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How Much Does a Cocker Spaniel Cost? 2024 Price Guide

Oliver Jones

By Oliver Jones

blue roan and tan cocker spaniel

Cuddly and cute, the Cocker Spaniel is one of the most popular purebred dog breeds for families. Originally developed as a hunting dog in the 1300s, today’s Cocker Spaniel is an adorable pooch that makes a loving and loyal canine companion.

Are you thinking about adding a Cocker Spaniel to your home? Before you do, you need to consider the financial investment of caring for a Cocker. This dog can live for as long as 14 years and will need high-quality food, tons of toys, and routine vet care.

Before you dive into Cocker Spaniel ownership, here’s everything you need to know about the costs of owning a Cocker Spaniel.

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Cocker Spaniel Price: One-Time Costs

The average cost of a Cocker Spaniel puppy from a responsible dog breeder will fall between $400 and $1,400. The better the bloodline, the higher the price will be. For instance, if your pup’s parents are show quality dogs, her price tag will be on the higher end of the spectrum.

In addition to the cost of the puppy, you’ll need to shell out money for your new Cocker Spaniel’s initial “welcome home” expenses. Initial puppy product costs will cover things like first-time shots, spaying/neutering, a crate, food and dish bowls, and toys.

english cocker spaniel on bed
Image Credit: Adriana Morales, Pixabay

Free Cocker Spaniels

While a Cocker Spaniel puppy can cost a lot, her initial care items don’t have to. It is possible to find free puppy supplies, such as a gently-used crate and carrier. You can search for used puppy crates on internet classified pages, or ask a friend or relative for their used crate.

Cocker Spaniel Adoption


There are tons of lovable dogs at your local shelter who deserve a second chance at life. Adopting a Cocker Spaniel is a great way to give a shelter dog a forever home. Adoption fees for a Cocker Spaniel will range between $50 and $200, depending upon the age of the dog. Puppies tend to have higher adoption fees than senior dogs. The fee will cover updated vaccinations and spaying/neutering if needed.

Cocker Spaniel Breeders


As we mentioned earlier, the cost of a Cocker Spaniel pup from a good breeder is between $400 and $1,400, with show-quality dogs being more expensive. It’s important to only buy a puppy from a reputable and responsible breeder. Dogs from bad breeding facilities, such as backyard breeders or puppy mills, can be afflicted with many health and behavioral issues that will severely impact your dog for the rest of her life. It’s always best to spend a little more money and get a happy, healthy puppy from a high-quality breeder.

You might be asked to pay a deposit for your puppy that costs between $100 and $500.

Cocker Spaniel Price: Initial Setup and Supplies


The first year of puppy ownership is going to also be the most expensive. Essential supplies for your Cocker Spaniel’s first year of life will cost between $150 and $650. Initial puppy supplies include a crate, food and water bowls, a microchip, a collar and leash, puppy food, pee pads, toys, a bed, and first-time vet visits.

Black English Cocker Spaniel
Image Credit: Aneta Jungerova, Shutterstock


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List of Cocker Spaniel Care Supplies and Costs

ID Tag and Collar $20
Spay/Neuter $50–$250
X-Ray Cost $150–$350
Ultrasound Cost $250–$500
Microchip $45
Teeth Cleaning $150–$250
Bed $30–$80
Nail Clipper (optional) $10
Brush (optional) $8–$20
Litter Box N/A
Litter Scoop N/A
Toys $30–$60
Carrier $60
Food and Water Bowls $10–$30

How Much Does a Cocker Spaniel Cost Per Month?

$50–$300 per month

After you cover all of the initial costs of your new Cocker Spaniel puppy, you should budget between $50 and $300 every month for your canine companion. Though monthly expenses will vary depending upon your dog’s grooming and health care needs, you need to provide your Cocker Spaniel with some basics, including food, toys, and preventative treatments.

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Image Credit: andriano.cz, Shutterstock

Cocker Spaniel Health Care Costs

$30–$200 per month

The average monthly cost of flea and tick treatment for your Cocker Spaniel is about $30. However, in any given month, your pup may need vet care. A routine wellness visit will cost around $150. It’s also a wise idea to set aside some money, about $20, every month to put into a pet emergency fund in case the unexpected pops up.

Cocker Spaniel Food Costs

$20–$105 per month

A bag of high-quality kibble for a Cocker Spaniel can cost as low as $15 per month and as high as $100. If your dog is on a prescription diet, her food will cost far more than off-the-shelf dog food. You also need to factor in monthly treats—these will cost no more than $5 per month.

Cocker Spaniel Grooming Costs

$0–$60 per month

Your Cocker Spaniel has a thick and wavy coat that needs regular brushing. Though beautiful to behold, your dog’s luxurious fur needs to be properly maintained. A regular grooming session, which includes bathing, nail trimming, and a cut, can cost $60 or more. You can always buy a set of nail trimmers and a brush and groom your pet yourself at home to save money.

open marked cocker spaniel
Image Credit: Aneta Jungerova, Shutterstock

Cocker Spaniel Medications and Vet Visits

$0–$70 per month

Though a hardy breed, the Cocker Spaniel is prone to some health conditions. To ensure your dog stays healthy, routine vet visits are critical. These can cost around $70 per month.

Cocker Spaniel Environment Maintenance Costs

$10–$50 per month

Though a joy to own, Cocker Spaniel ownership can definitely take a toll on your house. From doggy odors to chewed furniture, you may need to spend a few dollars every month to keep your home looking its best. Dog deodorizers, furniture repairs, and other maintenance costs will run you between $10 and $50 monthly.

Cocker Spaniel Entertainment Costs

$15–$50 per month

A Cocker Spaniel is a smart little dog and needs plenty of mental stimulation. Be sure to provide your pooch with plenty of engaging and interactive toys. While you won’t be spending money on dog toys every month, you can expect to pay between $15 and $50 for the ones that you do.

sable cocker spaniel
Image Credit: Georgethefourth, Shutterstock

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Total Monthly Cost of Owning a Cocker Spaniel

$50–$300 per month

Monthly ownership costs will fluctuate but how much is a Cocker Spaniel worth? The average price you’ll pay will be between $50 and $300. This will cover vet visits, grooming sessions, food, toys, and home upkeep.

Additional Costs to Factor In

In addition to all of the expenses listed above, you may need to factor in additional costs. If you plan on taking a vacation, you might have to board your Cocker or hire a pet sitter. Boarding fees cost around $60 per day. Dog walking is another service you might need. The average price of a dog walker is about $30 an hour.

cocker spaniel with ticking pattern
Image Credit: Lukas Gojda, Shutterstock

Owning a Cocker Spaniel On a Budget

You can definitely provide your Cocker with the care she needs without breaking your budget! Having a pet emergency fund in place and enrolling in a pet insurance plan can help pay for expensive medical services. Brushing your dog at home can cut down on professional grooming fees. You can also ask a trusted family member or friend to watch your Cocker Spaniel when you’re away to save on boarding costs.

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Conclusion: Cocker Spaniel Price

Owning a Cocker Spaniel is an investment of both time and money. Not only will you have to spend money on initial dog supplies, but your pet will require monthly care costs as well, averaging between $50 and $300 per month. However, your Cocker Spaniel will provide you with tons of love and loyalty in return, which is priceless.

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