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How Much Does an English Bulldog Cost? 2024 Price Guide

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By Nicole Cosgrove

English Bulldog

When you finally decide which fantastic dog breed you want most, you have to worry about the costs. English Bulldogs aren’t cheap dogs to buy as puppies. The breed is prone to several health concerns as well, which could lead to further expenses.

So, we are here to save the day, providing you with a proper breakdown of costs. Then, you can see if owning an English Bulldog will fit into your budget. Plus, get tips on saving on prices so you can comfortably afford to own the breed you love.

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English Bulldog Price: One-Time Costs

Free English Bulldogs

Rarely, you might be able to find an English Bulldog for free. Some people fall on hard times and want their dog to go to a good home. If you find one, the current owners might screen you or request home visits before handing over ownership.

If you just so happen to be this lucky, you can give a pooch a new forever home.

english bulldog sitting on grass
Image Credit: BLACK17BG, Pixabay

English Bulldog Adoption

  • $150-$600

Owners have to surrender their pets for numerous reasons. A widespread issue with the surrender of English Bulldogs is health care upkeep. If they have any conditions that require expensive medication, some owners can’t afford the continual cost.

Of course, there are several other reasons dogs wind up in shelters and rescues. If you find a purebred English Bulldog up for adoption, costs usually fall between $150 and $600.

English Bulldog Breeders

  • $1,000-$6,000

If you’ve already hopped online to browse puppies, you might raise your eyebrows at how much this breed can cost. An English Bulldog from a reputable breeder can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $6,000+.

The total cost depends on the area you live in, the quality of the puppies, and the breeder’s rates.

English Bulldog Price: Initial Setup and Supplies

  • $200-$372

Of course, paying for your new best friend is only part of the expense. Before they even arrive home, it’s best to have all the necessary supplies. First, you must make sure your dog will be cozy, comfortable, safe, and well-fed.

You might not need all of these items, but it is a comprehensive list of price averages for your calculations.

English Bulldog
Image Credit: quinntheislander, Pixabay

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List of English Bulldog Care Supplies and Costs

ID Tag and Collar $15-$20
Microchip $45-$55
Bed $25-$60
Nail Clipper (optional) $5-$10
Brush (optional) $5-$12
Kennel $25-$100
Toys $20-$30
Carrier $30-$60
Food and Water Bowls $10-$25
Leash & Harness $15-$30

How Much Does an English Bulldog Cost Per Month?

  • $60–$840 per month

Once you finally take the plunge and purchase your Bully, there are some recurring costs you can expect. Every month, your dog will need food, any necessary vet care, and item replacements.

These calculations consider a broad spectrum of possibilities, so you can see how quickly costs can rack up.

English Bulldog with yellow ball
Image Credit: AlainAudet, Pixabay

English Bulldog Health Care Costs

  • $0–$250 per month

Typically, your Bulldog only needs to see the vet annually after their first year of life. But during the first year, vet costs are usually higher. This is because they require necessary vaccines, growth monitoring, and spaying or neutering.

After this, unless your dog develops a condition that requires regular veterinary attention, you can trim visits down to once or twice per year—just to make sure they are healthy and sound.

English Bulldog Food Costs

  • $30-$100 per month 

Diet can range a bit with this breed, mainly because they can have dietary restrictions. These dogs are prone to allergies and obesity, which means eventually you might be looking at higher dog food prices for specialized diets.

Dry kibble prices can also vary due to quantity. A puppy, for instance, won’t eat as much as a full-grown 50-pound Bulldog. So, as they age, the food will go faster—meaning more money out of your pocket.

Also, unlike some other breeds, it’s best to break up your pup’s meal into two to three portions throughout the day. Always be careful to measure appropriately so you don’t over or under-feed.

English Bulldog Grooming Costs

  • $10–$150 per month

When it comes to all-over bodily pampering, your Bulldog will need a little extra TLC. These dogs have adorable wrinkles, but these folds can collect bacteria. You will need a wet cloth or pack of unscented baby wipes to keep these areas clean.

It’s ideal to bathe your Bulldog twice per month, but make sure that it’s no less often than every 6 weeks. Also, because Bulldogs have sensitive skin, always buy fragrance-free shampoos that moisturize the skin without chemicals or artificial additives.

You can take them to tidy up at a professional groomer every 6-8 weeks, depending on when you feel it’s necessary.

English Bulldog Medications and Vet Visits

  • $0-$300 per month

You may very well get lucky and own a Bulldog that is health issue-free. However, you can run into some pretty expensive vet bills and monthly medication costs, depending on the diagnosis.

