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3 Corgi Haircuts & Styles in 2024 (With Pictures)

Ashley Bates

By Ashley Bates

corgi dog under the tree during spring

Corgis are such adorable little dogs with perfect structures and cheerful expressions. However, one thing all Corgi owners understand is the complications of taking care of their thick coats. Corgis have ever-shedding, medium-length coats that are incredibly thick and sometimes hard to maintain.

While you shouldn’t ever shave or cut your Corgi’s fur very short, in this article, we will explore how to keep it trim, neat, and tidy.

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Myth Busting: The Concept of Cutting Your Corgi’s Fur

Many people are under the assumption that if they cut their Corgi’s fur, the shed will be easier to maintain. They might also think that if they cut their fur in the summertime, they’re helping their Corgi stay cool.

While these two concepts might seem perfectly relevant, they actually aren’t necessarily true. If you cut your Corgi’s fur, you are not helping them stay cool in the summertime. Their beautiful double coats are naturally designed to maintain temperature control just as they are.

If you cut your Corgi’s fur, you might trick the body into thinking it’s actually warmer than it is, which can result in them being hotter. So, many people shave their dogs, not understanding that this is counterproductive.

So, if you want to cut your Corgi’s fur to cool them off, you might want to consider a light trim and not an actual cut. If you’re trying to reduce shedding, remember that a good grooming session might cut back on excess shedding for the first few days, but it will need routine maintenance to be most effective.

The 3 Ideas to Keep your Corgi Neat and Trim

1. Nice and Tidy

Some Corgis can be a little more shaggy than others, but they still don’t need a full haircut. As you can see, these Corgi parents don’t cut off much. It’s more of a shapely trim—subtle but noticeable—and enough to make the Corgi’s coat look neat and tidy.

2. Fresh Groom

Check out the trim on this freshly trimmed cutie! The definition on the backside is noteworthy! Regular de-shedding can be the most beneficial to both your Corgi and you, as it will help make your Corgi’s coat look tidy but also reduce Corgi hair around your home.

3. Short and Tight

This Corgi’s coat is a little shorter than the others, but not too short. It accentuates all his best features while still maintaining the proper coat length to help him regulate his temperature in the warmer months.

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Grooming Your Corgi

To reduce dander, debris, and gunk in the coat, you should brush your Corgi every day. Because Corgis don’t need fancy haircuts like many other dogs, you won’t need as many grooming tools at home. It can be quite easy for some to learn how to maintain their Corgi’s coat at home.

Or, if it makes you feel better and you love convenience, you can take them to a professional groomer once every 4 to 6 weeks to get the job done. Don’t think that just because you take them to a groomer, you don’t have any tasks to accomplish in between. Corgis require daily care, and so does your house!

Doing It Yourself

Fresh Groom Corgi
Image Credit: Ihar Halavach, Shutterstock

Grooming your Corgi at home will be easy for most people. You just need the right tools and a routine, and you’re golden. If you learn how to trim your Corgi up the way you want them, you might also be able to skip the groomer altogether.

Although, having a spa day might be a nice way to pamper your pet occasionally.

Necessary Tools

  • Slicker Brush  – Slicker brushes are an amazing tool to have on hand! They typically have one consistent height of bristles across the brush and are generally square or oval in shape. Many of them have manual cleaning where you simply pull out the chunks of hair from the bristles. Others have a push-button self-cleaning mechanism that retracts the bristles and allows the hair to fall into the waste bin.
  • Bristle Brush  – You will find that the price, quality, and composition of bristle brushes will change drastically depending on the product in question. Some are made out of animal hair, which tend to be higher quality and pricier. Others are made out of synthetic materials or plastics. These brushes are generally used to evenly distribute oils on the skin and keep the coat looking tidy and fresh.
  • Bath Brush – Bath brushes are nice to have on hand so you can massage, clean, and remove debris from your Corgi’s coat. Some of them are higher quality than others, so make sure to read reviews and do your research diligently. Typically, these brushes use sticky rubber material on the nubs to collect loose fur more easily.
  • Deshedding Tool – Deshedding tools are convenient to have on hand, particularly for a double-coated breed like a Corgi. These tools are designed to penetrate the thick double coat, reaching the skin. They remove the shed on both the top and undercoat, creating a sleek finish. These brushes are not designed for everyday use. If you use them too frequently, it can cause irritation or abrasions on your Corgi’s skin. Make sure to only use this brush when you need a more advanced grooming option.
  • Wipes – Dog-safe wipes are a beneficial product to have on hand when you have dogs of any breed. They help you clean up unwanted messes like dirty paws, soiled patches in the fur, you name it.
  • Nail Clippers  – Your Corgi’s nails will get long and scratchy if you don’t keep up with them. Having a decent, quality pair of clippers on hand will help you maintain the length of the nails so that your skin, furniture, and other household items don’t suffer as a consequence.
  • Tooth Brushes  – Dental care for dogs is important! Your Corgi should always have a toothbrush on hand, regardless of your choice. You can use finger brushes to brush your Corgi’s teeth manually. Or, if you prefer letting them do it themselves, dental chews and toys are designed to allow your Corgi to self-brush. Ultimately, the method is up to you, though it is a significant part of doggie hygiene.
  • Shampoo/Conditioner  – There are tons of shampoos and conditioners designed for dogs on the market, but none of those are created alike. Some are very quality products that have the pH of your pet’s skin and coat in mind. Others are potentially harmful, toxic, and irritating to dogs. Always try to steer clear of heavy fragrances and dyes in shampoos. Gravitate towards more natural products with quality ingredients designed for your pet’s skin.

Home Maintenance

If you are grooming your Corgi at home, you should do so as needed. Like many other dogs, Corgis require a full body bath once every 4 to 6 weeks. At bath time, you can reserve other tasks like nail brushing and toothbrushing for full body care days.

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Relying on a Professional

Dog Corgi Drying Pet Grooming and hairstyle
Image Credit: Max4e Photo,Shutterstock

Sometimes, we don’t want to fiddle with baths at home. After all, they can be messy and leave your floors and whole body saturated! If you want to give your spoiled Corgi a spa day, choosing a professional groomer can establish a good relationship, ensuring your Corgi is well-kept.

Considerations When Choosing a Groomer

There are a few factors to keep in mind when you’re choosing a groomer. These include:


Sending your dog to a professional groomer should be an expense you anticipate. Some grooming prices are completely outlandish, while others are on par for what services they offer. Chains might be less expensive, but the overall care your Corgi gets might be less than a private groomer. Ultimately, you will choose the best price to fit your budget.

Type of Business

Some businesses are chains, while others are privately owned. Chain grooming places can be very professional and adequate. But do be careful, as some of these groomers will not be properly taught, and you might not get the results you want to achieve.

A private groomer tends to be more focused on specific cuts for individual dog breeds, understanding everything on a more personal level. The type of groomer you select is completely up to your preference.

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Corgis are heart-warming pets with incredible smiles, but they shed a lot! Maintaining a coat like that can be a challenge for any pet owner. No matter how tempting, you should never shave your Corgi’s coat. Taking your Corgi for a trim can be just what you need to thin out the coat and keep your pal looking dapper as the day is long.

Featured Image Credit: Alvan Nee, Unsplash

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