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20 DIY Cat Bed Plans You Can Make Today (With Pictures)

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By Nicole Cosgrove

ginger cat sleeping in its bed

Even when you buy your cat the luxurious, expensive cat bed that’s supposed to make your feline fall in love, they may turn their nose up at it and refuse to go near it. Such is the life of a cat owner. You never know what your cat is going to love or ignore. So, why spend so much money on a cat bed that might never see use?

Instead, if you have a bit of DIY skill and enthusiasm, you can build one of these DIY cat beds. They range in complexity from simple to extravagant, and the skills needed to complete each project vary just as widely. So, dive in and find a project that’s within your skill range and start building. At least then if your cat doesn’t like it, you’ll still get the benefit of having improved your skills during its making!

The 20 DIY Cat Bed Plans

1. Easy to Sew Your Own DIY Cat Bed by Kicking it with Kelly

DIY cat bed
Image Credit: Kickingitwithkelly

As the name implies, this DIY cat bed is easy to sew, but you’ll probably want a sewing machine to do so. You could sew it by hand, but there’s quite a lot of stitching and it could take you a long while. If you’ve got a sewing machine, this project will be easy and quick for you to make and comfy for your cat.

2. DIY Cat Condo from a Wood Pallet by Hoosier Homemade

DIY cat bed
Image Credit: Hoosierhomemade

We love projects that let us repurpose old materials, such as this cat condo that’s made from an old wooden pallet. You can often get these for free, and you might even have one laying around. With two levels in this cat condo, it has many uses for your cat and can even store its food up top along with both dishes and still have room to spare.

3. Purr-fect DIY Cat Bed by See Kate Sew

DIY cat bed
Image Credit: Seekatesew

This cat bed is more of a cat cave really, but it’s a bit different from other cat caves on this list as it features two ears that give it the rough shape of a cat’s head! You’ll probably want a sewing machine if you’re going to tackle this project, but it’s one of the coolest-looking of the bunch.

4. DIY Pet Bed Tutorial by Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom

DIY cat bed
Image Credit: Scatteredthoughtsofacraftymom

All you need to complete this DIY pet bed is an old pillow, a sewing machine, and a piece of fabric. The plans are easy to follow along with and the result is ultra-comfy and plush. Plus, it won’t cost you anything as you’ll likely already have all the necessary materials on hand.

5. DIY Cardboard Box Cat Bed by Your Purrfect Kitty

DIY cat bed
Image Credit: Yourpurrfectkitty

Every cat owner knows that cats love cardboard boxes. Now, you can cover a cardboard box with your fabric of choice to offer your cat a bed it will actually love. What’s great about this project is that there’s no sewing required, and you can make this even if you have zero existing DIY skills. It’s a great project to jump into the DIY world by making something that will see regular use.

6. Reused Drawers DIY Cat Bed by Hometalk

old drawer cat bed
Image Credit: hometalk

Repurposing old furniture that you no longer use or got cheap at a yard sale is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to create a cat bed. This design uses old drawers, without the cabinet that they came in.

This easy DIY plan only requires a screwdriver or a drill, paint, a few table legs, and the drawers themselves. The best part is that this drawer design also doubles as a simple cat tree, with plenty of space for multiple cats to nap and climb on.

7. Old Sweater Cat Bed by DIY Cat Village

Your cat’s insistence on sleeping on your clothes might be a nuisance when you’re trying to put clean washing away, but it’s also a good DIY idea. Old, worn-out sweaters can make a good framework for a cat bed.

All you need is a needle, thread, and a sweater. If you have more than one old sweater, you can use them as padding, but you can also use a pillow or polyfill if you prefer. This project is a great way to give your old clothes a new lease of life and give your cat a personalized bed that smells just like you.

8. DIY Side Table Hammock by Martha Stewart

DIY Cat hammock
Image Credit: martha stewart

Sometimes, there’s simply not enough room for a new, standalone cat bed, and you’ll need to get creative. This side table hammock is the perfect solution. Not only is it a simple way to create a comfortable sleeping spot for your cat, but it also enables you to utilize the forgotten space under your living room end table or even your bedside table.

You’ll need skill with a sewing machine for this design. While you can hand sew it if you prefer, a sewing machine will create a sturdier stitch to ensure security. Remember to measure your end table and adjust the size of your hammock accordingly.

9. DIY Suitcase Cat Bed by Brooklyn Limestone

Suitcase cat bed
Image Credit: Brooklynlimestone

All sorts of unique treasures can be found in thrift shops and at yard sales. A vintage suitcase might be a stylish way to store luggage when you’re on vacation, but it can also be a unique cat bed.

Most of the work for this design goes into making the cushion itself. If you’re not confident using a sewing machine, feel free to use a ready-made cushion instead or just put a fluffy blanket at the bottom. You can even decorate the inside of the top half with a collage of your cat’s picture-purrfect moments.

10. DIY Cat Tent by Instructables

DIY Cat tent
Image Credit: Instructables

Some cats adore having a quiet tent to curl up in for a nap, and it also serves as a good way to reuse an old t-shirt that you love but can no longer wear. This cat tent is made from a t-shirt, two wire coat hangers, cardboard, and tape. It doesn’t need much work, but be careful when you’re cutting the wire hangers, as they might be sharp.

You’ll also need patience when you’re bending the coat hangers into shape. Cut the t-shirt to size, pin it in place with safety pins or sew it, and you’re done! A pillow or a fluffy blanket can be added for an extra comfortable bed.

