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When Is Dog Training Education Month 2023? Here’s How to Celebrate

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By Kerry-Ann Kerr

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Dog Training Education Month is a month-long celebration that occurs in February. This annual event recognizes the importance of training your dog. It is an excellent opportunity for owners to learn about the basics of dog training and how it benefits their dogs. So, let’s look at ways you and your furry best friend can get the most out of this celebration.

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What Is Dog Training Education Month?

Dog Training Education Month is a way for owners to focus on the importance of dog training. For every family, this celebration will look different. You might be at the beginning of your journey, in which case, it’s the perfect time to learn a little about the benefits of training your dog and how to go about it. Your dog might be top of the class, but as any seasoned dog owner knows, training never ends. So, you can use this time to teach your dog something new and fun!

Your focus might mean signing up for a dog training class or ensuring the lines of communication between you and your already-trained dog are open and strong.

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Why Is Training Important?

Dog Training Education Month might have you questioning why training is so necessary. Training is crucial for a few reasons and not only because it teaches your dog manners. Training helps you bond with your dog, provides them with mental and physical stimulation, which is great for their overall health, and keeps you both safe when you’re out and about.

It also benefits you as it builds your confidence and helps you get to know your dog better. Training helps socialize your dog, which is a key life skill and ensures your dog grows up to be a confident, well-rounded adult. It also makes life much less stressful for you and your dog. They know that you are in charge and will keep them safe, and you know that if they’re in a potentially dangerous situation, they will listen to you when you call them back to you.


The 4 Ways to Celebrate Dog Training Education Month

1. Join a Training Class

If you and your dog are new to training, a training class is the perfect place to start! It is a particularly good idea for newbie owners who have never had a dog. Professional classes will guide your training journey and show you how to handle your pet in various scenarios.

2. Teach Your Dog a New Skill

You can test how well training is going by teaching your dog a new skill! If you’ve covered all your basics like “sit,” “come,” or “leave,” you can always try something fun, like “peek-a-boo” or “wipe your paws.”

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3. Spend Time Together Outdoors

We’re all guilty of letting our busy lives get in the way of quality time with our dogs. But February is the perfect month to carve out some quality time with one another. Take your dog on a hike or to a new dog park that allows dogs to be off the leash. Let them run about and enjoy being a dog, and you can test their recall skills.

And remember to take pictures and share them on social media! This will help spread the word about Dog Training Education Month and inspire your friends to organize something with their dogs!

4. Play Games

Training is fun, and remembering that can be tricky, especially if it isn’t going as smoothly as you anticipated. Try to keep training sessions short and sweet so you both don’t lose motivation. Positive reinforcement is also crucial since dogs react better to it than harsh corrections. Implementing games into your training regime might be just the motivational boost you both need!

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Final Thoughts

Dog Training Education Month starts on February 1st and runs the whole month. It’s a way of focusing on the benefits of dog training wherever you are on your dog training journey. Training has uses outside of teaching your dog obedience; it’s an excellent way for you both to bond, is great for mental and physical stimulation, and is a way to socialize your pup so that they become a well-rounded, happy adult. So, however, you choose to celebrate, we hope you have fun!

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