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Does Ross Allow Dogs? Store Policy & FAQ (2024 Update)

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Ross is a popular department store in the U.S. It sells a broad range of goods, such as footwear, clothing, toys, bedding, and beauty products. If you have some shopping to do at Ross and want your dog to accompany you, you are in luck because Ross does allow dogs into their stores. Generally, the dogs need to be well-behaved and kept on a leash the entire time they are in there.

Keep reading to find out the full details on Ross’s current pet policy.

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Overview of Ross Pet Policy 2024

Ross Department Stores feature an official pet policy that permits dogs in their stores.1 The policy also stipulates specific standards that should be adhered to by customers bringing dogs into the store. Here are important aspects of the policy that you should be aware of:

  • Your dog should be vaccinated
  • Your dog should be well-mannered
  • Any mess from the dog, such as poop, should be promptly cleaned by the owner
  • If not leashed, your dog should be in a pet carrier and not carried under the arm

Ross advises its customers to keep their dogs under close supervision for the safety of the dog as well as that of employees and other customers in the store. Dog owners should be considerate of other shoppers who may be uncomfortable or allergic to dogs and other pets.

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Moreover, Ross doesn’t discriminate against the size and breed of a dog; all breeds, regardless of the size, are allowed in the store, and this also includes service dogs. Ross understands fully that service dogs are vital for the mental well-being and health of many Americans. This is perhaps why the policy specifically states that service dogs are allowed in their stores even if located in buildings with a no-dog policy.

However, keep in mind that the pet-friendly policy from Ross varies depending on the store location. It’s ultimately the decision of the management in each store to determine if the dog should be allowed inside.

So, if you intend to visit Ross with a dog, a good rule of thumb is to always call the store location beforehand to inquire if they can allow you and your dog into the store. You could also opt to show up at the store and ask at the entrance but remember that you can be denied entry.

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Tips to Ensure That Your Dog Is Safe While Shopping at Ross

Ensure Your Dog Is Comfortable Around Crowds

Before exposing your furry companion to crowds of people, start small by first taking your dog for walks in public areas. This way, your dog can get used to being around many people and understand that it is safe to interact with them.

Start with a familiar place, such as a pet store or stores that serve pet food, toys, and snacks nearby. Pet stores can be fun and exciting places for your dogs to hang out and socialize with other dogs and their owners.

Don’t Force It into the Store

When your dog is exposed to large crowds, it will understandably be anxious, so you shouldn’t push it. If your dog is reluctant to join you in the store, you can hold their paws to encourage them. If they are still untrusting of the new environment, just let your dog be and find a private space to sit and unwind.

Start With Spacious Indoor Locations That Are Not Crowded

Instead of taking your dog directly to packed or crowded sections of the store, invite your dog into roomy secluded sections. Then, you can proceed to move between the floors before finally heading to crammed sections. This will let your dog know that it is okay to be inside the store and move around the different sections.

Ensure Your Dog Is Well Trained

Before allowing your dog to accompany you to a department store like Ross, they should have proper training. General obedience is an important aspect because the staff doesn’t like dealing with unruly and stubborn dogs.

Also, they should be potty trained because nobody wants to step over dog poop while shopping. A good trick for controlling in store-behavior is by using treats to redirect a dog away from curiosities and dangers in the store.

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Consider When to Visit and How Long to Spend in a Store

Before taking your dog shopping in a department store, you should determine how long you intend to spend there and the best time of the day to visit.

Ask yourself questions such as:

  • Will my dog get hungry, thirsty, or tired by spending too much time in the mall?
  • What can I bring to keep my dog occupied and happy?
  • What time of the day will the store be quiet and less overwhelming for my dog?

Of course, all this will depend on the specific store you will be visiting.

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If you want to go shopping at your local Ross store and have your dog with you, feel free to walk into the store with your mutt. Ross Pet Policy generally allows dogs into their stores regardless of the breed or size.

Bear in mind that your dog should be well-behaved, obedient, and on a leash at all times. Also, always be ready with a doggie bag in case your dog goes to the bathroom while in the store.

However, the pet-friendly policy varies with each department store. So, it’s wise to call in advance and inquire whether the Ross store you wish to visit allows dogs or simply check upon arrival.

Featured Image Credit:  Ross_Store_01  | Miosotis Jade, Wikimedia Commons  CC SA 4.0 International

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