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Can Dogs Eat Ritz Crackers? Are Ritz Crackers Safe For Dogs?

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By Nicole Cosgrove

can dogs eat ritz crackers

Ritz crackers are a popular item in many households, and they are good with peanut butter, jelly, cheese, and many other toppings. It’s only natural to wonder if they are safe to feed your pet, and the short answer is yes, they can, but there are some things you should know before you start handing them out as treats.

Join us while we look at the Ritz cracker and whether they are safe and healthy for your dog to eat.

Divider 8Are Ritz Crackers Bad for My Dog?

Ritz Crackers have several ingredients that can lead to weight gain in your pet.

ritz crackers
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Dogs eat mostly protein that comes from meats, and they only require a small amount of carbohydrates per day to stay healthy. Though a few crackers won’t make a big difference, most dog food brands provide enough carbs, and there is no need to add to more to your diet.

  • There are 11 grams of carbohydrates in Ritz crackers


Salt is a required nutrient in your pet’s diet, but like carbohydrates, your dog should get enough in its daily dog food. Too much salt can cause your pet to become thirsty, which can lead to more frequent urination. It can also start your pet down a path to more serious health concerns like dehydration.

  • There is 120 mg of salt in a single serving, which is five Ritz crackers.
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Fats do not cause high cholesterol as they do in humans, but they can still contain a lot of calories leading to weight gain. There is usually already enough fat in dog food, and doggie treats are notoriously high in fats, so adding Ritz crackers may cause your pet to put on weight.

  • There are 2.5 grams of fat in a serving of Ritz crackers.


You may not think of a cracker as having a lot of sugar, but they contain enough to cause a problem if your pet eats too many crackers in one sitting. Sugar can lead to obesity, which can lead to other health problems lie diabetes.

  • There are 2 grams of sugar in each serving of Ritz crackers.
Image Credit: sharon-mccutcheon, Unsplash

Divider 4Are Ritz Crackers Good for My Dog?

Despite all of the bad ingredients, there are a few ingredients that may be helpful to your pet.


Ritz crackers will provide your pet with a small amount of protein, which helps build muscle as well as provide energy. Protein also helps your pet feel full longer.

  • There is 1 gram of protein in every serving.


Calcium is a vital nutrient that can help build strong teeth and bones. Calcium also helps their blood clot and helps the muscles expand and contract. It also an essential element that plays a critical role in the inner workings of the cell and can also help prevent rickets, muscle twitching, and restlessness.

  • Each serving of Ritz crackers provides 2% of your pet’s daily requirement for calcium.
Mourning Dog
Credit: Aleksey Mnogosmyslov, Shutterstock


Iron is an important nutrient that can help prevent anemia, and it helps with oxygen transport and storage as well as many other biological functions. You can usually find iron in beans and dark green vegetables, but if your dog becomes anemic, it may be required to take an iron supplement.

  • Ritz crackers provide 2% of your pet’s daily requirement for iron in every serving.

How Do I Feed My Dog Ritz Crackers?

We recommend avoiding feeding your dog more than a few crackers every few days at most. This type of food is best as a rare treat to prevent the many health problems that can occur from eating too many.

dog eating treat
Image By: Omerlavon, Pixabay

Divider 5Summary – Can Dogs Eat Ritz Crackers?

While Ritz crackers may seem like a relatively bland and harmless food to most humans, they contain some ingredients that can lead to obesity or be harmful to your pet. Especially if they eat a lot for an extended time. If your dog found your crackers and ate a bunch without your knowledge, your pet will be fine, but a steady diet of Ritz crackers is likely to lead to obesity and other health problems that may prove to be life-threatening.

We hope that you have enjoyed reading over our guide to the health benefits and hazards of eating too many Ritz crackers. If we have helped answer the question if dogs can eat Ritz crackers, please share this guide on Facebook and Twitter.

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