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5 DIY Cat Collars You Can Make Today (With Pictures)

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By Nicole Cosgrove

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Even if your cat is strictly indoors, putting a collar on them is a good idea for keeping them safe. You should attach an ID tag and perhaps a bell to the collar to make your cat easy to find if they escape and get lost. Your cat’s collar can also reflect your and your pet’s personality.

Whether you can’t find a collar on the market that you like or are simply looking for a fun project, DIY cat collars come in virtually every design that you can imagine. Here are DIY cat collar plans that you can make today to give your cat an exciting gift and show off your crafting skills.hepper-cat-paw-divider

The 5 DIY Cat Collars

1. DIY Cat Collar by Made on Maidstone

DIY Cat Collar- Made on maid stone
Image Credit: Made on Maidstone
Materials: Fabric, buckles, rings
Skill level: Beginner
Other tools needed: Fusible bonding web, iron, needle nose pliers, sewing kit or machine

This DIY Cat Collar costs just pennies to make and offers plenty of customization. Although it requires a little sewing, it’s easy for beginners to take on. The collar is made of fabric, so you can choose just about any design you want.

For this collar, you’ll need your fabric of choice, fusible bonding web, an iron, and hardware like buckles and rings, which you can find at any craft or sewing store. Only two spots need sewing, which can be done by hand or machine. The instructions are easy to follow and include detailed pictures.

2. DIY Cat Collar With Bow by Chubby Meows

Materials: Fabric, buckles, rings
Skill level: Beginner
Other tools needed: Glue, scissors, sewing kit

This DIY Cat Collar With Bow has a handy video and features a cute bow or bowtie design to elevate your cat’s unique style. It’s made using fabric, so you can choose whatever prints—or combination of prints—you like.

With the video tutorial, you’ll be able to follow the instructions easily to create the perfect bowtie collar the first time. You’ll need fabric, glue, scissors, a needle and thread, a piece of cardboard (for the bow), and collar hardware. This design is so cute that you may end up making one for any occasion!

3. Crochet Pet Collar With Bowknot by Lingzhi Handmade

Materials: Acrylic yarn
Skill level: Beginner to intermediate
Other tools needed: 3-mm hook

This Crochet Pet Collar With Bowknot is useful for both cats and dogs. Even if you don’t have crochet skills, the tutorial is beginner-friendly and shows each step with details. You have many personalization options with the color and type of yarn you use.

All you need for this tutorial is acrylic yarn and a 3-mm hook. The entire tutorial is done on video, so you can rewind, skip forward, or pause as needed until you get the hang of the crochet stitches. Yarn is cheap, so you can make a bunch of collars for your cat.

4. DIY Fancy Cat Collar by Makeover Meow 

DIY Fancy Cat Collar- Makeover meow 
Image By: Makeover Meow
Materials: Collared shirt
Skill level: Beginner
Other tools needed: Scissors

If your cat needs a touch more style, this DIY Fancy Cat Collar is a must. The final product looks like a dress shirt, but it’s all made from old shirts. If you’re looking to upcycle old clothes, this is the way to go.

According to the creator, you’ll need a child’s collared shirt in whatever color and style you prefer, scissors, and a “fierce cat to model the finished product.” The design requires no sewing—just some creative folding. While this collar won’t work for walking, it’s a snazzy addition for photos or just for fun.

5. Thrifted Belt Collar by chezlin

Materials: Thrifted belt, D rings, belt buckle (optional)
Skill level: Intermediate
Other tools needed: Leather hole punch

This Thrifted Belt Collar design is super cute and takes almost no crafting skills to create. Although the tutorial is for a dog collar, there’s no reason you can’t adapt it to a cat collar. Best of all, you can search for a unique thrifted belt to make the design your own.

All you need for this design is a thrifted belt, D rings, a belt buckle (if the belt doesn’t have one), and a leather hole punch. Then, you simply measure the right size on your cat, mark the length and holes, and add the buckle. What could be easier?hepper-cat-paw-divider

Final Thoughts

While you can find a variety of fun cat collars in the store, making your own allows for limitless creativity in personalizing the collar for your cat. Explore these tutorials and find a simple, cute project to create a statement collar.

Featured Image Credit: Sydneymills, Shutterstock

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