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Do You Treat Your Pets Like Kids? The Fur Baby Phenomenon

Marice Johnson

By Marice Johnson

sleepy cat laying on owners lap

There is an old belief that dogs are a man’s best friend. But for us cat lovers, this not only applies to dogs but our cats as well! We cannot deny the fact that some pet owners treat their pets like kids and refer to their cats and dogs as their “fur babies”. The word has recently been added to the Oxford Dictionary, which is defined as “A person’s dog, cat, or another furry pet.”

Do You Treat Your Pet Like A Kid?

It comes as no surprise that pet lovers and owners treat their pets like their own kids, as dogs and cats are known to be very intelligent, loving, sweet, and caring. This study even found out that the brain activates and lights up similarly for mothers who have human kids and furry kids. The mothers said that they felt the same levels of excitement and happiness when seeing a photo of their child and seeing a photo of their dog.

Some people, however, believe that treating your cats and dogs just like your own child is absurd. Of course, pet lovers and fur moms and dads will disagree with this type of mentality.

cute little girl snuggling cute cat
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Shower Your Pet With Gifts 

Pet lovers and fur parents love showering their cats and dogs with lavish gifts. Most pet parents who are dedicated to taking care of their fur babies buy a bed for their cats and dogs to sleep on, while some people will buy them clothes to wear whenever they are going for a walk or a trip outside.

Nowadays, it is also common practice for cat and dog owners to celebrate their pets’ birthdays every year, just like the one seen in this video. The pet’s mom and dad celebrate it with the cats and dogs and even give them lavish gifts to keep them happy! A cake that can be eaten by cats and dogs is also usually present in the moment. Most gifts that are given to cats and dogs may include some toys, treats, a bed, and clothes. It makes the pet owners feel good, and we cannot deny the fact that these cute fur babies seem happy when receiving these types of gifts. Some pet owners even take it to the extremes by taking their dogs and cats to an in-house pet spa to make them relax and de-stress!

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happy birthday cat
Image Credit: Chendongshan, Shutterstock

Why Do We Treat Pets Like Kids? 

Cats and dogs can be very attached to their owners. You will see numerous videos of cats that are very happy to see their owners after not seeing them for a long time, which makes their owners feel loved and needed.

While dogs are more vocal and affectionate when it comes to showing their love for their owners, cats can also express their feelings towards their owners differently. While dogs would love to lick you, wag their tails when they see you, and even hug you, cats will welcome you home by meowing, purring, and booping their heads on your body.

Adopt a Pet from a Shelter & Shower Them with Lots of Love!

If you want to treat your cats and dogs like your own children, then go ahead and do so. Dogs and cats need your love and would love to give the love back to you! Adopt a dog and/or cat from the shelter today and shower them with lots of love!

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