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The Devon Rex Cat

Devon rex portraitPortrait of a Devon Rex Cat

The Devon Rex cat has a curly coat of soft fur, very large, low-set ears and huge, round eyes. The pupils are often small in comparison to eye size, giving them a look of wonder or surprise.

Devons have short, turned-up noses and full cheeks which give them their elf or pixie look

Whiskers and eyebrows are also often curly, adding to this cats unusual visual impact

Although they are extraordinarily formed, this is a natural mutation that occurred in Devonshire England in the 1950’s, where one special individual named Kirlee was discovered. 

All Devon Rex cats today are descended from this one special kitty. 

The Devon Rex is a very affectionate and friendly pet with a habit of climbing on shoulders. They are very good jumpers and love high places, often perching on refrigerators or top shelves when not cuddling with someone lucky.

These cats retain a kittenish appearance and personality even as adults, and are delightfully warm and fuzzy to the touch.

Although they make a delicate first impression, they are actually rather well-boned and solid bodied and tend to be hearty eaters.


Devon Rex cat descriptive wordsHow Do You Describe a Devon Rex Cat?

Devon Rex Cat-Stats

Calico Devon Rex cat


The Devon Rex personality is rather dog-like and extremely people-oriented. This is a cat that does not like to be left alone, and wants to be with you or on you at all times.

People with busy schedules or those who don’t like to be pestered should definitely consider another breed. Anyone looking for a close, devoted and spectacularly entertaining buddy should apply here.

The Devon Rex is a sweet, lovable, and comical cat that enjoys being close to human faces making it a notorious shoulder-percher. They will also gaze straight into your eyes and touch your face with a gentle paw. (sigh)

They have active minds, vocal tendencies, and busy bodies, and will delight you with adorable antics and precious, affectionate warmth.

These are smallish-sized cats but have muscular, very dense bodies and long, strong legs.

This cat is very happy in a busy home with multiple family members of all varieties, however can be sensitive to rough or brusque handling.

They have few breed-related health issues, despite their somewhat fragile appearance.  

Because it is very active and requires lots of human interaction, the Devon Rex is a superb family cat that does well with considerate children, forms strong bonds, and likes to be included in everything.

The Devon Rex cat is recognized by the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA), the world’s largest cat organization. It is a relatively uncommon pure-bred or “pedigreed” domestic cat breed.

The coat comes in any color or pattern and is soft and fine with a very sparse top coat. Light grooming with a rubber mitt will keep the skin healthy. There is little, if any, shedding, and although there is no truly non-allergenic cat, some with allergies or discomfort around high-shedding cats may find the Devon Rex triggers less severe reactions.

There is also a belief that the Rex breeds have less of the glyco-protein in their saliva and glands that is the true trigger of allergic reactions, but anyone with allergies should spend as much time – days if possible –  with the individual cat they plan to choose, and judge accordingly. -Devon Rex Cat Facts

Devon RexDevon Rex
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Devon Rex Kitten!Devon Rex Kitten!

Devon Rex kittens are very active and surprisingly good jumpers. They will find their way on top of anything – including you, and shoulder riding habits usually develop very early. 

Naturally, you should kitten-proof before you bring your new Devon Rex kitten home. Try to discourage climbing by tucking up drapes, and take any important breakables down for the first few months, because these kittens will explore all high places, and, although they may be tiny, they are not dainty.

Many Devon Rex kittens have kitten coats that will be quite different from what they will eventually look and feel like. They often completely molt their fur in the early months of life, and some cats fur changes with the seasons, so don’t be surprised or alarmed by these variations.

Because this is a relatively uncommon cat, breeders of pedigree Devon Rex breeders are often hard to find, and a pure-bred kitten may be pricey.

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White Devon Rex

Head Shape: The head is large and very distinctive with full cheeks, prominent, angular cheekbones, curved forehead and a flat skull line. The muzzle is short with a noticeable stop and well developed chin. The ears are very large and very wide at the base, low set and tapered, occasionally with tufts on the tips. The unusual eyes are very large, modest oval, and often small-pupiled giving a look of surprise or wonder. Gold or yellow are the preferred colors with blue, green, or odd eyes allowed.

Body and Tail: The body is of medium length, lean and muscular, well boned, although there is a slender impression. The legs are long and strong with the hind legs slightly longer than the front. Feet are small and oval in shape, well knuckled and neat, never splayed.

Black Devon Rex catBlack Devon Rex cat

Coat: The coat is short, soft, and fine. Wavy and without coarse guard hairs.

Pattern: All accepted colors are allowed.

Overall Appearance: This should be a very unique looking cat, small in stature with soft, unusual fur and large, expressive eyes and ears. Bright, inquisitive and playful.


Devon Rex curly coatDevon Rex curly coat
  • All of todays Devon Rex cats can be traced back to one wavey-locked stray male named Kirlee, who was born in Devonshire, England in the 1950’s!

Devon Rex tabbyDevon Rex Cat

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