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Is There a Difference Between Pet & Human CBD Oil? Uses, Side Affects, & FAQ

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By Kerry-Ann Kerr

Hemp CBD oil

There’s a lot of information floating around the internet about CBD oil and its benefits. It’s difficult to determine what’s a rumor and what’s a fact. There are many unknowns concerning CBD oil because its use on animals is relatively new. However, there isn’t much difference between human CBD oil and the one you’d get for your pet. However, some companies add enticing flavors to the products to appeal to pets.

Can you give your pet some of your CBD oil if there aren’t many differences? To explore this question, we need to look at the benefits and risks of CBD oil when it comes to our beloved furry friends.

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What Is CBD Oil?

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Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a compound found in hemp and cannabis. In most cases, CBD oil doesn’t contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which gives marijuana its psychoactive properties. Additionally, most CBD products are derived from hemp, not marijuana.

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CBD Oil, Pets, and Possible Side Effects

There aren’t many studies that have explored precisely what the effect CBD oil has on our pets. While vets in the United States cannot prescribe CBD oil for their patients, holistic vets use it to treat ailments like inflammation, pain, and anxiety. While CBD oil has been used to increase comfort and improve a pet’s quality of life, it doesn’t necessarily cure ailments.

There is, unfortunately, no scientific data on the side effects of CBD usage.All we have to go on are the side effects that have affected humans.

1. Drowsiness

CBD oil can be used to treat anxiety, and the calming effect can lead to drowsiness, especially when given higher doses.

2. Dry Mouth

CBD can decrease the production of saliva, which could lead to an increased thirst for pets.

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3. Low Blood Pressure

The drop is small, but high doses of CBD have been known to cause a temporary reduction in blood pressure, which could leave your pet feeling light-headed.

Cannabinoids interact with receptors located in the peripheral and central nervous systems, which helps maintain balance in the body. So, if there are benefits, why hasn’t there been much research, and why isn’t it an option that’s more frequently offered?

The answer is simple: legality. Your vet may or may not be able to have the conversation about CBD oil with you, depending on where you live. Even if you live in a state where cannabis is legal, it can still be illegal for your vet to prescribe CBD treatments.

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Can I Give My Pet My Human CBD Oil?

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has not approved CBD, which means there is no dosing chart. Any medication or supplement, of course, carries a risk of a reaction, but when there has been a lack of research into the safety and risks, it can feel like the risks are a little more likely.

To minimize any potential side effects, make sure you follow the advice of your vet. CBD oil designed for humans will not have the proper dosage for your pet, and it is likely to be much stronger than CBD treatments for animals.

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What Should You Look for From CBD Treatment?

If you and your vet decide to use CBD oil on your pet, you may be wondering what you need to keep in mind when picking a CBD oil.

Look for organic CBD oil and brands that do not contain fungicides, pesticides, or solvents. You need a brand that is high quality, and make sure you’re not shopping based on price. A cheap option may contain pesticides, heavy metals, herbicides, and additives.

The manufacturer should also provide a certificate that confirms the amount of CBD in their product. You can buy treats containing CBD, but the best way to administer CBD is in an oil or tincture because that way, you can adjust your dog’s dose easily.

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Final Thoughts

When comparing pet and human CBD oil, there aren’t many differences between them. This might make you think you could share your CBD oil with your pet. However, CBD products for humans may have dosages that are too high for most animals. Arguably, there’s no good reason to ever start your pet on any medication or supplement without first having a conversation with your veterinarian.

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