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8 Corgi Haircuts & Grooming Styles in 2022 (with Pictures)

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By Nicole Cosgrove

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Descended from northern Spitz-type dogs, both the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and the Cardigan Welsh Corgi were bred as herding dogs and are one of the smallest herding breeds. They are now companion dogs made popular by their affiliation with the Royal Family—specifically, Queen Elizabeth II, who has had over 30 Corgis during her reign.

Corgis are highly affectionate dogs that love to be close to their owners, and their popularity is bolstered by their high intelligence and loving temperament. These dogs are friendly to almost everybody and have a low prey drive, making them ideal family pooches.

While most Corgis have medium-length coats, their coat can still be cut into unique, fun, and functional haircuts. If you are looking to give your Corgi a new haircut, you’ve come to the right place! We scoured the internet to find eight haircuts that your Corgi will love!

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The 8 Best Corgi Haircuts

1. Short and Functional Corgi Haircut

In the heat of summer, sometimes a full shave is all your Corgi needs to keep cool. This haircut has the bonus of being low maintenance, and it will keep dog fur out of your home. Also, with a cut this short, your Corgi will not only keep cool, but they also won’t need another visit to the groomer any time soon!

2. All Ears Corgi Haircut

The ears of your Corgi are one of their most adorable features, so it makes sense to let them stand out. This cut is short around the body to keep your Corgi cool in hot weather, be easy to clean and be generally low maintenance, but the fur on the ears is left long to stand proud. Their fluffy ears really bring out their adorable facial features.

3. Corgi Haircut Keeping It Natural

A Corgi has a uniquely beautiful coat as it is, and you may want to keep it looking as natural as possible. This haircut takes a fair bit more maintenance but is worth the natural result. The coat is trimmed slightly around the tail, legs, and face, for an even-looking coat all around. It is worth learning to do this yourself, as you’ll likely need to touch it up every few weeks.

4. The Fluffy Tail Corgi Haircut

With the unique and fluffy tail of the Cardigan Welsh Corgi, it only makes sense to accentuate it. This cut leaves the fluffy tail of your Corgi natural looking and long, while their leg fur is cut short and the rest of their body is kept at a medium length. This haircut takes a fair bit of maintenance and grooming, however, so we recommend learning how to do it yourself.

5. Spiral Corgi Haircut

The spiral trim is a truly unique and head-turning haircut and will make your Corgi look like a fluffy corkscrew! Many Corgi owners and dog owners are divided on this one, but we think that it’s awesome! Of course, this haircut will take real skill to pull off, and you’ll need to find a professional groomer who is willing to push boundaries. It is a fun haircut that is truly unique and holds up nicely while growing out.

6. Classic Corgi Haircut

Some Corgi owners want their Corgis looking as natural as possible, and if this is your preference, then the classic cut may be the ideal choice. The coat is cut to medium length, slightly shorter than a natural cut — being careful not to go too short — and any stray tufts around the legs and ears are cut too, resulting in a clean and classic-looking even cut.

7. Corgi Lion Cut

While Corgis are definitely not the most ferocious breed on the planet, you can certainly make them look that way! This Lion cut is a truly unique haircut for your Corgi and has become a popular and head-turning cut for many dog breeds in recent times. The cut is fairly self-explanatory: Your Corgi is shaved short all around their body, except their neck and head, giving them a bonified lion’s mane!

8. Heart-shaped Tail Corgi Haircut

Corgis are full of love and affection, and some owners like to show this through their Corgi’s coat. This unique cut leaves your Corgi with a heart-shaped tail! The cut is fairly complicated to pull off, so you may need to visit a professional groomer, but the result is worth it!

Featured Image Credit: Nikola Čedíková, Pexels

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