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10 Dog Breeds With Floppy Ears (With Pictures)

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By Nicole Cosgrove

Basset Hound

There is just something incredibly warm about a dog with floppy ears. It’s almost as if they radiate kindness. It is a trait that makes them look exceptionally passive and friendly—even if they aren’t so much that way. While their body language may speak volumes about how friendly they are, in most cases, these dogs are very amiable and slow-paced. That makes many of these breeds compatible with large families, frequent visitors, and adventurous outings.

We chose 10 out of many breeds that have delightfully floppy ears. If you’re a fan of long, droopy ears, you’re going to want to check out these adorable picks.

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The 10 Dog Breeds With Floppy Ears

1. Cocker Spaniel

English Cocker Spaniel
Image Credit: Alkhaine, Pixabay

The love for Cocker Spaniels likely began in a lot of childhoods thanks to the movie The Lady and the Tramp from Disney. These adorable little dogs are mild and docile, happily adhering to the family lifestyle. There are two types of Cocker Spaniel: the American and English versions. With their long-crimped ears and flowing coats, they will make anyone go, “Aww…” just at first glance.

These floppy-eared dogs are extremely friendly, both with strangers and children. They have very adaptive and mild personalities. Their gentleness is what’s made them a fan favorite to families with children and seniors alike. Housebreaking may be a task, but they are worth working with if you want to have a wonderful dog who will give you many years of joy.

2. Bloodhound

Image Credit: Degtyaryov Andrey, Shutterstock

These big guys are notorious for their dangly jowls and floppy ears. Being a scent hound, they have some of the best senses in the dog world, making them excellent trackers. They were so good at this that they used to track people. They are one of the friendliest breeds, too. They are excellent with people of all ages, from infancy to the elderly.

Bloodhounds are pretty large dogs, and they adore the outdoors, so having them in a city apartment is probably not ideal for this breed. Even if you live in the country, beware. If you don’t have proper fencing, these dogs may just wander off if they pick up a scent, and you could end up finding them miles away.

3. Irish Setter

irish setter dog in the garden
Image Credit: Mr_Incognito, Pixabay

This beautiful dog with floppy ears was bred to perform as a bird dog. They have an explosive talent for hunting and other outdoor activities. Their lively nature and extreme desire for escapades limit their housing opportunities. They would not fare well or adapt properly to a small house or apartment living. They much prefer a large yard, or even a few acres, to keep them happy.

They are extremely lively and fun-loving. If you are wanting a dog to go the distance, you couldn’t pick a better breed. They are fiercely intelligent with a desire to learn new things. You may find it difficult to train Irish Setters according to your liking because they are quite stubborn with a mind of their own. However, if you meet in the middle, they should comply.

4. Beagle

Lemon Beagle Puppy
Image Credit: Shelby Biondi, Shutterstock

This instantly recognizable breed has a profound reputation for being docile sweethearts. They also have a very familiar howl, as in you can hear it and know just what kind of dog it is. These dogs are incredibly affectionate and happy-go-lucky. They are playful, so they make excellent dogs for children. They are highly trainable, so you can use them for hunting or merely for learning basic commands. They are also ready to wind down at a moment’s notice, so you can cuddle with them while watching TV.

Because they have hunting dog instincts, if they have the opportunity, Beagles may wander off. If they see a smaller animal that sparks their interest or pick up a scent, they may not deny their curiosity. They aren’t the best guard dogs, either. Sure, they will bark and howl—but then they would likely greet the intruder with a wagging tail.

5. Basset Hound

Basset Hound sitting on dry leaves
Image Credit: Marry Kolesnik, Shutterstock

Arguably one of the cutest puppies with floppy ears is a basset hound. Not only do their ears droop so much, they trip on them—they are also full of the cutest wrinkles. As adults, they are super laid back and very gentle. They don’t require a lot of exercise and love to eat. While they make excellent snuggle buddies, they do tend to become overweight. It may be tempting to let them have table scraps or snacks, but this is bad for their long backs.

They love your company. If they don’t have frequent attention, they can exhibit bad habits such as digging or excessive barking. Initially, Basset Hounds were bred to be slow-paced so hunters could walk along with them. They would sniff out rabbits, showing them the way. Their tracking instincts are still strong, and their prey drive is high, but they aren’t aggressive dogs.

