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10 Dog Photography Ideas To Inspire Your Next Photoshoot

Jessica Kim

By Jessica Kim

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There’s often a unique challenge to dog photography because dogs can be very unpredictable and too excited to sit still for long periods of time. However, instead of letting this discourage you from taking photos of your dog, it can be a fun experience if you reframe dog photography.

We have some creative ideas that will produce wonderful photos that can capture your dog’s lovable personality or unique quirks.

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10 Dog Photography Ideas To Inspire Your Next Photoshoot

1.  Announcement Photos

Dogs are important members of the family. So, including your dog in any family announcement photos can produce some really cute results. If your dog is your number one fan, it’ll definitely want to be the one to deliver an exciting announcement. Dogs can be a part of sharing news such as engagements, weddings, and pregnancy announcements. You can also add an element of humor by using chalkboards or letter boards to add captions to what your dog might feel on these occasions.

2. Dog Birthday

There’s no shame in setting up an elaborate birthday party for your beloved dog. We love this photography idea because it’s a guaranteed mix of fun and excitement as you’re creating fond memories.

Make sure to capture photos of your dog munching on a delicious birthday cake and playing with its friends. Even if your dog doesn’t really like wearing clothes, you can end up with some funny shots of unsuccessfully putting on a birthday hat.

3. Eating Treats

If you have a dog that doesn’t quite enjoy sitting still, you may be able to get some cute and hilarious shots of them eating. You can use all kinds of foods to use in these photos, especially foods that reflect different seasons and holidays. For example, dog-friendly pumpkin pie can be used in Thanksgiving photoshoots, and dog ice cream would be appropriate to capture summer memories.

Make sure to take photos of the moments that happen before and after your dog eats the treats. They can produce some funny pictures as your dog stares longingly at its favorite treats or has a satisfied smile after it finishes eating.

4. Performing Tricks

If you have a dog that’s particularly eager to please and enjoys learning tricks, then you could both have fun with a photoshoot that displays your dog’s repertoire of tricks.

You can get some really cute photos of your dog extending its paw to you or giving you a high-five. If you have some time before your photoshoot, you can also try to teach your dog how to smile.

5. Nature Shots

There’s something about dogs and being in nature that produces some great photos. It doesn’t even really matter if your dog isn’t looking directly into the camera. A beautiful backdrop just pairs so well with dogs.

There are so many places you can take your dogs, such as beaches, forests, and fields. If it’s wintertime, you can also take some fun photos while your dog is zooming and rolling around in the snow.

6. Action Shots

Most dogs won’t be able to sit still for more than a few seconds. Fortunately, you can maximize your dog’s energy with some action shots.

If you’re working with a professional photographer, they’ll be able to adjust their camera settings to caption clear photos while the dogs are in motion. Most smartphones also have settings that can take good-quality action shots.

So, you can get creative and take photos of your dog as it runs around chasing a ball or completing an agility course.

7. Playing With Friends

If your dog is social and likes playing with others, taking photos with its friends can be a great way to capture its amiable personality. This is also a great way for multiple pet parents to enjoy a fun photoshoot.

It may take a few tries to find the right camera setting, but this type of photoshoot is sure to be a fun experience for your dog. It can also produce both endearing and hilarious photos.

8. Focus on the Eyes

Scientific data shows that staring into a dog’s eyes can release oxytocin. So, it makes sense to take photos with your dog’s eyes as the focal point.

It’s helpful to adjust your camera settings to only clearly focus on your dog’s eyes to ensure that they’re the main subject of your photo. You can also do further editing to bring out their eye color.

If you have a particularly energetic dog, you can try to teach the “Watch Me” command and use some of its favorite treats to help it stay focused and still.

9. Dog Vision

Dogs don’t have the same vision as humans do, and one difference is the colors that they see. Researchers believe that dogs can see shades of blue and yellow. So, you could design a photoshoot that explores a dog’s perspective by only showing blue and yellow tones.

You can use props that use these colors, and you can also edit the photos so that every other color transforms to grayscale. What’s great about this type of photoshoot is that you can really go in any direction and see where your creativity leads you.

10. Black and White Photo

There’s something about a black and white photo that can add flairs of elegance even to the goofiest dog. Black and white photos often evoke a classic and timeless feel and can be a great element that preserves memories of your dog.

Your dog doesn’t have to be sitting still and taking a formal portrait shot. Capturing black and white photos of your dog as it goes about its daily routine can bring up feelings of nostalgia whenever you view these photos.

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Final Thoughts

You can have a fun and successful photoshoot with any kind of dog. It may require some creativity, but the end results are so worth it. Dog photography can be a great way to make and preserve wonderful memories. Even if the end result doesn’t match your expectations, your dog will love any excuse to spend time with you.

Featured Image Credit: Jus_Ol, Shutterstock

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