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Cuddly Kitten Day 2024: When Is & How to Celebrate

Lorre Luther

By Lorre Luther

three cute kittens sit against the background of the sky and look around with curiosity

March 23rd is Cuddly Kitten Day, and it’s all about celebrating some of the most adorable creatures on earth, baby cats. National Puppy Day is celebrated at the same time, so you have an excuse to spread the love equally if you have canine and feline companions at home. The internet is largely silent on the history and origins of Cuddly Kitten Day. It’s celebrated by sharing pictures of adorable cats and providing appropriate homage to kittens of all ages. It occurs every year on March 23rd.

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How Often Are Kittens Born?

a street cat breastfeeding her newborn kittens
Image Credit: hemro, Shutterstock

Cat pregnancies usually last about 2 months. Queens usually carry around 4 to 6 kittens, but larger litters are also common. Female cats mate multiple times when they’re in heat, often with different males, and they can carry kittens with different fathers all in one litter. When kittens are born, they’re incredibly tiny and unable to see or hear.

Kittens can leave the nest after about 8 weeks, but breeders and shelters prefer for them to stay with their mothers for longer. Kittenhood lasts about 1 year, but cats often keep growing well past then. Certain breeds, including Maine Coon and Bengal cats, need more time to grow up.


Ways to Celebrate Cuddly Kitten Day

Below, you’ll find a few ways to give your buddy a bit of extra love in honor of Cuddly Kitten Day.

Spend Extra Time With Your Cat

Cats generally love spending time with their humans. Consider giving your companion extra cuddles if they enjoy that sort of thing. Some high-quality playtime may be ideal for active cats that can’t seem to get enough running, jumping, and springing about!

Cats that enjoy spending time outdoors may enjoy a trip to somewhere special where they can enjoy a nice walk on a leash or a fun backpack ride. For kitties who love being groomed, a few minutes of brushing may be the perfect gift.

Give Your Cat Something Tasty to Snack On

There are a few ways to spoil your cat with something tasty. Remember that kittens have special dietary needs and need to stick with food and treats formulated with their nutritional requirements in mind. When shopping for treats, check the package’s label to ensure your kitten is old enough to eat them.

little kitten eating food from the feeding bowl
Image Credit: New Africa, Shutterstock

Give Your Buddy Something New to Play With or Snuggle In

Variety is often the key to preventing boredom, so why not give your baby a new toy, perch, or bed to celebrate Cuddly Kitten Day?

Toys and Games

Many cats love to run, jump, spring and get wild, but physical activity is so much more than just a way for cats to have fun! It also provides the exercise cats need to stay happy and healthy. Cats usually thrive when they have several toys to play with.

Balls and plush toys can give cats waiting for their person to come home something fun to do that doesn’t involve destroying furniture. DIY toys also work well for cats! Toilet paper rolls, for instance, can be turned into simple puzzle feeders and toys.

Cat Towers and Shelves

Most cats enjoy climbing and hanging out from higher elevations. It allows them to relax and keep an eye on things at the same time! Cat trees and towers provide places for cats to climb, relax and play. Some feature toys and other entertainment options.

Cat shelves can also be installed in creative configurations to provide fun vertical play spaces. Window perches allow cats to spend time comfortably enjoying the entertainment provided by the world outside. Many are quite easy to install using suction cups; there’s no need to worry about drilling into your walls.

Two Kurilian Bobtail cats on a cat tower
Image Credit: TalyaPhoto, Shutterstock

Cat Scratchers

Scratching is one of the activities that almost defines being a cat! Cats scratch because it feels good and to stretch. It also allows them to leave pheromones behind, creating a nice welcoming scent that encourages them to feel at home.

Scratchers come in several materials and designs. Carpet, cardboard, and sisal products are all available, as are vertical and horizontal scratchers.

Cat Beds

Cats and kittens love to sleep. Adult cats often sleep between 16 and 18 hours daily, and kittens spend even more time napping, and most love curling up in nice, soft, cozy places. You may be tempted to get a large bed so your kitten can grow into to it, but small beds for kittens are inexpensive, and most kitties prefer smaller beds that provide more security and warmth.

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Cuddly Kitten Day is celebrated on March 23rd. It’s a day to enjoy and celebrate everything wonderful about some of the most adorable creatures on earth! If you have a kitten at home, the day is made just for you. Ways to celebrate abound, from taking pictures of your baby and sharing them with friends to just spending some extra time snuggling with your companion. But there’s no reason to limit the celebration; older cats can also celebrate the day!

Featured Image Credit: Anna Pasichnyk, Shutterstock

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