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Bullymake vs. BarkBox 2024 Dog Subscription Box Comparison

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By Nicole Cosgrove

bullymake vs barkbox

In the age of subscriptions, you can now also purchase subscription boxes for your canine! Both Bullymake and BarkBox provide subscription boxes full of toys and treats. Bullymake seems to provide subscription boxes with tougher toys, but BarkBox caters to small dogs best. So how do you choose between Bullymake and Super Chewer BarkBox? Here’s what you need to know.

In the end, both of these companies are very similar, but they seem to provide better things to certain dogs.

divider 9Bully Box vs BarkBox: At A Glance

  • Price: $39/month
  • Shipping: Free to all U.S. States
  • Contains: 2–3 toys and 3 bags of treats
  • Shipped the next day
  • 14-day guarantee
  • Allergies: Can cater to beef, chicken, and grain allergies.
  • Customization: Choose your preference for toy material
  • Price: $23/month
  • Shipping: Free shipping to the contiguous U.S.
  • Contains: 2 toys, 1 chew, and 2 bags of treats
  • Shipped within 2–3 days
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Allergies: Caters to chicken, turkey, and beef allergies.
  • Customization: Choose more or less of each item

divider 10Overview of Bullymakebullymake

The Bullymake subscription box caters specifically to heavy chewers who need tougher toys. Each box includes 2–3 chew toys, as well as 3 bags of treats. The company explicitly manufactures each toy, so you cannot get them anywhere else. The starting cost is $39 a month. However, you can save by subscribing to more boxes upfront. Shipping is free if you’re in the United States. Shipping to Canada is $8.

Bullymake Guarantee

Bullymake offers a 14-day guarantee. If anything is broken within those 14 days, they will send you a different toy for free. If your dog doesn’t like the toy, you can also request a different one within 14 days. All you have to do is snap a picture.


Bullymake can cater to dogs’ specific allergy needs. They can cater to beef, chicken, and grain allergies. If your dog has many different allergies, they recommend choosing the “toys only” option, which doesn’t include any treats. You can fill out your dog’s allergy information on the same page you enter your credit card info. When you choose the “toy only” option, you will receive four toys a month.


Each box contains 2–3 toys and 3 bags of treats. There is a toy-only option that provides 4–5 toys instead of any treats. This is most suitable for those with lots of allergies or for those who don’t use treats often. You can customize the toys somewhat by choosing the materials and allergy specifications for your toys.


Besides choosing the allergy information and preferences, your box is also customized somewhat by your dog’s size. They will shift your toys around depending on the size of your dog. Smaller dogs will receive different toys from the larger dogs.

divider 9Overview of BarkBox


BarkBox is a monthly subscription box for your pup. The regular box is not designed for heavy chewers. However, they do have a heavy-chewer option. Each box is themed, with a mix of toys and treats.

This company does offer a few different boxes depending on your pet’s needs. On top of their super chewer box, they also have the BARK Bright box, which includes enzymatic toothpaste and dental chews. They also have a Bark Eats box. It includes 28 meals that you can choose. The meals include probiotic bacteria and are protein-packed.

In this article, we will be focusing mostly on the original BarkBox.


All the toys are made with the highest-quality materials. They’re all designed in-house as well. The treats are formulated in-house in either the U.S. or Canada, but the ingredients themselves are sourced globally.

Of course, they still recommend supervising playtime, as their toys can still break. If one of their toys breaks, they recommend throwing the item away to avoid the possibility of your dog eating it.


Each box contains two toys, which are tailored to fit your dog’s needs. They are crafted by in-house designers and come in many different shapes and sizes.

Each box also comes with three treats. They are made in the USA and Canada, but the ingredients are usually imported from elsewhere. They can accommodate some special dietary needs. Each box comes with a chew, which is a long-lasting treat. They can accommodate pet allergies when it comes to their chews as well.


After your first box, some more customization options are available. You can change the number of toys, treats, and chews you get. You can also make a note of toy features, such as your dog liking tug toys or something of that nature. You can change edible ingredient preferences as well. You do have to connect directly to customer service to do this, however.

You can also customize the ingredients based on your dog’s allergies. None of their treats or chews include wheat, corn, or soy. You can also ask them to leave out other ingredients if your dog is allergic. According to their website, they can accommodate nearly all allergies.

Satisfaction Guarantee

While this company does have a satisfaction guarantee, it isn’t written in black-and-white. Instead, if you’re unhappy with the box for whatever reason, you will need to contact customer service.

Divider 8What are the differences between them?


Edge: BarkBox

BarkBox is a bit cheaper than Bullymake. Most of their boxes are cheaper than Bullymake, even if you decide to invest in their Super Chewer box.


Edge: Neither

Both of these boxes come with a similar amount of stuff. Each comes with 2–3 toys and 3 edible items. BarkBox separates these edible items into a chew and 2 bags of treats, while Bullymake labels their edible items as “3 bags of treats”.


Edge: BarkBox

Both boxes can accommodate allergies, which allows you to customize them in that way. However, BarkBox also allows you to request certain types of toys and edible items. To do this, you do have to contact customer service. For this reason, we gave BarkBox the edge.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Edge: Bullymake

Bullymake’s guarantee is a bit more black-and-white. If your dog destroys a toy, you can take a picture of it, and they will send you a new toy. While BarkBox does have a satisfaction guarantee, there is no outline on what exactly they will replace and when.

What the Users Say

Users were somewhat disappointed by Bullymake’s toys for smaller dogs. It seems that they don’t make many toys for tiny dogs. Some owners complained that their smaller dogs at trouble chewing on their toys.

However, many customers did say that Bullymake’s toys withstood better than most other subscription box toys. This led to the unusual problem of many people having too many toys. Of course, many people claimed that their dogs had a favorite toy, which is to be expected.

Customers liked that Bullymake seemed to work well in multi-dog households due to the customization options. They also have quarterly delivery, which many owners chose to decrease the overall number of toys they received. Based on the customer reviews we read, Bullymake’s toys seem to be a little too good. They lasted so long that many customers had to decrease their subscriptions.

BarkBox’s toys are far less durable than Bullymake’s (unless you get the super chewer option). Many owners reported that their dogs tore up at least one toy—with many claiming that their dog chewed up all the toys. However, they also liked that the company sent replacement toys very quickly and easily.

Overall, BarkBox’s customer service appears to be top-notch. Any time someone had a problem, they seemed to rush in and fix it. They replace any toy or treat that your dog doesn’t like, which is always a great plus. The main big problem seems to be the company’s shipping. Some customers reported getting their shipment months late or never receiving their first box at all. However, much of this seems to be the company’s shipping partner.

Many customers liked the toy’s size for smaller dogs, which couldn’t be said for Bullymake.

Divider 2Conclusion

So how do you choose between Super Chewer vs Bullymake subscription boxes? If you have a smaller dog, then BarkBox is probably your best option. They seem to have better toys for smaller dogs and lighter chewers. However, Bullymake is the better choice for larger dogs. They don’t seem to have the large selection of toys for smaller dogs that BarkBox has.

BarkBox does seem to have more customization options. However, this may or may not be of particular concern to you. Some people need lots of customization because their canines are picky about their treats or toys. However, many are signing up for a subscription box to try new things. In this case, the customization won’t matter much to you.

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