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Do Havanese Like to Cuddle? How They Show Affection

Chantelle Fowler

By Chantelle Fowler

A two year old child sitting on the sofa with a book in his lap feeding his havanese dog

Havanese are a beautiful, trainable, and extroverted dog breed. They’re known for their playful disposition and luxurious double coat. So, if you’re considering adopting a Havanese puppy but aren’t sure if it meets your high needs for affectionateness or cuddliness, you’re in for a treat. While this toy breed needs a lot of attention, they generally love nothing more than cuddling and spending time with their humans.

Keep reading to learn more about the temperament of Havanese dogs and their natural inclination toward snuggles.

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Do Havanese Like to Be Held?

Yes, Havanese dogs absolutely love to be held. These snuggly pups adore cuddling up in their human laps so much that they can become overly dependent.

Of course, each dog is an individual with its own personality traits. Not every Havanese will enjoy being held, but the majority do.

havanese looking up
Image Credit: ralfdeon, Pixabay

Are Havanese Affectionate Toward Their Owners?

Havanese are very social and people-oriented dogs, so most love giving and receiving affection from their owners. These outgoing pups have no boundaries regarding giving and receiving attention. They’ll ask for it from your in-laws, the mailman, and your Uber Eats driver.

If your dog has been properly socialized from a young age, you might even find it snuggling up to other pets in the home—yes, even your cat isn’t off limits from receiving the Havanese love.

Do Havanese Need a Lot of Attention?

These friendly dogs do not enjoy being home alone for long periods and may be prone to bouts of separation anxiety if left to their own device for too long. There is a reason they’re also known as Velcro dogs, after all.

Havanese pups are best suited for families who can spend much time with them throughout the day. They are clingy, but their craving for companionship is just part of what makes them such fantastic pets.

Image Credit: Vista Photo, Shutterstock

Why Doesn’t My Havanese Like to Be Cuddled?

Maybe you’re reading this article because you already have a Havanese pup and wonder why yours doesn’t seem to care much about cuddles. You adopted this specific breed because you wanted a sweet and snuggly lap dog, so what gives?

There are several reasons your Havanese may refuse cuddles.

They may not have been handled as much during puppyhood as they should have. However, young dogs that are constantly picked up and held will learn to appreciate this level of physical interaction.

Your dog may have had a traumatic experience when it was being held, and it now equates being held with this scary moment in its life. This could be something being restrained at the vet for an examination or being dropped.

Another factor that can affect your dog’s cuddliness is its age. Most Havanese owners say that their dogs become calmer and cuddlier with age, so if your dog isn’t as snuggly as you’d hoped, give it a few years!

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Final Thoughts

Most Havanese dogs love nothing more than snuggling up and being affectionate with their owners. But, of course, this isn’t always the case, as each dog will have unique personality traits. As a breed, however, Havanese are known for their natural inclination for cuddliness.

Featured Image Credit: Skydive Erick, Shuttersrtock

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