11. DIY Pom Pom Cat Bed by Julie Measures

pom pom cat bed coco
Image Credit: juliemeasures

Pom poms aren’t just fun toys for your cat to bat around the floor; they can also make a cute rug-style cat bed. The unique design of this pom pom cat bed is simple and bound to get your friends talking. It can also be used as a puzzle toy to hide treats in if your cat gets bored.

You won’t need many tools for this design, as you can use the yarn that you make the pom poms with to tie them to the graph rug canvas. Use non-toxic glue to attach felt or cardboard to the underside if you want a neater or sturdier finish.

12. Plush DIY Cat Bed by Sweetlife Tv

This plush cat bed is relatively easy but one of the most time-consuming DIY cat beds that you can make. It is a fun one to get the whole family involved in, though, and enables you and your kids to get messy—and sticky, so remember to wear gloves!

This project is the perfect way to reuse any plush fabric scraps that you might have from finished projects and any cardboard boxes leftover from deliveries. Personalize it with dangling cat toys, or make your own cushion to put inside.

13. DIY Moon Crib by Instructables

Moon crib from pallets
Image Credit: Instructables

Familiarity with woodworking tools will help you with this moon crib cat bed, but it also makes for a good challenge if you’re looking for a more difficult DIY plan. You can use plywood if you prefer, but reusing an old wooden pallet works just as well. Remember to carefully measure all the pieces that you cut and to be careful with the saws. You’ll also need safety glasses and a well-ventilated workspace.

Once the main construction is done, the rest is much easier. Give it a splash of paint, and use a blanket or your cat’s favorite pillow to create a cozy napping spot.

14. No Sew DIY Pet Teepee by Coffee With Summer

pet teepee bed
Image Credit: coffeewithsummer

Round cat beds are traditional favorites, but you can make your décor look more interesting with this pet teepee. The best part is that you don’t need a needle and thread or a sewing machine unless you want to use them.

You’ll need five wooden dowels, string, and a drop cloth or another fabric, and that’s about it! If you want a sturdier base, you can fix the ends of the dowels to a piece of cardboard. Grab your cat’s favorite pillow, or make a new one that fits your teepee’s style, and your cat will have a sheltered sleeping spot.

15. Donut Pet Bed by Tanya Belle DIY

If you enjoy sewing, this donut pet bed plan is a good way to take a break from clothes or quilting. You can use any fabric that you like or two colors if you want to give your cat bed a more interesting flair.

While you’ll need a sewing machine and the design is fiddly in places, it’s overall quite simple. Be sure to adjust the measurements to suit your cat, and be careful when you’re sewing, especially once the bed is fully stuffed.

16. DIY Copper Pipe Cat Bed by A Crafty Mix

Copper Pipe Purr Baby bed
Image Credit: A Crafty Mix

Most cats love to nap in a hammock, and this copper pipe cat bed turns an old sweater into a sturdy and reliable hammock. You’ll need to do a great deal of measuring to ensure that your cat has plenty of room and that you cut the pipes to the right lengths. Unlike many DIY plans, though, this one doesn’t require many tools and won’t take you that long.

Use cement glue or gorilla glue to fasten the copper pipes together and a needle and thread to fix the sweater in place. You can also use an old blanket or plush fabric if you don’t have a sweater to use.

17. DIY Rope Bowl Cat Bed by Lia Griffith

Rope Cat Basket
Image Credit: Lia Griffifth

The best part of this rope bowl cat bed is how sturdy it is while being incredibly lightweight. It takes a while to put together as you coil the clothesline into a basket shape, but you can use a ready-made pillow if you don’t want to make everything from scratch. Don’t worry if you run out of clothesline; it’s easy to sew another batch on and continue with your basket.

Add two cat ear handles and a smiley kitty to finish off. The rope sides will keep your cat safe and cozy while they sleep.

18. Quilted DIY Cat Bed by Joe, June and Mae

cat bed quilted
Image Credit: joejuneandmae

Sewing and DIY projects often go hand in hand, and if you’re a fan of quilting, this quilted cat bed is a fun way to take a break from blankets. The plan uses a fabric line called, “Cat’s Meow,” but you can use any fabric that you like.

If you’re new to quilting, be prepared for a great deal of cutting. You’ll also have many squares and other shapes to sew together before you get anywhere close to stuffing the bed. But the result is a stylish and comfortably warm cat bed that’s more than worth the effort that you put in.

19. Modern DIY Wooden Cat Bed by Charleston Crafted

Charleston Crafted cat bed
Image By: Charleston Crafted

This modern wooden cat bed is simple but does require a bit of knowledge and experience with woodworking tools. You can use wood glue on its own or a combination of wood glue and screws or nails. Above all, measure each piece of wood carefully before cutting.

This is a good project to work on with a friend. If you know someone with a sewing machine, ask if they want to join the DIY session by making the pillow, or you can use a pillow that your cat already adores.

20. Wicker DIY Cat Bed by A Butterfly House

Wicker baskets are always stylish additions to home décor, though they can be expensive. Making your own takes a great deal of time and effort, but it’s an effective way to create a cat bed like this wicker ball. You’ll need a beach ball or a balloon, plenty of fiber rush, and a great deal of patience!

Wait for the mod podge to dry, and then grab your cat’s favorite blanket to place inside. Don’t forget to add a few legs to make sure it doesn’t roll everywhere when your cat is trying to nap.

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No matter your DIY skill level, there’s a project on this list that you can complete. These projects range from easy to complex, but all of them result in an awesome cat bed that your cat may or may not ever touch. Regardless, any of these projects will offer you an afternoon of fun as you put your DIY prowess to the test and see if you can make your project turn out as good as it looked in pictures!

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