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10 Breeds Similar to Newfoundland Dogs (With Pictures)

Visnja Radosavljevic

By Visnja Radosavljevic

Newfoundland dog

Dogs are loving human companions that bring life and joy into any family they join. However, every dog breed is different; some breeds are active and playful, while others are more laid back and protective. Because of that, choosing the breed most suitable for your family is crucial for achieving balance and getting a companion that will fit into your lifestyle.

If you’re considering getting a Newfoundland dog, you may wonder about similar breeds that look or act like Newfoundlands. There are many large dogs that resemble Newfoundlands, so we’ll talk more about them in this article.

Read on to discover 10 dogs similar to Newfoundland dogs and get to know their traits and characteristics.

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The 10 Dogs Similar to Newfoundland Dogs

1. Bernese Mountain Dog

bernese mountain dog with collar sitting on long grass
Image Credit: Enna8982, Shutterstock
Shoulder Height: 23–27.5 inches
Weight: 70–115 pounds
Lifespan: 7–10 years
Temperament: Affectionate, playful, social, adaptable, energetic, friendly

The Bernese Mountain Dog is a stunning large dog breed that resembles Newfoundland dogs. Bernese Mountain Dogs are playful, affectionate, loving, and energetic, meaning they can fit in well with families with kids and other pets. This breed is very large, with their shoulder height reaching between 23–27.5 inches and their weight being between 70–115 pounds.

Bernese Mountain Dogs are generally healthy; they require moderate daily exercise and have medium grooming needs due to high shedding. These dogs are eager to please their owners, so if you start training and socializing them from a young age, you’ll have a well-behaved, loving dog that will cherish you and your family.

  • Friendly
  • Affectionate
  • Great with children
  • High shedding
  • High exercise needs
  • Need a lot of free space

2. Saint Bernard

Saint Bernard
Image Credit: fjord77, Pixabay
Shoulder Height: 26–30 inches
Weight: 120–180 pounds
Lifespan: 8–10 years
Temperament: Affectionate, friendly, protective, adaptable, intelligent

Saint Bernard is another breed very similar to the Newfoundlands due to their size and personality. These gentle giants are very large, with their shoulder height being between 26–30 inches and their weight between 120–180 pounds. Saint Bernard dogs can come in a variety of colors and have multiple interesting markings.

These canines are affectionate, friendly, and great with kids, which makes them perfect pets for families with children. They are moderate shedders and not as high maintenance as Newfie dogs, but they are prone to excessive drooling.

  • Loving
  • Affectionate
  • Great with kids
  • Excessive drooling

3. Leonberger

happy leonberger
Image Credit: AnetaZabranska, Shutterstock
Shoulder Height: 25.5–31.5 inches
Weight: 90–170 pounds
Lifespan: 7 years
Temperament: Friendly, gentle, playful

The Leonberger is another dog breed similar to Newfies because of their personality and appearance. These canines weigh between 90–170 pounds and can reach 25.5–31.5 inches in shoulder height. This is another breed of gentle giants, as Leonberger dogs are friendly, loving, playful, and gentle.

They are intelligent, elegant, and they love being around families and children. These dogs have high grooming needs, and they need a lot of mental and physical stimulation to develop properly, which is something to keep in mind before getting a Leonberger as a pet.

  • Intelligent
  • Loving
  • Great around kids
  • High grooming needs
  • High exercise needs
  • Requires plenty of mental and physical stimulation

4. Mastiff

English Mastiff
Image Credit: Michal Ninger, Shutterstock
Shoulder Height: 27.5–30 inches
Weight: 120–230 pounds
Lifespan: 6–10 years
Temperament: Brave, friendly, self-willed, affectionate, protective

If you’re considering getting a dog breed similar to Newfoundland dogs, then you should definitely consider the Mastiff. This large breed can reach up to 27.5–30 inches in shoulder height and can weigh between 120–230 pounds. These canines are brave, friendly, protective, and great around kids, making them a great pet choice for families who have children.

The Mastiff will treat you and everyone in your family like best friends, and they’ll enjoy your company. These dogs require training from a young age as they can be self-willed, but with the right owner, they can become gentle giants ready to guard you and your loved ones. Their grooming needs are low compared to most of the other breeds, similar to Newfies, although they can be prone to excessive drooling.

  • Low maintenance
  • Great with kids
  • Protective, loyal, and affectionate
  • Self-willed
  • Excessive drooling

5. Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog
Image: Needpix
Shoulder Height: 23.7–28.5 inches
Weight: 85–140 pounds
Lifespan: 8–11 years
Temperament: Loyal, devoted, friendly, affectionate

The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is another dog breed you could easily mix up with Newfoundland dogs. These canines have similar appearances and personalities, which is why it can be hard to choose between the two breeds.

Greater Swiss Mountain dogs are large, reaching over 23.7–28.5 inches in shoulder height and weighing between 85–140 pounds. They are moderate shedders, but they have moderate grooming needs, and they may slightly drool; they also have high exercise needs and need a lot of mental stimulation.

Due to their nature, Greater Swiss Mountain dogs can be excellent pets for individuals, couples, and families with kids.

