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Flame Point Siamese: Facts, Pictures, Origin & History

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By Nicole Cosgrove

Flame Point Siamese cat up close

There are few cats as rare as the flame point Siamese. Not only do they have a unique coat, but they’re also a relatively new breed with a huge following. But when did the flame point Siamese cat come into existence, and why are they so popular?

We break down everything that you need to know here.

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The Earliest Records of a Flame Point Siamese in History

Comparatively speaking, the flame point Siamese is a newer breed. They were first bred in 1930 in the U.K. and have been an extremely rare breed ever since. Even today, you’ll find people who speculate about whether they’re real!

Flame point Siamese cats are also known as red point Siamese cats, and ever since U.K. breeders first bred these cats, people have been flocking to purchase them. Today, you can find them all across the globe, even though they are extremely rare.

Flame point siamese cat sitting
Image Credit: Lflorot, Shutterstock

How Flame Point Siamese Gained Popularity

Siamese cats have always been popular, so it was no surprise that one with a unique coat coloring took off right away. These cats are popular due to their unique color patterns and scarcity, in addition to their adorable looks.

They bond more with their owners than other cat varieties, which makes them ideal companions and extremely popular. Furthermore, they’re great with families, kids, and even other pets, making them an excellent fit for a wide array of households.

This is an adorable cat with unique colors, an intelligent outlook, and an extremely friendly and outgoing personality, so it’s no wonder that they became so popular so fast!

Formal Recognition of Flame Point Siamese

A flame point Siamese cat is a purebred Siamese cat. However, finding a formally recognized cat as a “flame point” or a “red point” is a bit more difficult. That’s because while you can get a purebred Siamese cat, there is no official recognition of these different coats.

That makes it even more important for prospective buyers to get a good look at the parentage, especially considering that the colored points don’t start to show up until later in life.

Furthermore, the formal recognition of the Siamese cat drives up the price, and adding a rare trait like the flame point coloring drives the price up even further.

Flame Point Siamese cat on the carpet
Image Credit: Madison Muskopf, Shutterstock

The Top 5 Unique Facts About the Flame Point Siamese

Flame point Siamese cats are unique in many ways, and we could spend forever highlighting what makes them so different from other cats. Instead, we narrowed it down to the top five.

1. The Flame Point Colors Darken With Age

As kittens, flame point Siamese cats look identical to regular Siamese cats! They will be entirely white or cream-colored, as their colored points won’t start to develop for several months.

They’ll continue to darken until they’re about 2 years old!

2. The Flame Point Colors Change With Temperature

Not only does the color in a flame point Siamese cat change as they get older, but it also changes with the temperature! The hotter the environment the flame point Siamese cat is in, the lighter the color will be in their coat.

Meanwhile, when winter rolls around and the temperature drops, the red in their coat will start to pop!

3. Flame Point Siamese Cats Are Extremely Friendly

You’re going to be hard-pressed to find a cat that is nicer to other pets and people than a flame point Siamese cat. They love interacting and are incredibly outgoing, making them an excellent choice for homes with kids and even dogs!

4. Flame Point Siamese Cats Bond With Humans

While many cats prefer to be left alone for most of the day, a flame point Siamese cat will bond with their human similar to the way that a dog does. So, if you’re looking for a cat that loves attention and wants to be around you all the time, a this one might be the way to go!

5. Flame Point Siamese Are Extremely Rare and Expensive

While there are tons of things to love about these cats, they’re not easy to track down. These are some of the rarest cats in the world and, as such, they’re extremely expensive when you find them. A flame point Siamese with distinct markings can fetch up to $2,000 for a single kitten!

close up Flame point Siamese cat
Image Credit: Juudou, Shutterstock

Does a Flame Point Siamese Cat Make a Good Pet?

A flame point Siamese cat makes the perfect pet. They are extremely friendly and outgoing and great with other animals and kids. No matter how hectic or quiet your house is, a flame point Siamese cat will fit right in!

While they bond with humans and love the extra attention, they’re still not as needy as a dog, so if you work a day job, you don’t have to worry about leaving them unattended. Still, we recommend having at least another cat companion around to keep them company when you’re at work.

Just be sure to have enough in the budget for the upfront costs and everything that they’ll need on a monthly basis before adopting or purchasing multiple cats.

Flame point siamese walking
Image Credit: Lflorot, Shutterstock


While the flame point Siamese is a well-sought-after breed for a litany of reasons, they’re also one of the hardest to track down. But whether you’re simply a cat enthusiast or looking to add a flame point Siamese cat to your home, if you ever get the chance to spot one, it’s worth taking note.

But as long as they’re a little older and their points have come in, they’re a hard cat to miss!

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