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How Much Does A Cockapoo Cost? 2024 Expense Guide

Jordyn Alger

By Jordyn Alger

cockapoo in the forest

Pet ownership is a big deal. Adopting or purchasing a dog from a breeder can cost a lot of money upfront, but the expenses do not end there. Once you have brought a dog into your family, you have invited a significant financial responsibility.

Some dogs require more care than others. The level of care needed depends on several factors, but one of the main factors is your dog’s breed. If you plan on bringing a cockapoo into your family, you will want to know the general costs of the breed.

Although owning a dog costs money, there are always ways to save. If a cockapoo is on the horizon for you, consider these price estimates and see how you can budget the expenses.

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Bringing Home a New Cockapoo: One-Time Costs

Once you have brought home your new cockapoo, there are some one-time expenses that you will need to make. General pet care items such as food and water bowls must be purchased. You will need dog collars, poop scoops, and poop bags for outdoor activities.

This may not be necessary, but investing in a fence may be worth considering. If you have a yard for your dog to roam in that is not fenced in, there is a good chance that your cockapoo may wander too far from time to time. A fence would be an expensive but crucial investment to prevent that from happening.

cockapoo puppy lying on a dog bed
Image By: 7722424, Pixabay


Of course, it is possible to get a cockapoo for free. If a neighbor’s cockapoo had a litter of puppies they were giving away for free, or you found a stray cockapoo and brought it into your home, there would be no expense for adding your furry friend to your family.


  • $450–$700

When it comes to adopting a cockapoo, it is much cheaper than finding one from a breeder. However, that does not mean it is inexpensive.

Cockapoos are popular dogs, and adopting or rescuing one can cost up to $700. Even if you can find one on the cheaper end, near $450, it is still something you will need to save up for.

Also, be aware that it is not easy to find a cockapoo to adopt. Since the dogs are so popular, they often have homes and are rarely put into shelters.


  • $1500–$3000

Buying a cockapoo from a breeder will be a hefty purchase. Even the cheapest-bred cockapoo will be over $1,000.

If a breeder is offering a cockapoo for a price significantly lower than $1,500, that is a red flag. It likely means that the breeder is illegitimate, and buying the dog would be a poor choice. The same can be said for a cockapoo priced much higher than $3,000.

cockapoo sitting on grass
Image Credit: shaymen99, Pixabay

Initial Setup and Supplies

  • $60–$300

Additional purchases will need to be made after you bring a cockapoo home. Microchips, grooming tools, and general pet care items will be on your shopping list.

The price can range on many of these items depending on the quality. For instance, a water bowl could cost you $15 or $50 based on its materials and the functions (or lack thereof) it offers.

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List of Cockapoo Care Supplies and Costs

ID Tag and Collar: $15
Spay/Neuter: $175
X-Ray Cost: $250–$500
Ultrasound Cost: $250–$500
Microchip: $25–$50
Teeth Cleaning: $150–$300
Bed/Tank/Cage: $30
Nail Clipper (optional): $7
Brush (optional): $8
Poop Scoop: $15–$40
Toys: $30
Carrier: $40
Food and Water Bowls: $10-$40

How Much Does a Cockapoo Cost Per Month?

  • $100–$400+ per month

Depending on how you budget your cockapoo’s needs, the price of his care can be more affordable or can reach several hundred dollars. You can determine your general monthly expense by looking at the factors that go into your cockapoo’s healthcare, environmental maintenance, and entertainment needs.

Image By: DavidReed, Pixabay

Health Care

  • $95–$370 per month

Healthcare is an essential expense to budget for when raising any pet. The price of food, grooming, medications, appointments, and pet insurance must be considered. While it is possible to secure all of these things for a relatively low price, remember that higher prices generally correlate with higher quality.


  • $20–$75 per month

You will be able to find cheap kibble in large quantities, but the quality of the kibble will likely be lacking. However, you do not necessarily need to spend $75 or more to ensure your dog gets a healthy diet.

Review what your dog eats by looking over the ingredients. If the first ingredients listed are animal-based or from a healthy source, the quality of that dog food is likely sufficient for your cockapoo. Many healthy dog foods can be found for reasonable prices.


  • $20–$100 per month

Grooming is essential for cockapoos. Since cockapoos are descended from poodles, they share several traits. One of the traits they share is their need for high-maintenance grooming.