  • Affectionate, caring, and loving
  • Great for families with kids
  • Moderate grooming needs
  • May drool slightly
  • High exercise needs
  • Requires a lot of mental stimulation

6. Golden Retriever

Smiling Golden Retriever
Image Credit: MISS_SUMMER, Pixabay
Shoulder Height: 21.5–24 inches
Weight: 55–75 pounds
Lifespan: 10–12 years
Temperament: Friendly, intelligent, loving, eager to please

Golden Retrievers are very similar to Newfoundland dogs, especially personality-wise. These canines are friendly, intelligent, loving, and eager to please. They love being around humans and other animals, so they represent an excellent pet option for families with kids and other pets.

These canines are somewhat smaller and lighter than Newfoundlands and other dogs on our list; they typically weigh between 55–75 pounds and reach between 21.5–24 inches at shoulder height.

Golden Retrievers have moderate grooming needs, and they don’t drool like most other breeds we listed. These dogs are fast learners, and they love to spend time with humans, meaning they can be excellent human companions. However, you should know that these dogs need plenty of daily exercise to stay healthy and develop properly.

  • Intelligent, loving, and loyal
  • Eager to please
  • Moderate grooming needs
  • Not prone to drooling
  • High exercise needs

7. Great Pyrenees

Image Credit By: little_yellow_poppy, instagram
Shoulder Height: 25–32 inches
Weight: 85–100+ pounds
Lifespan: 10–12 years
Temperament: Intelligent, patient, caring, affectionate

The Great Pyrenees is a majestic dog breed that resembles Newfoundland dogs. Great Pyrenees are powerful and strong mountain dogs that can reach between 25–32 inches in shoulder height and weigh over 100 pounds.

Unlike Newfoundland dogs, who can come in various colors, from black and gray to beige/tan, Great Pyrenees are white, and they may have tan/gray/reddish-brown/badger markings. They have moderate grooming needs and may occasionally drool.

The Great Pyrenees are affectionate, intelligent, patient, and caring, which makes them the perfect watchdogs. These canines are good around kids, but it’s best to always supervise their encounters.

  • Great watchdogs
  • Protective, loyal, and affectionate
  • Patient
  • Need supervision around kids

8. Estrella Mountain Dog

Estrela Mountain Dog
Image Credit: ThomasLENNE, Shutterstock
Shoulder Height: 24.5–29 inches
Weight: 77–132 pounds
Lifespan: 10–14 years
Temperament: Intelligent, courageous, caring, protective

The Estrella Mountain Dog is a large mountain dog breed, and it’s another gentle giant, similar to Newfoundland canines. These dogs are large, with their weight typically being between 77–132 pounds and their shoulder height reaching between 24.5–29 inches.

Estrella Mountain Dogs are courageous, caring, protective, and intelligent. They love to be around people, and they’re excellent with kids, so they can be excellent family companions but also cautious watch dogs.

Most of the time, these canines are eager to please their owners, and they tend to learn quickly. They shed moderately and may be prone to drooling, but they mainly have low grooming needs, regardless of their long fur.

  • Low grooming needs regardless of the long fur
  • Protective and loving
  • Great with kids
  • Excellent watchdogs
  • May be prone to drooling

9. Black Russian Terrier

Image Credit: Livanich, Shutterstock
Shoulder Height: 26–30 inches
Weight: 80–130 pounds
Lifespan: 10–12 years
Temperament: Courageous, intelligent, confident, loyal

The Black Russian Terrier is a majestic dog breed that can resemble Newfies. Regardless of their name, Black Russian Terriers can also come in other colors besides black; sable, blue, pepper/tan, salt/pepper.

This is another tremendously large breed with dogs that weigh between 80–130 pounds and reach between 26–30 inches in shoulder height. These dogs are courageous, intelligent, loyal, and confident, so they make excellent guard dogs. However, they are not as playful and friendly as some of the other breeds, similar to Newfoundland, which is something to keep in mind.

They also have somewhat high grooming needs, and they may shed slightly more than some of the other breeds on this list.

  • Courageous and intelligent
  • Loyal and confident
  • Excellent guard dogs
  • Not too playful
  • Moderate shedders

10. Kuvasz

Credit: La Su, Shutterstock
Shoulder Height: 26–30 inches
Weight: 70–115 pounds
Lifespan: 10–12 years
Temperament: Loyal, gentle, affectionate, eager to please

Kuvasz dogs are also similar to Newfoundlands, although they’re mainly white in color, which is how you can easily differentiate them. This is another fairly large breed as their shoulder height reaches between 26–30 inches, and their weight can go up to 115 pounds.

These canines are gentle, affectionate, loyal, and they love to protect the people they care about, meaning they can be great guardian dogs. Kuvasz dogs are eager to please their owners but can often be wary around strangers. They have moderate grooming needs, and they don’t shed much unless it’s shedding season.

  • Great guardian dogs
  • Gentle, loyal, affectionate
  • Moderate grooming needs

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Newfoundland Dogs are loving and caring and represent great pets for families, as do most other breeds on this list! As all these dogs share many similarities with Newfoundland Dogs, it’s crucial to consider all breeds before choosing your furry companion.

Be sure that your choice will be perfect no matter which dog breed you select; all these furry animals are waiting to find a family to love and care for, meaning you and your family will become their best friends!

Featured Image Credit: Pandas, Shutterstock

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