable, and comes in four sizes, ranging from small to large.

    We hope that you’ve found the best set of hunting boots for your hunting companion. With the information in our reviews, the helpful pros and cons lists, and detailed buyer’s guide, we hope you learned how to look for a high-quality product. With the right dog hunting boot, your dog can keep up long into the hunt, and you can rest assured that you’ve done your best to protect their paws.

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