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10 Amazing Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Haircuts (With Pictures)

Jordyn Alger

By Jordyn Alger

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is bathing

Cavalier King Charles spaniels have medium-length wavy, silky coats that are soft to the touch. These shiny coats are special in this breed, and some Cavalier King Charles spaniel owners enjoy fashioning their dog’s fur into stylish looks. If that is something you are interested in and you are looking for inspiration, take a look at the 10 amazing haircuts on this list.

Before you start, please consult a professional groomer before you do any clipping or shaving. If you do not have experience in cutting your dog’s fur, you may accidentally hurt your pet. Be sure you are more than capable of grooming your dog safely, regardless of the hairstyle you choose.

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Our 10 Favorite Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Haircuts

1. Short Summer Cut

Tools: Brush, de-matting rake, straight scissors, steel comb, clippers, razor
Difficulty Level: Moderate

If the summer season is approaching, you may need to help your dog cool down with a shorter cut. It is important to note that shaving your dog’s coat is unlikely to help him cool down, and it makes the dog more susceptible to sunburn. However, trimming the long hairs from around the legs and stomach can help cool your dog down.

This cut trims the Cavalier King Charles spaniel’s long coat to promote cooling. It requires several tools that the average dog owner may not own and takes ample time since it is a full-body trim. By the end, your Cavalier King Charles spaniel will have a short, sleek coat for the hot weather.

2. The All-Natural Look

Tools: Brush, comb, undercoat rake, razor, cordless clippers
Difficulty Level: Moderate

This is a great trim for dog owners who want to keep their pet’s natural charm. Just because the occasional trim might be necessary doesn’t mean that you must lose your Cavalier’s normal look.

There is relatively little cutting in this look. Most coat reduction is accomplished by trimming rather than cutting or shaving. Still, some of the tools required for this look should be used with delicate care, making this a trim with moderate difficulty.

3. Home Grooming Style

Tools: Clipper, brush, steel comb, scissors
Difficulty Level: Moderate

The home grooming style cut trims down on fur all over the body but focuses on managing the “mustache” area. This cut maintains much of the Cavalier’s natural look, keeping the wavy locks of fur while still trimming down on some of the excess.

The tools needed for this cut are fairly basic, such as a pair of scissors and a clipper. However, the style’s complexity can make the process take a bit longer than other cuts. Still, this is an excellent cut to try at home.

4. Smoothing Cut Style

Tools: Clipper, brush, steel comb, scissors, slicker brush, smoothing brush, thinning shears
Difficulty Level: Moderate

If your Cavalier King Charles spaniel’s wavy fur has evolved into unmanageable curls, this may be the perfect cut for you. This cut is a practical option for dog owners trying to shape their dogs’ coats into something a little more smooth and straight.

This cut requires a few tools you may need to purchase, such as a slicker brush and a smoothing brush, but if you have prior experience in grooming Cavaliers, you may already have all the tools you need. By the end of this cut, your dog’s unruly curls will be transformed into a smoother, more manageable coat.

5. Ear Trim

Tools: Scissors, comb, shedding blade, slicker brush, undercoat rake
Difficulty Level: Easy

Maybe you don’t want to cut your Cavalier’s entire coat. Maybe you just want a simple trim around the ears. If that is the case, this is the perfect cut for you!

Since there is relatively little surface area to trim, this is a relatively easy cut. However, taking extra precautions while trimming around the ears is vital. Your dog’s ears are incredibly delicate, and one wrong move could cause a severe injury. If you are not experienced in dog grooming, you should contact a professional for help.

6. The Straight and Glamorous

Tools: Bathtub, dog shampoo, dog conditioner, hair dryer, clippers, scissors
Difficulty Level: Difficult

If you are looking for a classy option for your Cavalier King Charles spaniel, the straight and glamorous cut is the way to go. This cut straightens out your Cavalier’s fur and gives it a shiny glow.

To straighten the fur, you must bathe your dog before the cut. This is so you can later blow dry, trim, and comb your dog’s coat into a straighter look. Since this is an added requirement, the difficulty level of this cut is the highest on this list.

7. A Simple Trim

Difficulty Level:

  • Tools: Clippers, thinning shears
  • Difficulty Level: Easy

If you lack the tools, time, and expertise, this simple trim may be your best friend. The only tools needed are clippers and thinning shears, although you will certainly want a brush to comb out loose hairs. This trim won’t change much about your dog’s look, but it will keep your pet clean and well-maintained.

Since this cut does not require many tools and is not very extensive, it is among the easier cuts on this list.

8. Feet and Pad Trim

Tools: Scissors, comb, shedding blade, clippers
Difficulty Level: Moderate

Cavalier King Charles spaniels tend to have overgrown fur around their paws. If you want to manage the fur growth but don’t want to commit to a full cut, this trim is perfect.

This cut is a minor trim around the feet and pads of the feet, but although it is not complicated, it is not necessarily easy. The feet and pads of the feet are sensitive areas for your dog. If you are not careful, you could accidentally cause an injury to your dog. This cut requires a lot of patience and precision, so make sure you are up for the task before you take it on.

8. Outline Trim

Tools: Clippers, thinners, shears
Difficulty Level: Easy

This is a conservative trim that does not take much off your dog. It trims down on the “mustache,” feet, ears, and some sanitary areas, but that is it. This cut requires only a few simple tools: clippers, thinners, and shears.

“Less is more” is the motto of this cut, as the idea is to trim as little as possible. It maintains your dog’s natural look while keeping your Cavalier looking clean and cared for.

9. Maintenance Trim

Tools: Clippers, brush, comb
Difficulty Level: Easy

The maintenance trim is a good way to cut down on the extra fur on your Cavalier King Charles spaniel’s body. The torso and legs are the main areas that are trimmed, while the rest of your dog’s body is mostly untouched.

The clippers will shave down a significant part of the coat while leaving plenty of fur behind to keep your dog warm. The result is a clean trim that does not reach the skin.

10. Wig Cut


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Tools: Clippers, scissors, brush, comb
Difficulty Level: Moderate

Depending on how long your Cavalier’s coat is, the wig cut may take several rounds of clipping and trimming. This cut aims to trim the fur down to a fine, sleek coat while leaving the ears just as furry as before.

The result is that your Cavalier looks like he is wearing a wig, as his poofy ears stand out even more. It is an adorable look that does not require too many tools but could require lots of time.

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We hope this list has provided plenty of inspiration for your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel’s next haircut. Make sure to review the step-by-step guides for each cut to ensure that you can complete your chosen cut properly and safely. If you are uncertain about your ability, please do not hesitate to contact a professional groomer for help.

Featured Image Credit: Ihar Halavach, Shutterstock

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