These dogs might need medications in the following categories:
  • Allergies
  • Infections
  • Vision problems

To add, start a penny stash for a rainy day in case of an emergency.

English Bulldog Pet Insurance Costs

  • $0–$65 per month

Although optional, having pet insurance is becoming a prevalent theme for pet parents. Anyone who has had an expected issue pop up with a pet knows just how expensive it can be when you aren’t planning for it.

Several companies offer pet policies that work for your Bulldog. Prices can range depending on the particular plan you choose. Some plans provide full coverage, while others specialize in emergency care and prescriptions.

Shop around to compare premiums and coverage so you can commit to the plan that works best for your Bulldog.

Comparing pet insurance companies can be a hassle. If you're looking for a balanced, customizable plan backed up by great customer service, you may want to try Lemonade

English Bulldog standing on grass
Image Credit: Corrie Miracle, Pixabay

English Bulldog Environment Maintenance Costs

  • $10–$45 per month

During the puppy months, you will run into recurring expenses with environmental maintenance. For example, if your dog is notorious for destroying its dog beds, this might be a continual cost throughout its lifetime.

But in any case, you need to keep poop bags on hand if you ever take your pup to public places.


Puppy pads $20/month
Kennel cushions $15/month
Poop bags $10/month

English Bulldog Entertainment Costs

  • $10–$50 per month

Your Bulldog is going to benefit significantly from activities that channel its energy. So, when you can’t spend all your time with them, it’s an excellent idea to fill their alone hours with plenty of toys—interactive, chewable, or otherwise.

Replacement costs of these types of goodies will range based on how quickly your Bulldog destroys their current supply. You can also order subscription packs from many reputable companies that give your dog new exploratory items every month.

Total Monthly Cost of Owning an English Bulldog

  • $60-$840 per month

Owning a Bulldog can be relatively cheap, but it can also be quite costly. Since these dogs are at risk for many health complications, save as much as you can—erring on the side of caution.

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Image Credit: AndreiTobosaru, Shutterstock

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Additional Costs to Factor In

Behavioral Training

  • $250-$2,000

Professional behavioral training isn’t just for “bad” dogs; it’s a really excellent discipline measure to provide for perfect manners. The best time for obedience lessons is between 6 months to a year, but every trainer varies in preference.

Destructive Damage

  • $50-$1,000

Especially as puppies, any dog can be a lot to handle. They have the instinct to chew—it’s just that some can be really inclined to cause damage to your carpets, walls, trim, furniture, and belongings.

Emergency Vet Visits

  • $70-$4,000

Because of the hours of operation and specialized emergency care training, emergency vet clinics can be costly. Depending on the treatment, you could spend thousands of dollars in one swoop.

Boarding & Pet Sitting

  • $25-$200

If you ever leave to go on a business trip or planned vacation, you need to calculate pet sitting or boarding costs. Boarding facilities are usually a little cheaper—but it’s less hands-on. Pet sitting is more personalized care but can rack up extra fees.

Tri-color English bulldog
Image credit: Michel Kwan, Pixabay

Owning an English Bulldog On a Budget

We understand that vet care can be expensive and that not everyone is on the same budget. If you want to save as much as possible while still giving your Bulldog the care they need, look at these money-saving tips.

Saving Money on English Bulldog Care

Shelter/ Rescue Services

Shelters and rescues offer reduced costs on general healthcare.

Here are the roundabout figures:
  • Vaccinations – $25-$30
  • Flea and Tick Treatment – $5 to $30
  • Spay and Neuter Surgery – $30 to $80

Mobile Clinics

Mobile clinics are another alternative to certain types of vet care. They mainly offer spay and neuter surgeries at reduced costs, but they can also provide basic care. Mobile clinics usually charge between $35 and $75 for services.

DIY Products

There is a flood of DIY products for your pooches. You can make anything from dog toys to intricate beds. Many things you can make may not even require going to the store for materials—you can simply make them from existing items at home.

Auto-Ship Dog Food

If you buy your dog food from certain websites, many companies offer discounted prices if you place an automatic, recurring order.

english bulldog
Image Credit: Seaq68, Pixabay

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On average, bringing home a new English Bulldog pup can cost up to $6,000. But, then, you have to consider all one-time buys—totaling between $200 and $375. Average monthly bills come out to $60 to $800 per month, depending on health issues.

It’s a good idea to have separate savings set aside for unforeseen circumstances as well. Of course, you can always save on English Bulldog costs by using low-cost services and making tons of at-home projects and toys for your pooch.

Featured Image Credit: No-longer-here, Pixabay

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