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10 Beautiful Devon Rex Colors (With Pictures)

Gregory Iacono

By Gregory Iacono

Devon Rex cat standing in gray background

If you adore cats, you know there are several beautiful varieties. One of the most surprising, however, has to be the Devon Rex. This playful feline loves to learn tricks, make new friends, and play fetch! More than that, the typical Devon Rex is as affectionate as any dog and will spend more time with you than some of your family members.

In other words, the Devon Rex is an adorable, devoted cat that makes a wonderful family pet. One last fabulous factor about Devon Rex cats that you can’t overlook is their colors, which can be stunningly beautiful. If you’re considering adopting one of these fantastic felines, the 10 beautiful Devon Rex colors below will help you choose a favorite!


Before We Get Started…

Devon Rex cats are one of the few breeds that cat associations allow to be registered regardless of their coat’s color or combination. Devon Rex experts would agree that few Devon Rex cat litters even have look-alike siblings. They come in a wide variety of colors and patterns, more than almost any other cat breed.

The 10 Beautiful Devon Rex Colors

1. Solid

Devon Rex kitten on a white fluffy blanket
Image Credit: Angela Kotsell, Shutterstock

Solid colors aren’t always at the top of a “beautiful colors” list. However, with the Devon Rex, even a solid color looks gorgeous. That’s because of the unusual folds in their skin, which, when combined with single-color fur, can be captivating. It gives their coloring many more nuances than the average cat with traditional fur. Devon Rexes have four solid colors: black, white, gray, and brown.

2. Bi-Color Tuxedo

a bi-color devon rex kitten on white background
Image Credit: Jagodka, Shutterstock

Any of the solid colors Devon Rexes can have will mix with white to create a bi-color kitten, plus you can also have a tabby bi-color. The most prized bi-color, however, has to be the “tuxedo” Devon Rex, with markings that make it look like it’s wearing the suit after which it’s named. A D-Rex with a tuxedo bi-color coat is always ready for the next black-tie affair (but will hang around with you even if you’re in sweats and a bathrobe).

3. Pointed

a pointed devon rex kitten
Image Credit: Veera, Shutterstock

This fascinating Devon Rex color pattern is so unusual that people have mistaken D-Rexes for Siamese cats! The reason is that pointed Devon Rexes only have darker fur on the tips of their tails, paws, ears, and faces. The rest, about 98% of the cat, is all a solid color, making the pointed Devon Rex one of the most eye-catching.

4. Smoke

devon rex cat standing on grass
Image Credit: Grisha Bruev, Shutterstock

Another unusual and stunning color you’ll find with the Devon Rex is smoke. This stunning color makes your cat look a bit hazy, like the smoke from a fire. It happens when a Devon Rex has white fur at the roots that then turns gradually to gray or black at the tips. Some Devon Rex enthusiasts refer to the color as “smoky” also, which is more or less the same thing. Either way, it’s a stunning color that will make your D-Rex even more precious.

5. Tortoiseshell

a tortoiseshell devon rex kitten on floral background
Image Credit: Vilvarin, Shutterstock

Few cats will look as stunning as a tortoiseshell than the Devon Rex, with its mix of black and orange fur in various patterns. Some refer to the tortoiseshell D-Rex as a brindle, which is the technical name for this combination of colors. Interestingly, almost all tortoiseshell Devon Rex cats will be female because of the genetics at play.

6. Calico

woman brushing a calico devon rex cat
Image Credit: Poppy Pix, Shutterstock

A Devon Rex with calico colorings, like tortoiseshell, is a stunning sight! The difference between the two is that the calico has one more color, typically white. That slight difference, however, makes the calico Devon Rex even more stunning and distinct, and many D-Rex lovers go wild for this exquisite color. Like tortoiseshell Devon Rexes, most calicos are also female.

7. Silver Tabby

a blue-eyed devon rex cat on a cat tree
Image Credit: Veera, Shutterstock

One of the most unforgettable tabby colors is the silver tabby. A Devon Rex with silver tabby coloring will have steel-colored roots that gradually get darker at the tips. It’s a real head-turner of a tabby color, especially when combined with the already stunning look of the Devon Rex.

8. Chocolate

Like a Chocolate Labrador Retriever, the chocolate coat looks luscious on a Devon Rex, with deep hues that seem to change when the cat moves. Some call this color “liver,” but for most, “chocolate” is a far better (and more enticing) term for this unusual D-Rex color.  If your Devon Rex is a deep brown, it might be sable.

9. Lavender (aka Lilac)

Lavender is a rare and gorgeous color you’ll be lucky to find in a Devon Rex. It’s a remarkably light, dusty color, but when viewed in the right light, it looks a lot like a lilac in bloom. A lavender or lilac Devon Rex is a sight to see and one you should pounce on if you find it in a shelter or litter. You’ll be glad you did when it turns into a lovely adult cat.

10. Fawn

Devon rex cat on couch
Image Credit: klevers, Shutterstock

Fawn is a cinnamon variation seen in shorthaired cats like the Devon Rex rather frequently. It’s another exquisite color, especially with the attractive D-Rex. The color is closer to cream than red, but the intensity of the color can vary.

Final Thoughts

The Devon Rex is far-and-away one of the most adorable cat breeds, with a playful, dog-like personality and gorgeous features. One of the most stunning, as we’ve seen today, is their curly fur, which comes in genuinely beautiful colors. If you’re adopting a Devon Rex soon, we hope the information presented today has been helpful and made you excited about the new addition to your family! One thing is certain; wherever their color, your new Devon Rex kitty will fill your life with fun and friendship.

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Featured Image Credit: Seregraff, Shutterstock

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