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Do Bearded Dragons Like Music? The Surprising Answer!

Rachael Gerkensmeyer

By Rachael Gerkensmeyer

a bearded dragon on the piano

Bearded dragons are fascinating creatures that happen to make good household pets, even for first-time pet owners. Bearded dragons can adjust their body temperature when necessary and have the ability to see color like we can, which means that different colors may stimulate their mood and behavior. They also happen to have ears similar to us humans. They rely on the same types of bones and membranes, including the tympanic membrane 1. So, if bearded dragons can hear (and see!) so well, do they happen to like music as we do? As a short answer … Yes! Let’s explore this topic together below:

Bearded Dragons Can Like Music

Bearded dragons hear sounds as we do, so they can make out instrumental noises and distinguish between types of music based on how the tunes make them feel. Like humans, all bearded dragons have their own unique personalities and temperaments. Some like to listen to music, and others do not. Some like certain types of music and not others.

Most bearded dragons that like music seem to enjoy instrumentals and lighter types of music rather than loud rock and roll or rap. However, if a bearded dragon is exposed to a certain type of music early in life, they can learn to like it no matter the genre. Luckily, these animals show some signs of liking and disliking music that we can use to determine whether we should turn the music up, down, or all the way off.

bearded dragon on a branch
Image Credit: Regina Robert, Shutterstock

Signs That Your Bearded Dragon Likes the Music You’re Playing

There are some signs that your bearded dragon may exhibit if they are enjoying the music that you happen to be listening to. One of the biggest signs is when they move toward the source of the music to get a better listening experience. Other signs to look for include:

  • Increased Playfulness: If they’re excited about the music they listen to, they might be inspired to run around a little, climb up the furniture (or your arm), or explore more than usual.
  • Brighter and Lighter Skin Colors: When bearded dragons get excited or feel happy or content, their skin color tends to brighten up and get a little lighter.
  • A Comfortable and Relaxed Stance: When this animal likes the music they are listening to, they usually lay out in a relaxed and comfortable manner.

Signs That Your Bearded Dragon Doesn’t Like the Music You’re Playing

There are also some signs that a bearded dragon might display when they dislike the music they are listening to. For example, if your beardie becomes aggressive when you turn a tune on, it likely means that they are not feeling it. Here are other signs that your beardie could be disliking the music they’re listening to:

  • Glass Surfing: When a beardie gets scared or feels stressed out, they might “glass surf” in their habitat, which means that they jump onto the side of the terrarium and start rubbing their belly along the surface of the glass. This action might take place for a number of reasons, including a habitat that’s too small or illness. However, when they behave this way whenever you put on certain music, it’s likely because of the music itself, so it’s best to turn it off.
  • Stress Marking: If your beardie is not happy with the music you have chosen to play, the skin on their chin and belly may abruptly change and drier or more stretched out than usual. Getting your pet away from the music is a good idea at this point.
  • Hiding: One big telltale sign that your beardie does not like the music they are listening to is that they try to hide in a corner of their habitat or get underneath a blanket or pillow if they are outside of their habitat. Turning the music down or off completely should get them to come out of hiding.

What Types of Music Do Bearded Dragons Like?

The type of music that your Bearded Dragon enjoys will depend on their own unique taste, but in general, they enjoy instrumental music and lighter genres such as jazz and classical. Some like pop and hip-hop. However, hard rock and rap may be too intense for them. It’s all about trying different genres to see which your pet likes the most. If they do or don’t like the music, they should show at least one sign for you to work from.

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In Conclusion

It seems that many bearded dragons enjoy listening to music, but some simply do not. The type of music a beardie wants to hear will depend on their personality and personal preferences. If they don’t like a genre, try a different one! In the worst-case scenario, you can put your beardie in a separate room while you listen to the music of your choice at a reasonable volume.

Featured Image Credit: on ziv, Shutterstock

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