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Can Hamsters Eat Peaches? Vet Approved Facts & FAQ

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By Rachel Giordano


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Hamsters make excellent little pets that are not too hard to care for. These little furry critters need daily enrichment, which can be provided through both food and the enclosure. Hideaways, an exercise wheel, and access to fresh water 24/7 will keep your hamster happy in their enclosure, but what human foods can you share with your hamster? Can hamsters eat peaches, for example? Peaches are healthy for humans, and you’ll be glad to hear peaches are healthy and safe for hamsters in moderation!

Read on to learn how to give your hamster peaches and how often you can let your hamster enjoy this fuzzy fruit.


So, Hamsters Can Eat Peaches?

Yes, peaches are a fruit that hamsters can enjoy occasionally. Hamsters are omnivores, meaning their diets consist of both animals and plants. Hamsters will certainly eat fruit in the wild, and domesticated hamsters can also enjoy certain fruits, like peaches, apples, and bananas in moderation.

bowl of peaches
Photo Credit: u11116, Pixabay

What Is a Suitable Hamster Diet?

Hamsters require a balanced diet of 15–25% protein, 35–40% carbs, 4–5% fat, and 5% crude fiber. Pelleted commercial hamster food replicates their wild cousins’ diet, and it’s the best way to ensure your hamster gets his daily nutrients.

Typically, commercial hamster food is a blend of pellets, seeds, grains, fruits, and veggies, and it’s important to formulate a diet plan with your veterinarian to ensure your hamster is getting all their nutritional requirements. Too much or too little can cause health issues.

Offering Timothy hay a few times a week can  also be beneficial for your hamster’s health and his continually growing teeth.

How Often Can I Give My Hamster Peaches?

So, we know hamsters can enjoy peaches in moderation, meaning you can’t give them a peach every day. While peaches are safe for hamsters, they do contain a high amount of sugar. Too much sugar can cause problems for your hamster, such as obesity and diabetes. However, peaches contain vitamin A and vitamin C, which are beneficial to your hamster’s health. Hamsters can make their own vitamin C, unlike humans and guinea pigs, but additional vitamin C in the diet can give the immune system a boost.

So, how much can you give your hamster? For dwarf hamsters, only provide a tiny, paw-sized amount of fresh peach every 2 weeks. For Syrian and Roborovski hamsters, you can give a paw-sized portion once a week, given they are larger and can handle slightly more than dwarf hamsters.

Hamster Eating peach inside the cage
Photo Credit: Katinka Bakos, Shutterstock

How Do I Give My Hamster a Peach?  

When giving your hamster a piece of peach, ensure you remove the pits. The pits hold no nutritional value and can be dangerous if chewed on and ingested.

Always wash the peach to remove possible bacteria and pesticides, and it’s best to remove the skin if the peach is not organic before giving it to your hamster to ensure no pesticides or bacteria are present. However, a good washing should remove any hazards, and your hamster will likely enjoy the skin.

Be sure to remove any uneaten peach from your hamster’s enclosure within 24 hours. 

Can I Give My Hamster Canned Peaches?

While the fruit itself is safe in moderation, you should avoid canned peaches due to the high amount of sugar in canned versions. Canned peaches are typically packed in syrup, which adds tons of sugar to their content. Even peaches canned in water will have much more sugar content than a peach itself.

Can I Give My Hamster Dried Peaches?

Dried peaches will also have high amounts of sugar, so you should avoid giving your hamster any dried fruit for this reason. You may be able to find fresh frozen peaches; however, ensure there are no preservatives or added sugars in the content and that they are fully defrosted before feeding. Hepper_divider_hamster


While hamsters require a balanced diet of proteins, fats, carbs, and crude fiber, they can enjoy the occasional piece of peach and other safe fruits, such as apples and bananas. They can also enjoy occasional carrots, peas, cucumber, and broccoli. Always check with your veterinarian before introducing a new food to your hamster, and don’t forget to provide fresh drinking water 24/7.

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