6. Afghan Hound

Afghan Hound lying on the sand
Image Credit: Anna Tronova, Shutterstock

This is a breathtaking sighthound breed, and probably one you don’t see often—if ever. These dogs may look high maintenance, and your looks won’t deceive you. From grooming to behavior, these dogs take a lot of patience to have around. Their long coats can tangle or mat, so they will need both bathed and brushed frequently.

Afghan Hounds are also fiercely independent so they may be resistant to training. They especially don’t do well with harsh punishment, so if you become frustrated in the process, they are actually less likely to obey. They are hard-headed and can even be timid in nature. They aren’t good with smaller animals due to their prey drive, and they don’t like listening to basic commands. Once this floppy-eared dog is free, good luck getting them to come back.

7. Sussex Spaniel

Sussex Spaniel
Image Credit By: Vera Reva, shutterstock

This handsome Spaniel breed may look much like their cocker cousins, but they have their own unusual quirks. They are moderately friendly towards strangers, so if you have houseguests, they will likely greet them with no issues. This is especially true if they have been well-socialized. Because they are fun-loving and playful, they love children as well, making them a perfect candidate for a first childhood dog.

These dogs with floppy ears can get their feelings hurt quite quickly, so you have to consider this when it comes to reprimanding them. Sussex Spaniels care about what you think, and they will be quick to show remorse if they have done something to displease you. You are better off rewarding good behavior than focusing too much on the bad.

8. Spinone Italiano

spinone italiano dog outdoor
Image Credit: MarinaGreen, Shutterstock

While Spinone puppies tend to be moderately rambunctious, adults are usually very laid back. They look incredibly wise and tend to live up to their looks quite well, being the fact that they are intelligent and slow-paced. They have long, coarse hair with a very dapper-looking beard. They began as a pointing breed and have come quite a long way from where they started.

Spinones may look a bit rough around the edges. These dogs were used in the field and are impeccable hunting companions. Off the job, they are kind, passive dogs who love naps on the front porch—or even on the couch. Because of their bloodlines, they love the outdoors. So, while you may have no trouble coaxing them inside for a midday cuddle, they need plenty of time to explore their surroundings.

9. Dachshund

a Shorthaired Dachshund on the beach in summer
Image Credit: Masarik, Shutterstock

Dachshunds have a lot going for them. They have insanely cute floppy ears, extra-long bodies, and short little legs. They come in a variety of colors and coat patterns—so you can practically get any look you desire. They are highly entertaining pets as well, having outlandishly bold personalities. You will never have to wonder who the boss in the house is because they’ll clearly hold the title.

While they may be stubborn and a little too courageous for their own good sometimes, they are also incredibly loving and devoted. Dachshunds love to snuggle with their humans. But they also love to bark! So, if something is going on, they’ll be the first to let you know. Training can be difficult because of their inflexibility, and they are quite bright—so they’ll frequently try to outsmart you.

10. Black and Tan Coonhound

Black and Tan Coonhound
Image Credit: SillyDogPhotos, Shutterstock

These are massive dogs—and they’re even bigger babies. They have an incredibly sweet disposition, making them gentle giants. They have an impeccable sense of smell, which is what makes this breed so fantastic on the hunt. They take their work very seriously, unrelenting when on the scent trail. However, they are quite laid back, even borderline lazy, when lounging around the house.

Because of their incredible sensory abilities, having an enclosure for Black and Tans is an absolute must. Unattended, it’s hard to tell where these floppy-eared dogs could wind up. It’s only in their nature to seek out smaller animals, and they won’t rest until they’ve finished the job. They are otherwise excellent with strangers, children, and other pets.


Final Thoughts

There is no denying that a dog with floppy ears is adorable and desirable. It makes them look even more cuddly and approachable. All the dogs on our list share an amiable nature, making them friendly as they seem. If the rest of their personality traits fit your lifestyle, perhaps It’s time you start considering making one of these sweet pooches a member of the family.

Featured Image Credit: Bill Anastasiou, Shutterstock

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