Our customers have been sharing their stories for years

We work hard at Hepper to design the best cat beds, and best cat bowls. We know cats very well, but everything we do still wouldn’t be possible without all the great suggestions and feedback from our customers. We read all your emails and comments and we work the best ideas into our new and revised products.

We spend a lot of time getting our products just right and are proud of our work – but don’t just take our word for it! Check out these reviews from happy cat parents!

Hepper Pod Pet Bed

“We love it because it fits the decor in the house. Mark, our cat loves it too. He loves snuggling in there and it is just the right height where he can take swipes at the dogs as they pass by!”
– Tracey T.

“I’m so glad I got the Pod! My diabetic cat climbed right into it! he has stiff back legs and couldn’t get under the coffee table anymore so he’s really happy with this bed.”
– Debrah H.

“Hepper is a hit! It’s our second, so each kitty gets their own.”
– Pamela H.

“This is such cool cat hang out. Very easy to assemble, attractive, (I have the herringbone pattern), high quality and gets a lot of use in our multi cat household!”
– Kathy S.

Hepper Nest Cat Bed

“Bought the nest cat bed for Dylan and as soon as I put it down on the floor… He jumped right in. I love the design and size (any cat can fit in) and more importantly… Dylan loves it!”
– Karyn F.

“My cats love this bed! They turns laying in it – as soon as one gets up, another gets in.”
– Lori T.

“I have three cats. One is a rescue and he loves it. I love looking at him curled up in his “nest” very safe.”
– Mary O.

“My precious Jem loves his soft bowl. It didn’t take him long at all to curl up in there. Thanks for taking good care of my boy.”
– Kathy

Hepper NomNom Bowl

“I love the modern and clean look. The metal trays come out easily for washing. They are all a great quality! Our kitten loves it!”
– Zuzana L.

“I really like this bowl for my kitty. She eats more of her food due to the design being flatter and wider than typical bowls.”
– Darlene R.

“It’s working perfectly. Never had messy cats before. Glad this is available.”
– Heather F.

“My Himalayan is such a messy eater. His new NomNom bowl fixed the problem. I’m a happy MomMom now.”
– Donna

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