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Cat Hair Crafts: 3 Creative Recycling & Repurposing Ideas

Ashley Bates

By Ashley Bates

handcrafted slippers made of cat hair

Our cats are constantly producing so much hair, and don’t you wish there were something you could do with all of it that is useful? Thanks to creative minds on the Internet, you now have an answer to the problem.

Gather up all your cat’s hair and keep it in a bag so you can make crafts with it later. Does it sound a little strange? Certainly. But it’s a great way to make crafts that are natural and sustainable. Plus, you can learn the craft of felting no matter your experience level!

The 3 Cat Hair Crafts

1. Moriah Elizabeth Cat Hair Puppet DIY

Materials: Plastic wrap, tape, cardboard, cat hair
Tools: Pin/needles
Difficulty Level: Moderate

In this video, the creator crafts the most adorable finger puppets out of her cat’s hair. It’s an easy process, and she shows you every part of the process—making it entertaining along the way. You can make several of these tiny cat puppets if you wish.

2. Schweddy Paws Cat Figurine

Materials: Cat hair, foam
Tools: Cat brush, felting kit
Difficulty Level: Moderate

This creator made a cat replica out of cat hair using purely her imagination. With a basic felting kit and pin, you can make your cat their very own replica. It’s like their very own little voodoo doll. This adorable little decoration can be a keepsake for years to come.

3. Cat Hair Yarn by Fairily Fiber Fun

Materials: Cat hair
Tools: Yarn carder, yarn spinner
Difficulty Level: Moderate

Did you know that you can make yarn out of cat hair? This does require some tools and experience, but if you’re familiar with the yarn making process, you can easily turn cat hair into yarn just like you would with any other fiber. This video shows you how to card and spin cat hair into yarn. Once you have the yarn, it opens up so many other projects you can do with your cat hair yarn, although you’ll need a lot of cat hair for some projects!

How to Collect Your Cat’s Fur

Collecting your cat’s fur shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Regardless of if you have a short or long-haired cat, you can collect their hair over several days or weeks.

If you want to get as much as you can each brushing session, we recommend having a de-shedding tool that collects the fur. You can buy a de-shedding tool at various locations, both in-store and online.

If you’re looking for the utmost quality, we recommend the Furminator for all your cat hair collecting needs—but you can get any brush of your choosing. Many folks crafting with cat hair choose to keep it in sandwich baggies to store.


If you’re new to cat hair crafts, hopefully, this inspired you. Many creators on this list used their felting knowledge to create, and you can even learn to spin cat yarn! Which of these ideas do you want to try?

Featured Image Credit: RomanaMart, Shutterstock

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