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Brondell Cypress Water Filtration System Review 2024: Our Expert’s Opinion

Jessica Kim

By Jessica Kim

HEP_Brondell Cypress_ SAPR

Our Final Verdict

We give the Brondell Cypress Water Filtration System a rating of 4.75 out of 5 stars.

Quality: 5/5
Design: 4.5/5
Assembly: 5/5
Value: 5/5

While many dog owners pay attention to their dogs’ diet and nutrition, we can often forget about the importance of a clean and safe water source. Drinking contaminated water can lead to health issues like gastrointestinal upset and contracting waterborne diseases. So, it’s essential to have a consistent source of safe drinking water for both you and your dog.

The search for the right water filtration or purification system for your home can feel overwhelming due to the seemingly endless selection of options. To make the search easier for you, I’ve tested out the Brondell Cypress Three-Stage Countertop Water Filtration System with my 9-year-old Cavapoo, Nora. She has a very sensitive stomach, and we have to be very mindful of what she eats and drinks. With that being said, we made sure to be thorough with our research and review of the Brondell Cypress.

Installing this water filtration system was a game changer for us. The Brondell Cypress has an advanced 3-stage filtration system that provides clean, safe, and great-tasting water. It also has a slim and sleek design and is relatively easy to install. So, if you’re looking for a reliable, hassle-free water filtration system for you and your dog, make sure to keep the Brondell Cypress in your radar. My honest review will give you all the information you need and help you determine if it’s the right water filtration system for your home.


About Brondell

Brondell Cypress Three-Stage Countertop Water Filtration System - nora sniffing the box

Brondell is a reputable company that designs high-quality home and bath appliances and systems. It was founded in 2004 by Dave Samuels and is currently based in San Francisco, California.

Brondell excels in designing products that improve the home environment and promote sustainable living. Along with developing cutting-edge technology in the industry, it focuses on environmental impact and sustainability efforts.

The Brondell Cypress is a countertop water filtration system that connects directly to your faucet and becomes a source of safe drinking water for your home. It has a quick installation process so that you and your dog can enjoy drinking clean water right away. Because its installation doesn’t require any home modifications, it’s an excellent option for apartment dwellers or people who can’t make major changes to their living space.


Brondell Cypress Overview

Brondell Cypress Three-Stage Countertop Water Filtration System - close up of the product

Despite its small size, the Brondell Cypress has a lot to offer. Here’s an overview of the product and what to expect when it arrives at your home.


The retail price for the Brondell Cypress is $139.99. It has two filters that must be replaced every 6 months and one filter that must be replaced every 12 months. The prices of the filters range between $29.99 to $49.99.

What to Expect

The Brondell Cypress comes to your home with the filters already installed inside and ready to use. You can choose to connect it to your water source either with a faucet adapter or an under-counter water connection. After it’s connected to a water source, you just let water run continuously through the filtration system for 10 minutes. This will activate the filters, and the water is drinkable after the 10 minutes are up.


The Brondell Cypress comes with one set of water filters. The packaging also includes a diverter valve, three faucet adapters, and a water tube. If you want an under-counter installation, you must purchase an alternate installation T-valve. When it’s time to purchase replacement water filters, you can choose to buy them individually in a bundle. A bundle provides a set of water filters that lasts for 12 months.

Brondell Cypress Three-Stage Countertop Water Filtration System - product contents


Dimensions: 3.75” W x 13.5” D x 10.5” H
Weight: 4.8 pounds
Filter Lifespan: 6-12 months
Rated Capacity: 5,000 gallons for aesthetic chlorine/ 140 gallons for VOCs
Installation: Faucet adapter or under-counter water connection

In Summary

  • Three stages of filtration
  • Easy DIY installation
  • 1 to 2-year warranty
  • Doesn’t take up a lot of space
  • No indicator for filter replacement


Key Features

Brondell Cypress Three-Stage Countertop Water Filtration System - getting water from the product

Three-Stage Filtration System

The Brondell Cypress has a compact design but a robust filtration system with three filters.

The three filters include:
  • Composite Plus (HF-31)
  • Nanotrap (HF-32)
  • Carbon Block (HF-33)

The Compositie Plus filter captures sand, rust, and other fine particles that may float through your drinking water. The Nanotrap filter works to decrease waterborne microorganisms that can cause diseases and infections. Lastly, the carbon block filter helps reduce particulates, volatile organic chemicals (VOCs), and chlorine. It’s also designed to reduce bad tastes and odors.

