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23 Bulldog Mixed Breeds

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By Nicole Cosgrove

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When you think of a Bulldog, your mind probably goes to hanging jowls, a tongue-lolling smile, and slobbery kisses. These canines are sweet, calm, and courageous. They have a kind of “frump appeal” that is hard to resist. Plus, they are more active than they appear, and they appear to fit on your lap!

Due to their bruiser charm, many people have opted to crossbreed the Bulldog with other canines. Curious about how these mixed pups turn out? Look no further! Below, we have found 23 Bulldog mixed breeds for your viewing pleasure. We even added some info about them, as well!

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The 23 Bulldog Mixed Breeds

1. Miniature Bulldog

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Image Credit: Ezzolo, Shutterstock

Okay, we had to start with one of the cutest! This is a cross between a Bulldog and a Pug. They are playful, energetic, and sweet-natured. Unfortunately, this designer breed has some health issues inherited from both sides of the gene pool. Due to their upturned snout, they are likely to have respiratory problems. They are also not recommended for those living in warm climates.

2. Englishweiler

The opposite of the tiny pooch above, the English Bulldog and Rottweiler mix makes for one large, trying-to-be-in-charge, dog. This is a tenacious pet that can be harder to train as they are under the impression that they know best. Due to that character quirk and their size (up to 100 pounds!), they are not recommended for novice owners. Be that as it may, you will find this designer breed to be lovable, intelligent, loyal, and protective.

3. Bulloxer

Image Credit: Mary Swift, Shutterstock

Ahh, the Bulldog and Boxer mix. A match made in heaven, right? Absolutely! As they already have similar facial features, this is a common mixed breed to see. They have a high energy level requiring a lot of exercise, plus their intelligence leads them to boredom if they don’t have some mental stimulation. Besides that, this ferocious-looking canine is actually very sweet and loving. Though they can be hyper, they are also a fan of cuddling on the couch.

4. Beabull

Image credit: Mary Lynn Strand, Shutterstock

This next designer dog is a mix between an English Bulldog and a Beagle. Together they make an awesome family companion. They are loving, affectionate, and loyal. They are also protective, sweet, and great with kids. The Beabull is a medium-sized dog that needs moderate exercise. They like walks, playing fetch, and doing anything outside with the family. Their biggest health concerns consist of hip dysplasia, canine disk disease, and hypothyroidism.

5. English Bull Springer

The Springer Spaniel and Bulldog mix makes for a pooch that has a lot of energy that they will use to chase kids around the yard. They make excellent family pets with their sweet, even-tempered manner. They can also be anywhere between 50 to 180 pounds depending on which parent they take after. If you are looking for a medium-sized pup, you may be in for a surprise with this happy canine.

6. Bullador

Image Credit: Stephanie Denise Powers, shutterstock

The Bullador is a mix of a Bulldog and a Labrador Retriever. This is another canine that is better with a pet parent who has some experience with independent pups. They can be a handful to train and require a strong leader. That being said, if you have the wherewithal to handle this dog, you will find a very loyal and protective friend for life. They are fiercely attached to their owners. What’s more, they’re intelligent, brave, and stoic.

7. English Bullhuahua

A tiny tot, the English Bulldog and Chihuahua mix is an interesting combination of two very different parents. Together these two breeds make for a sweet and charming companion. They typically grow to be smaller than the Bulldog but bigger than the Chihuahua. Their dominant nature can take over sometimes, but they would rather follow the rules than be left alone. Separation anxiety is something this designer breed suffers from, as well, so a large family is a good place for them to thrive along with someone who works from home.

8. Bullmation

As the name sounds, this is a mix of a Bulldog and a Dalmatian. With their adorable spots, the Bullmation is a social butterfly who wants to mingle in with family, friends, and other pets. They are family-friendly, sweet, affectionate, and very intelligent. They can also be sensitive, however. It doesn’t take a lot to hurt their feelings. Kids should be taught how to play with a dog properly, otherwise, this pup can become depressed and even destructive.

9. Bull-Aussie

The Bull-Aussie is a designer parent breed that is a mix of the Bulldog and Australian Shepherd. This canine has a very expressive face that will quickly let you know their thoughts on any given situation. They can make great family dogs provided they will receive a lot of exercise and room to stretch their legs. Rural areas are the best bet. This is also a pooch that does well with jobs to do. Just keep in mind that they need a strong leader, and training will require considerable patience, consistency, and positive reinforcement.

10. English Bullpit

The Bullpit mix is a Pitbull Bulldog mesh-say that five times fast! The English Bullpit comes from the English Bulldog and Pitbull Terrier. Unlike their “dangerous” stigma, this designer breed is calm, laid back, and sweet. They are very loyal, protective, and they love to cuddle. Be aware, though, they have a stubborn side that will need to be handled with consistent and repetitious training.

