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10 Types of Siamese Cats (With Pictures)

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By Nicole Cosgrove

siamese cat sitting_rihaij _Pixabay

There are distinct types of Siamese cats and knowing the differences can help you pick the right one for you. Siamese are beautiful cats, and they make great pets.

There have been so many changes in Siamese cats over the decades. Knowing different types of this breed can help you understand more about the cat. For example, the apple-headed feline has significant changes, with show breeders focusing on a long line, elegant shapes, and wedge-shaped heads.

Siamese Cat’s History

siamese cat
Image Credit: Andreas Lischka, Pixabay

Siamese cats have origins in Thailand. The cat’s name relates to its heritage, with the word “Siam” being the traditional name of Thailand. Additionally, the breed was common with royal families, and they believed that when a member of the family passed on, the cat would receive their soul. The cat would then spend the rest of their days living a lush life with monks.

Siamese cats first arrived in the US late in the 19th century. The first lady Lucy Hayes, wife of president Rutherford B. Hayes, was the first owner of a Siamese cat in America. It was a gift from a US diplomat working in Thailand.

Traditional Siamese Cats

The traditional Siamese cats fall into three types. There is the apple head, the classic, and the old style. Traditional Siamese cats are from Thailand. They have distinctive crooked tails and crossed eyes. In addition, the traditional cats have light-colored coats that go along with their dark-colored paws, ear, face, and tail.

1. Apple Head

applehead siamese cat
Image Credit: woff, Shutterstock

They get their name from their apple-shaped head. They are a quieter version of Siamese cats. Like the other traditional types, the apple head has original dark brown, black points. They have large bones and may weigh up to 18 pounds.

They have signature shorter tales. They are also athletic, and they tend to have a quiet personality. They are ideal for people who do not want vocal cats.

2. Classic

siamese cat sitting on the couch
Image Credit: Ana Rosa Debastiani Ribeiro, Pixabay

Classic Siamese cats are known for their long, athletic bodies. They also have long tails, which is a distinctive feature. However, they do not have a noticeable dip in the nose.

Though they have similar attributes to other traditional cats, they are visually different. The Cat Fanciers’ Association accepted this breed in 2009. The striking features include a round head, classic dark points, and a smooth body. Also, the cats have piercing blue eyes.

3. Old Style

siamese cat by the window
Image Credit: rihaij, Pixabay

The old-style Siamese cats were popular back in the 1950s and 1960s. They have mid-size bodies, and they have a blend of modern wedge Siamese cats and the apple head. The cats have an almond-shaped nose and broad ears. They also have the typical cross-eye trait at times. Additionally, old-style Siamese cats have longer faces than other types.

The old-style Siamese cats have a midsized body that is not as large as the apple head but bigger than the modern wedge. No doubt that the breeders back in the day made a perfect breed, and it was well-received. Their longer bodies make them beautiful pets.

Modern Siamese Cats

Modern breeders are endlessly working on restoring the old-style Siamese. Since Siamese cats came to the west, they have been a symbol of style. Even though the traditional variants are still fashionable, breeders continue to change the breeds to attempt to create something different.

The modern Siamese cats are taller and leaner than their traditional counterparts. If you want to own one of these, be ready to listen to chatting almost all the time—they like to follow you around, and they are vocal.

On the contrary, modern Siamese cats have different looks from their traditional counterparts. For example, they have more colors than what you would expect of a Siamese cat. Additionally, they still retain the traits of a Siamese cat.

4. Wedge Siamese

siamese cat in grass_rihaij_Pixabay
Image Credit: rihaij, Pixabay

The wedge Siamese are sometimes known as wedgies. This is because they have extreme features of Siamese cats. Also, the name comes from the triangular or wedge-shaped head and has ears hanging lower than the traditional Siamese breeds.

You will recognize the cats with their long muscular legs, wide ears, thin tails, and slightly slanted eyes. They also have a long face, and their ears tend to sit on top of their head.

Wedge Siamese cats can be very loud, and they can meow all day. In addition, due to the extensive breeding, wedge Siamese cats are at higher risk of health complications like kidney disease. Lastly, wedge cats should have enough toys and live in a stimulating environment, where they can play and get some exercise.

Light-Colored Siamese Cats

They are three sub-categories of light-colored Siamese felines.

5. Lilac Point

Lilac point siamese cat
Image Credit: Alexandra Kuzmina, Shutterstock

The Lilac Points Siamese have lilac hues on their coats. They have fewer brown and blue hues on their coats. Some variants have pink and warm lilac shades on the fur.

The cats were first discovered in the 1960s. They are a blend of Dilute Chocolate cats and Blue Points.

6. Chocolate Point

chocolate point siamese
Image Credit: Jenna.Photography, Shutterstock

As warm and as sweet as chocolate, you would think that chocolate points should belong to the other list of dark-colored cats, but they do not. They have a light brown shade.

7. Cream Point

White Siamese cat with blue eyes
Image Credit: TaniaVdB, Pixabay

Cream Point cats are lighter in color, but the shade may increase as they age. They are a crossbreed between Red Point Siamese, Abyssinian felines, and Domestic Shorthair cats.

Cream Point cats have soft bodies with white color, and paw pads are leather with pale pink color.

Dark-Colored Siamese Cats

Like their light-colored counterparts, dark-colored Siamese cats have several sub-categories which are listed below. Dark-colored Siamese cats have a naturally dark-colored coat.

However, Light-Colored Siamese may sometimes look darker when they experience cold weather.

8. Red Point

Flame Point Siamese cat up close
Image Credit: Oxana Oliferovskaya, Shutterstock

Although rare, Red Points are beautiful felines with orange and crimson shades in their fur. They have a touch of orange or red points on their tails, face, legs, ears, and paws. Also, their nose leather is pinkish.

The Red Points are a hybrid of two different cats—the Tortoiseshell Tabbies and Red Tabbies.

9. Seal Point

seal point siamese lying on a velvet clothe
Image Credit: slowmotiongli, Shutterstock

The Seal Point Siamese gets its name for having a fur color that resembles that of a seal. They have a fur color darker than the chocolate point. Additionally, they have a range of colors ranging from dark brown to black.

10. Blue Point

blue point siamese cat lying by the window
Image Credit: Lucie K, Shutterstock

Blue Points have a dark brown color with a hint of blue. The blue fur reflects the blue eyes. They are adorable and gentle.

You will notice the grey-blue tones on their face, ears, paws, and paw pads. Also, they have pinkish nose leather and their signature cold-white bluish fur.


Siamese cats are outstanding pets. There is a wide variety to pick from, and they have excellent qualities. The list above offers a complete guide on each kind of Siamese cat available. These felines are beautiful and they make ideal pets.

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Featured Image Credit: rihaij , Pixabay

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