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Do Black Samoyeds Exist? The Truth Unveiled

Rachel Giordano

By Rachel Giordano

three samoyed dogs sitting on the bench at the park

Samoyeds have been around for roughly 5,000 years. Most have white double coats that allow them to withstand frigid temperatures, even down to minus 60 degrees, but the American Kennel Club (AKC) also recognizes the colors biscuit, cream, and white & biscuit as acceptable colors under the breed standard.

So, what about black coats? Do black Samoyeds exist? The answer is unfortunately not all black and white—pun intended. There is debate on whether or not black Samoyeds exist, with many believing if you run across a black Samoyed, it is not purebred. Therefore, black Samoyeds do not exist.

Let’s dive deeper into this dilemma to see if black Samoyeds exist.

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What Are Common Samoyed Colors?

As we’ve mentioned, these dogs typically have a solid white coat, but the AKC accepts other color variations: biscuit, cream, and white & biscuit. Notice there is no black in the list, meaning if you did find a black Samoyed, it would not be registered with the AKC because black is not an acceptable color for the breed standard. So, one would assume that a black Samoyed is a mixed dog and not purebred. But does this mean a true black Samoyed does not exist? Let’s keep digging.

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Image Credit: Sbolotova, Shutterstock

Do Black Samoyeds Exist? 

If you search for a black Samoyed on the Internet, odds are dog breeds that look like a Samoyed may pop up, but here is where you must be careful. After researching this topic, we can say that no black purebred Samoyeds exist.

However, you may find non-reputable breeders or others advertising black Samoyeds for sale, but if you were to buy one, you’d be duped into buying a mixed breed while being charged high dollars.

Why Do Only Four Colors of Samoyeds Exist?

Going back to where they originate from, experts believe Samoyeds were bred white or light-colored on purpose so they could blend in with the snowy climate of Siberia. By blending in, they were able to sneak up on prey or hide from predators more easily. After all, the nomads depended on these dogs for their survival because the dogs helped herd reindeer, which was the primary source of food at the time.

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Dog Breeds That Look Like Black Samoyeds

Since you have to be careful these days and avoid scam artists, we wanted to list dogs that could pass for being a black Samoyed but are, in fact, hybrids, meaning a mix of a purebred Samoyed and a different purebred dog or a different dog breed altogether.

We also want to emphasize that we are in no way discouraging you from buying a hybrid Samoyed, as all dogs, regardless of purebred, mutt, or hybrid need forever homes. However, if you’re set on shelling out big bucks for a purebred, we don’t want you to get scammed. Here are some dogs that could pass for a “so-called” purebred black Samoyed.

chow chow dog in snow
Image Credit: Anna Germanovna, Shutterstock

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Where Did Samoyeds Originate From?

These dogs hail from Siberia. The nomads of Siberia originally used them for herding reindeer, which was the primary source of food after the Ice Age. These dogs were taken out of Siberia at the end of the 19th century to pull sleds during Antarctic expeditions.

Roald Amundsen, an explorer, used Samoyeds for an expedition to the South Pole, using a team of 52 dogs way back in 1911. A Samoyed named Etah, the pack leader, was the first dog to ever set paw on the land. The expedition lasted 99 days, but only 12 Samoyeds survived.

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Final Thoughts

Samoyeds are gentle, friendly dogs that demand attention. They form strong bonds with their humans and make excellent family companions. They have white or light-colored fluffy coats that do not come in black.

You may run across a breeder claiming they have “rare” black Samoyeds and charge you big bucks due to their “rarity.” One way to tell if you’re getting conned is if the dog is smaller, like a black Samoyed Pomeranian mix. Samoyeds are medium-sized dogs, ranging from 35 to 65 pounds, and a Samoyed Pomerania mix will be only 10 to 25 pounds.

Stay vigilant, do your research, and avoid breeders who claim they have purebred black Samoyeds because they simply do not exist.

Featured Image Credit: Christian Testa, Unsplash

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