11. Bullkita

We have another designer breed brought to you by a Bulldog and Akita canine. This is a large dog that is not a good fit for families with other animals or small children. They need a lot of space, exercise, and a consistent schedule to keep them calm and happy. Be aware, this breed can have an aggressive side that will need a strong leader to curb. On the other hand, they are loyal, protective, and friendly with some drooling on the side.

12. English Frenchie

If you are looking for a small Bulldog, this mix of a French and English BD is a good option. They are friendly, calm, and loving. Great for families, you will need to supervise them when they are around water as they cannot swim. Unfortunately, this pup also suffers from a brachycephalic or flat face. Though this is a common ailment of the Bulldog in general, this designer mix has it bad. Due to this, they can have severe respiratory illnesses, plus they cannot be in a humid climate.

13. English Bull Shepherd

This happy pooch comes from the English Bulldog and German Shepherd. They are on the larger side and require a lot of space. They are not recommended for apartment or condo living. Like their mom and pop parents, this is a pet who will be protective of their owners so socialization as a puppy is important. As adults, you will find a loyal, affectionate, happy, and fearless companion. They are also confident and very trainable.

14. English BullCorgi

If you haven’t guessed, the BullCorgi is bred from an English Bulldog and a Corgi. This pooch is not always the best option for homes with little kids. Although they are calm and laid back, they don’t have a high tolerance for being poked at or mistreated. You will find them herding your offspring to one corner and doing their best to keep them there. With older kids, they are sweet, friendly, and social. They prefer fun games in the backyard to long hikes, so apartments and city living are okay.

15. Bully Bassett

If you are looking for an active pet that can thrive in urban areas, the Bully Bassett will catch your attention in more ways than one! Bred from a Bulldog and Bassett Hound, this is a curious little fellow that catches the eye. They have a long body, short legs, and a cute face. They are very social, friendly, and great for active families.

16. Bullwhip

The Bullwhip is a hybrid English Bulldog and Whippet. If you live in a quiet home where your pet will feel comfortable, this sensitive pooch could be right up your alley. Keep in mind, though, that this mixed breed can be small or large depending on their dominant parent. While the smaller Bullwhip is great in apartments, their larger counterparts will need more space. You will find this dog to be calm, relaxed, sweet, and gentle. As mentioned, chaotic home lives are not their forte.

17. Mountain Bulldog

The Bulldog and Bernese Mountain dog is a big softie who is quick to make friends. They get along well with other pets, friends, and family members. They love being part of the everyday home routine, plus they are up for any adventure. As they can grow to be upward of 120 pounds, you will need a house with a yard for this canine. Their intelligence makes them a quick study, but be aware they can develop joint problems early in life.

18. Catahoula Bulldog

This Bulldog mix is a rare sight. Bred with a Catahoula Leopard, this is a friendly pet that needs a lot of exercise and room to stretch their legs. Depending on which parent’s genes are more dominant, they can be anywhere from 40 to 100 pounds. You will love this pooch for their eagerness to please, and sweet and loyal temperament. You will never forget them as some have unusual coat patterns while others have different colors in their eyes.

19. Boodle

Boodle poodle mix on fence
Image Credit: Claudia Naerdemann, Shutterstock

Okay, if you want a peppy, spunky, and social dog, the Boodle will be perfect. This pooch comes from an English Bulldog and a standard Poodle. Their coat can vary from curly to short and smooth, but both are light shedders. This dog will require a daily walk, but their daily activity is not heavy. They love to play games like fetch, chase, and tug of war. They can also be prone to cuddle on your lap, even though they can be quite large.

20. Bull Jack

jack russel bulldog mix
Image Credit: PeakPX

A Jack Russell Terrier mixed with a Bulldog makes for a happy, active, and social pup. One of their most prominent features, however, is their hyperactivity. This little guy is on the go…constantly. If you are not an active person or family, you may not be able to keep up with this rascal. If you can, you will have a loyal, funny, and adorable pet.

21. Bull Weiner

This next cutie is a cross between a Bulldog and a Dachshund. A small designer dog, this feisty little fellow is full of antics, smiles, and a sweet temperament. They need some exercise, but they do well in apartments or urban settings. You will also find them to be social, intelligent, and eager to learn and please.

22. Bull-Pei

The Bull-Pei is a pleasing mix of an English Bulldog and a Shar-Pei. They make great guard dogs, and they will be protective of their humans. Not only that, but this breed is sweet, loving, and friendly. They have a fierce nature that is fearless. Plus, they have high intelligence and benefit from mental stimulation.

23. Bull Husky

Our final Bulldog mix comes from an American Bulldog and a Husky. This is an adorable pooch that falls in between the two when it comes to size. They also inherit the best of both parent’s personality traits. They are intelligent, loyal, loving, and sweet-natured. They also need exercise daily, so apartments and condos are not where they belong. Overall, this is a great family dog that will be happy to be part of the clan.

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We hope you enjoyed taking a look at the different Bulldog mixed breeds. For the most part, these designer dogs have all the great qualities of their BD parents. They are protective, intelligent, and friendly. Each one has different personality traits, but they are all great in their own way.

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