You will need a brush for your cockapoo and may need to take him to a professional groomer from time to time. The better you maintain his coat, the less likely you are to need the help of a professional groomer. Staying on top of his grooming needs can help save you money in the long run.

cockapoo dog standing outdoor
Image Credit: DavidReed, Pixabay

Medications and Vet Visits

  • $20–$120 per month

We never want our dogs to get sick, but it is unavoidable. When your dog is not feeling well, it may require medicine or a vet visit to get him feeling like his best self again.

The severity of his complications will ultimately determine the price, so doing your best to prevent illnesses and accidents is a good way to save in this area.

Regular vet visits are also important to your dog’s health, regardless of his current state of well-being. Even if he is in perfect health, you will want to set aside money for standard check-ups.

Pet Insurance

  • $35–$75 per month

Pet insurance is growing more and more popular, and there is a good reason why. Unexpected accidents and illnesses that affect your cockapoo can cause a huge financial strain. By enrolling in pet insurance, you guarantee that medical surprises do not lead to a massive financial crisis.

The most expensive plans will likely have the best benefits. So, when considering pet insurance, think about which benefits you may be willing to pay extra for.

Environment Maintenance

  • $5–$55 per month

To maintain your cockapoo’s environment, you will want to have the supplies you need to clean his poop: a poop scoop and poop bags. Poop scoops are generally not regular purchases, though it may be necessary to replace one. Poop bags are fairly common purchases and are relatively cheap.

Poop Scoop (infrequent expense): $10–$50
Poop Bags: $5/month
cockapoo dog at the beach
Image Credit: olleaugust, Pixabay


  • $0–$200 per month

Entertainment is an area where you can splurge or buy nothing at all. Dogs love to be entertained and can find entertainment in just about anything. You can choose to buy toys for your dog, or you can DIY some toys to cut down on the expense. If you want, you can find a stick in your yard for him to play with. Essentially, when it comes to toys, you will only spend as much as you want to.

You can pay a dog sitter to keep them company while you are at work, or perhaps a dog walker to go on a regular jog with them. Or maybe you work from home and can walk your dog yourself, so this expense is unnecessary. Again, there is plenty of wiggle room here.

Training is another area you may want to invest in. Although professional trainers can be beneficial, they may not be necessary. Cockapoos are intelligent dogs and can be easily trained at home.

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Total Monthly Cost of Owning a Cockapoo

  • $60–$500+ per month

Overall, the cost of owning a cockapoo can grow expensive. In addition to the general expenses associated with a cockapoo, there are other costs that you will need to consider. However, there are also ways to save money if you want to own a cockapoo on a budget.

Additional Costs to Factor In

Additional costs you will need to consider include paying pet sitters or boarding expenses when you are away for an extended period. Bringing your dog on vacation sounds fun, but it is not always possible. You must ensure you can cover their care while you are away.

Unexpected illnesses and accidents can also present you with unanticipated costs. While pet insurance can be a helpful tool to mitigate some of those expenses, it generally will not cover everything.

If your cockapoo gets into mischief and accidentally destroys something in the house, that can cause another unexpected expense.

There will always be expenses you cannot expect, so it is crucial to be prepared.

cockapoo resting on couch
Image Credit: PicsbyFran, Pixabay

Owning a Cockapoo On a Budget

If owning a cockapoo sounds too expensive for you, there are ways to care for your pup on a budget. You can cut back on unnecessary expenses, such as buying your dog toys when you can easily entertain him.

Another option is to try and avoid buying from a breeder to cut down on the high initial expenses, but it will be challenging to find a cockapoo for free or for adoption. Also, free or adopted cockapoos can come with health issues that bred cockapoos are usually checked for, so it is possible that trying to save money by avoiding a breeder may cost you in the future.

You can also buy more affordable food rather than high-priced gourmet meals. There are always areas to cut expenses; it is just a matter of finding them. Just be sure that you are not saving a buck at the expense of your dog’s well-being.

Saving Money on Cockapoo Care

The best way to save money on cockapoo expenses is to perform most of the care yourself. For instance, professional groomers can be quite costly. If you regularly brush your cockapoo and work hard to maintain your skin and coat health, you can save significantly on grooming costs.

Likewise, keeping your dog healthy through good food and exercise is a great way to prevent medical complications. If you can combat medical issues before they develop, you will spend less on your cockapoo’s healthcare.

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A cockapoo is an investment. One-time purchases can be expensive, such as buying your dog from the breeder or having him neutered, but they are not the only costs you will need to account for. You will need to keep up with plenty of regular expenses, such as your dog’s food and veterinary visits.

Although pets can be expensive, they are worth so much more than their price tag. They provide us with companionship, warmth, and fond memories that will last a lifetime. No one can put a price on that kind of reward.

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