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Do Boston Terriers Like to Cuddle? Breed Temperament & Traits

Cheryl Regan

By Cheryl Regan

woman holding her boston terrier

Boston Terriers love to cuddle. While they’re too energetic to be considered a lapdog, they are highly affectionate and loving companions who will happily curl up beside you and fall asleep so yes, they like to cuddle. In this article, we’ll go into a little more detail about these adorable “American gentlemen” and their lovable personalities.

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What Are Boston Terriers Known For?

Boston Terriers are known for being highly intelligent dogs that are affectionate, energetic, and gentle. They are an excellent choice for first-time dog owners, and their gentle nature makes them perfect for homes with kids.

Their compact size also means that Boston Terriers will happily fit into a small apartment or home, as long as they’re getting their daily exercise.

Boston Terriers only need about an hour’s worth of exercise each day. They love playing, so make sure you take a ball or frisbee with you when you take them for a walk! That said, these little companions only need light to moderate exercise, and they can tire quickly. Look out for gasping, coughing, and blue gums—signs that you need to take your Boston Terrier home and let them rest for the day.1

boston terrier dog
Image Credit: Vladislav, Unsplash

How Do You Tell if Your Boston Terrier Loves You?

This breed is known for its lovey-dovey nature, and they’ll make it clear how much they care for you in several ways:

  • They’ll follow you from room to room
  • You’ll catch them making eye contact with you
  • They will curl up next to you for a cuddle
  • They’ll shower you with slobbery kisses
  • They’ll bring their toys over to you—a sign that they’d like to spend time with you and play
  • They don’t mind you holding onto their toys

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Do Boston Terriers Get Attached to One Person?

Boston Terriers do tend to get more attached to one person, but with proper training and socialization, they’ll happily get along with everyone in the home, including other pets—provided they were introduced as a puppy.

These dogs crave attention and companionship, and leaving them alone at home for long periods can cause them to suffer from separation anxiety. For this reason, Boston Terriers are best suited for homes where someone will always be around.

adorable brindle Boston terrier puppy
Image Credit: LI Cook, Shutterstock

Will Boston Terriers Protect You?

Boston Terriers are loyal and protective family dogs. They will remain quiet and dignified under normal circumstances, but they’ll also alert you by barking if they think there’s an intruder or threat to their family’s safety.

What Is a Boston Terrier’s Favorite Thing to Do?

These little companions are full of playful energy! They’d love to go for a game of frisbee or fetch at the park, but they’re also content with going for a walk around the block. Boston Terriers are intelligent dogs that tend to excel at agility sports and flyball.

Once they’ve expended their energy, your Boston Terrier would love nothing more than to cuddle up next to his favorite human and sleep.

boston terrier playing
Image Credit; Tasha Karidis, Shutterstock

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In Conclusion

For Boston Terriers, cuddling and snuggling are some of the best pastimes. These affectionate little companions will follow you around and sit beside you whenever they can, but they’re also energetic dogs that expect you to go out and play with them for a while.

If you’re looking for a playful and affectionate personality packaged in a cute and compact tuxedo-coated dog, then a Boston Terrier may be a perfect fit for you!

Featured Image Credit: Zoran Pucarevic, Shutterstock

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