This filtration system has earned the Brondell Cypress a WQA Gold Seal certification. This certification verifies that a drinking water system meets the strictest standards set by the Water Quality Association (WQA).

Promotes Sustainability

This water filtration system is designed to promote sustainable living. Brondell puts a lot of effort into creating its products through sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. The Brondell Cypress itself helps people live a little more sustainably by removing the need to purchase plastic water bottles repeatedly. It also has long-lasting filters that are phthalate and BPA-free, and they don’t need to be replaced as frequently as filters made with lower-quality materials.

Brondell Cypress Three-Stage Countertop Water Filtration System - water coming out from the product

Easy DIY Installation

One of the unique features of the Brondell Cypress is that it’s a powerful water filtration system that doesn’t require any home modifications to install. You can connect it directly to your faucet, and its faucet diverter allows you to quickly switch between using your faucet and getting filtered water.


Is Brondell Cypress a Good Value?

When you compare the Brondell Cypress to the prices of other countertop water filtration systems, it’s a great value. The filtration system itself is priced lower than many of its competitors, and the filter replacements are set at a comparable price. The Brondell Cypress also has a sleek and modern design, and it doesn’t take up too much counterspace. Many other water filtration systems with multiple filters tend to be bulkier and don’t blend in as well in kitchen spaces.

Brondell Cypress Three-Stage Countertop Water Filtration System - nora lying next to the product



Does the Brondell Cypress come with a warranty?

Yes, the Brondell Cypress comes with a 1-year warranty. This warranty covers repairs and replacements of any defective parts that had been properly installed. You can also extend this warranty to 2 years if you purchase a warranty upgrade within 2 weeks of your purchase date.

Will the Brondell Cypress decrease total dissolved solids (TDS) in my water?

Using the Brondell Cypress won’t necessarily affect TDS levels in your water. This is because it’s not designed to remove beneficial minerals like calcium, magnesium, and sodium. Rather, it targets harmful water-soluble contaminants that won’t be picked up by TDS readers and at-home testing kits. The Brondell Cypress has the WQA Gold Seal certification, which ensures that water that goes through its filtration system is clean and safe to drink.

How do I know when it’s time to change the filters?

The Brondell Cypress doesn’t have features that indicate when it’s time to replace your filters. The filters come with stickers where you can write down the date they were replaced or the date they should be replaced. Since there’s no automatic indicator for when to replace filters, it’s important to remember to write down these dates to keep track of your filter replacement schedule.

Brondell Cypress Three-Stage Countertop Water Filtration System - top view of the product


Our Experience With Brondell Cypress

My 9-year-old Cavapoo, Nora, has always had a sensitive stomach that gets upset easily. I’ve had to be extra mindful of what she eats and drinks, especially as she’s been aging. She has also gotten sick once from drinking from a contaminated water bowl, so I’m always interested in any efforts to provide clean and safe drinking water for her.

My overall experience with the Brondell Cypress has been a positive one. I’m by no means a handyman, and I usually steer clear of any home improvement projects. So, I appreciate how the Brondell Cypress has such an easy installation process. It came with three faucet adapters, and all I had to do was try each one out and see which one was compatible with my faucet. Then, I just twisted on the faucet diverter, and it was ready to use after I let the water run for 10 minutes.

Installing the Brondell Cypress didn’t cause any inconveniences to access my water source. The faucet diverter made it very easy to switch from using filtered water to tap water. A simple flip of the valve would allow me to change the type of water I needed. The Brondell Cypress also didn’t take up much space on my countertop. All I had to do was rearrange the water tube a little bit, and my countertop remained clear and clutter-free.

When it comes to water quality, I can distinguish a difference between the taste of my tap water and the filtered water. My tap water usually has a slightly unpleasant aftertaste, but it was untraceable once I started filtering it. I felt safe giving it to my dog, and we’ve both been enjoying the benefits of having a powerful and reliable water filtration system like the Brondell Cypress. We’ve become water connoisseurs and probably won’t be able to go back to life without a countertop water filtration system!



The Brondell Cypress is a quick and effective solution for providing a consistent supply of filtered water in your home. It may be small, but it’s a powerful water filtration system that meets strict industry standards for clean drinking water.

Users will appreciate how easy the Brondell Cypress is to install and will immediately taste the difference in their water. So, don’t let its compact size fool you. It is a simple yet powerful water filtration system that’s capable of providing access to clean and safe drinking water for you and your dog for many years to come.

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