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24 Funny Dog Haircuts That Will Make You Laugh

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By Nicole Cosgrove

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We love getting ideas for cool dog hairstyles and learning what to avoid at the groomers by checking out funny dog haircuts on the internet. Some hairdos are too good not to share, so we decided to put together a list of our favorite hairdos to share with you. We hope you get as much joy out of looking through these hairdos as we did. Here are the best funny dog haircuts we’ve seen this year:

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The 24 Funniest Dog Haircuts

1. The “Does This Dog Have a Job?” Cut

This pooch looks like they’re ready to head to their first day on the job! Their adorable fluffy dog haircut distracts from their knowing eyes a bit, but those eyebrows sure don’t disappoint. The white fuzzy beard makes them look old and wise.

2. The “That’s a Big Head” Cut

This dog’s funny haircut makes their head look entirely too big for their body. The shaved body provides a comical look, but the pooch probably stays nice and cool when it gets hot outside. We wonder how they’ll feel about being shaved when wintertime comes around, though.

3. The “Justin Bieber Fan!” Cut

This dog seems to be rocking an old-school Justin Bieber haircut. One of their family members must have turned them into a fan because there is nothing but contentment on their face. We wonder how long it takes to style this hairdo every day.

4. The “Groomer Went Too Far” Cut

There is no way that this dog’s owner meant to give them this funny dog hairstyle, unless for a mean joke. We like to think that the groomer accidentally went too far here and won’t make the same mistake twice. Luckily, dog hair grows back quickly!

5. The “This Dog Isn’t Going Far Alone” Cut

The haircut may be cute and fun to look at, but this dog won’t be going far without someone to lead them. After all, their eyes are completely covered with shaggy hair! It wouldn’t take much to turn this pooch into Cousin IT for Halloween.

6. The “Are Those Bangs?” Cut

Dogs don’t typically sport bangs naturally, so seeing one with bangs tends to make us chuckle a little. This dog doesn’t look too thrilled with them, though. It’s nice to see their cute face standing out for all to see, but they seem to be a little shy about showing all that natural beauty.

7. The “Is That a Dog or a Mini Lion?” Cut

This pooch is the wrong color but looks like a lion due to their haircut. But no matter how hard they try, this dog will never look as ferocious as a lion. Obviously, they like their cut because they certainly seem to enjoy admiring themselves in the mirror.

8. The “Rockstar in the Making” Cut

With the jean jacket on, this dog looks like they want to be a rockstar. The lighter colored beard helps bring the whole look together, but it looks like it could get in the way at mealtime. We wonder if conditioner is used to keep up the soft curly look.

9. The “Dress Made of Hair” Cut

At first glance, it looks like this pooch has a frilly dress on! Upon closer inspection, we can see that the dress look is a result of grooming well done. Every strand is perfectly cut, even around the ears. The ponytail is adorable, and the dramatic eyebrows are not to be overlooked.

10. The “Bobblehead Indeed” Cut

This pet parent thinks that their pooch looks like a bobblehead, and we must agree. It looks like the groomer either purposely left the head puffy or just got carried away when trimming the body. Either way, this animal looks more like a caricature than a dog.

11. The “Talk About a Mohawk” Cut

When we think mohawk, dogs typically don’t come to mind. But this pooch pulls the look off brilliantly! That tongue helps round out the rocker vibe that is going on here. They just need a cool leather outfit to go with their trendy hairdo.

12. The “You Can’t Ride This Horse” Cut

Whether on purpose or not, this dog left the groomer looking like a horse. Too bad they can’t give their owner a lift around town — it would save money on gas! Hopefully, this isn’t a regular hairdo for the pooch, or it is probably pretty embarrassing when going to the dog park.

13. The “Every Dog Needs Suspenders, Said Nobody Ever” Cut

Dogs don’t typically wear pants, and when they do, they don’t fall. So, there is no reason for dogs to wear suspenders! For some reason, this dog’s parent decided to go ahead and make suspenders a part of their daily life with the help of their groomer. Maybe this hairdo is for a special occasion? We’re betting that it’s just for fun.

14. The “This Pooch Is Happy With Their Look” Cut

Maybe it’s the big fluffy tail or the perfectly sheared head, but this dog seems to be pretty proud of their look. The tuffs of hair left around the feet make them look like they have little boots on — how cute! They must have to visit the groomer often to keep this look up.

15. The “It Doesn’t Get Any Cuter Than This” Cut

Who can resist a pooch with beautiful long braids? We sure can’t! It must take patience and care to braid the hair, but the results are well worth it. We wonder if the dog thinks that they have chew toys permanently attached to them.

16. The “Fur Coat for a Furry Pooch” Cut

The way this dog’s hair is cut makes it look like they are wearing a fur coat. But they wouldn’t need a coat if they still had all their hair, so the owner must have been trying to make a fashion statement. We think that it’s a cute statement to make.

17. The “From Head to Tail” Cut

The head and the tail are styled dramatically, giving this pooch a look that makes them seem fun-loving and curious. The mini mohawk makes them look like they are frowning, but their big smile gives them away. Their tail looks like it can double as a duster for their owner at home.

18. The “Teddy Bear Head” Cut

This dog’s head reminds us of a cuddly teddy bear, but their bare body quickly brings us back to reality. We aren’t sure if the owner was going for a wild animal look or a cuddly look, but either seems to be plausible. Our favorite part of this hairdo is the tail, which looks just like a pom-pom.

19. The “Helpful Kitchen Sweeper” Cut

This is a dog that looks like they can come in handy in the kitchen. Not only will they pick up and eat any food that falls on the ground, but their fluffy legs, feet, and tail also look like they can sweep up crumbs and dirt as they travel. How effective their sweeping skills are is up for debate.

20. The “Cotton Ball Look” Cut

It seems that no dog would want to walk around looking like a cotton ball, yet it looks like this one is doing just that. The hairdo does show off this dog’s beautiful eyes, but it doesn’t show off any of their physique, which makes them look one dimensional.

21. The “True Patriot” Cut

This doggy doesn’t have a strange haircut, but they do sport an interesting design on their body. It’s easy to spot the cool American flag, but our favorite is the colorful pink and purple additions on the legs because it reminds us of fireworks.

22. The “Cube Look” Cut

Whoever owns this dog seems to like straight, symmetrical lines. Every hair is squared off to make the dog’s head look like a cube. It looks like this pooch is also sporting a pristinely cared for mustache and beard, which looks tough to keep free of tangles.

23. The “Pooch That Looks Like a Penguin” Cut

Just looking at this pooch makes us chilly, thanks to their arctic white hair and their penguin look from the front. It looks like the dog would make a great pillow to cuddle up with while relaxing on the couch or sleeping in bed. Unlike penguins, dogs like to stay warm, so this pup likely wouldn’t mind being used as a pillow.

24. The “True Princess” