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Can Bearded Dragons Eat Strawberries? Health Benefits & Risks

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Strawberries are one of the more popular fruits for humans, but what about bearded dragons? Bearded dragons are omnivores and as adults consume a diet that’s at least 50% plant-based. Most of this plant material should be leafy greens and only a small amount of fruit. But can bearded dragons eat strawberries?

They can, but only in moderation. Strawberries definitely fall into the “treat” category for bearded dragons, as while they provide a few benefits, they don’t offer that much nutritional value. Here’s what you should know about bearded dragons and strawberries before feeding this fruit to your pet!

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Health Benefits of Strawberries for Bearded Dragons

Strawberries are a tasty treat that your bearded dragon will love, but what nutritional benefits do strawberries offer them?

  • This fruit has a high water content, which can help your pet stay hydrated.
  • Strawberries also have plenty of fiber to help the digestive system run more smoothly.
  • They contain essential minerals potassium and
  • And let’s not forget the vitamin C! Strawberries are packed with this vitamin, essential in keeping your bearded dragon’s immune system healthy. Vitamin C also aids in healthy growth and reproduction.
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The Negatives of Strawberries

As you can see, this fruit does provide your bearded dragon with some essential benefits. So, why should bearded dragons only eat them in moderation?

Feeding your beardie a well balanced varied diet is essential for their health and well being. Of the plants you feed your dragon 80-90% should be vegetables. Primarily these should be dark green leafy vegetables such as collard and mustard greens. Although delicious, bearded dragons only need a small amount of fruit, and it shouldn’t be a daily part of their diet.

As with all fruits there’s the sugar content to consider. Strawberries don’t have as much sugar as many other fruits, but there’s still enough that overfeeding them to your bearded dragon could result in sugar-related health issues. If beardies have too much sugar too often it can lead to weight gain and eventually obesity, with the associated health risks. One study has also shown that fruit was a risk factor for dental abnormalities and disease. Excess sugar can also cause digestive issues and diarrhea.

As a bearded dragon owner, you’re already aware that one of the most vital aspects of a bearded dragon’s diet is calcium. You also know that these animals need more calcium in their diet than phosphorus. Strawberries have a calcium: phosphorus ratio of about 1:1. It’s not a horrible ratio since the ideal ratio is 2:1, but it’s another reason this fruit shouldn’t be given in excess.

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How to Feed Your Bearded Dragon Strawberries (and How Often)

You need to wash any strawberries before giving them to your bearded dragon and cut them into small pieces to prevent choking. Some people like to hide bits of strawberry in their pets’ leafy greens to encourage them to eat said greens. The possible downside of this, though, is that your pet might end up eating around the greens to get to the strawberries. So, if you go with this method, do so infrequently.

How often can you safely feed strawberries to your bearded dragon? Once a week should suffice. For adult bearded dragons, a single strawberry is good. For young bearded dragons, only give half a strawberry. Babies should only receive about a quarter of the strawberry.

Always remove any uneaten food from their enclosure in a timely manner.

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Final Thoughts

Strawberries are a perfectly suitable addition to your bearded dragon’s diet, provided they’re given in moderation. It’s very important to offer your beardie a balanced and varied diet, the plant portion of which should mainly consist of leafy greens.  While strawberries do offer your pet nutritional benefits, the main issue is the sugar content, and they should only be offered as an occasional tasty treat. Always reach out to your vet if you need help with any aspect of your bearded dragon’s care and diet.

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