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3 Samoyed Mixed Breeds (With Pictures)

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By Nicole Cosgrove


The Samoyed is a purebred dog with a compact and muscular body. It stands between 19 and 23 inches tall and can weigh up to 65 pounds. It is deep-set almond eyes and erect triangular ears. It has a thick double coat with straight hairs, and there’s a rough around the neck and shoulders that frame is the head. The preferred color is pure white, but the code can also appear in yellow and cream. It’s an easygoing and friendly dog that likes people and likes to play. It’s intelligent and adapts well to family life.

Since the Samoyed breed is so attractive and friendly, it’s not unusual that breeders use them as a parent when creating a new breed. However, few crossbreeds have been successful. We are going to list them here and tell you a little about each one.

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The 3 Samoyed Dog Mixed Breeds

Here are the three popular Samoyed mixed breeds that we are going to be discussing.

1. Golden Sammy (Samoyed x Golden Retriever)

The Golden Sammy is a Samoyed mixed breed, specifically between the Samoyed and the Golden Retriever. It is a very friendly and even-tempered dog. Golden Sammys usually keep the face of the Golden retriever and will have the coat of the Samoyed. The coat is typically white, yellow, or red, and will require continuous maintenance to keep a tangle-free. The coat also tends to shed heavily, especially in the spring in the fall.

The eyes of this Golden Sammy can be amber, brown, or hazel. The nose can be black or brown. The spirit can be a bit stubborn at times, and if they don’t get enough mental stimulation, they can become destructive. However, this breed rarely barks, and it’s great with children. It also gets align with other pets and is very easy to train. They have a lot of energy and will require about 40 minutes of exercise per day but are relatively healthy and don’t usually require oo many trips to the vet.

Male and female Golden Sammys are the same size, and there is no discernible difference between the two. The female tends to be more independent and often likes to complete tasks herself, while the male likes to spend more time playing with family members and rarely completes tasks himself.

2. Samusky (Samoyed x Siberian Husky)

Photo Credit: CC0, pxhere

The Samusky is a mix of the Samoyed and the Siberian Husky that goes by several other names, including Samsky, and Samoyed Husky. This breed is very friendly and requires a lot of space. Therefore, it’s not a great breed for those living in a small apartment. It also gets lonely and tends to become destructive when left alone for too long, so it’s not a great choice if you work long days and live alone.

The Samusky gets along well with children and other pets and loves being part of the family. It’s usually too friendly towards strangers should be a good watchdog. It will require continuous grooming, and it will shed heavily, especially in the spring and fall. Since it doesn’t like to exercise much, it tends to become overweight, and despite its intelligence, it can be frustrating to train due to its lack of focus and stubbornness.

Overall, it’s a healthy dog with a life expectancy from 12 to 15 years. The biggest health problems in this breed are hip dysplasia and diabetes, both of which are compounded and made worse by being overweight. High-quality diet and regular trips to the vet are the best way of keeping your pet healthy.

3. Sammypoo (Samoyed x Poodle mix)

The Sammypoo is another Samoyed mixed breed, this time combining the Samoyed with the Poodle. The result is a medium-sized dog that stands about 20 inches high and weighs about 55 pounds when fully grown. This breed sheds less than the other mixed breeds on this list because the Poodle is a non-shedding animal. However, you will still notice some shedding taking place, especially around the spring and fall, because the Samoyed is a heavily shedding dog. Is the very outgoing dog and enjoys playing with all family members but can quickly become bored and destructive if left alone.

The Sammypoo breed has amber or brown eyes and a brown or black nose. A full range of colors are available, including black, grey, brown, red, fawn, blue, and sable. It is a slightly longer than medium coat, but it is very dense and tends to be curly. The Poodle in this breed makes them very smart and easy to train, but they’re usually too laid back and curious about strangers to be a good watchdog.

The Sammypoo will require about 90 minutes of exercise per day, which is quite a lot until you get used to it. However, there are many ways to split it up, including going for a walk Playing Frisbee friends fetch swimming, etc. The male tends to be a bit larger and heavier than a female, but there’s no discernable difference in temperament.

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Summary: Samoyed Mixed Breeds

Each of these Samoyed mixed breeds has something to offer the pet owner that is unique and modern. Many dog breeds have only recently begun to surface after a long period of near extension extinction after World War Two. Any of the three would be a great addition to your home, but the Sammypoo is probably the smartest and easiest to train. It sheds the least hair of the three and is probably the friendliest.  The friendliness of the Samusky usually disqualifies it from guard duty as it will likely invite any intruders into your home.

We hope you have enjoyed reading about these mixed breeds and have found something right for your home. If we have helped you, please share these three mixed breeds with pictures on Facebook and Twitter.

Featured Image Credit: A-r-e-s, pixabay

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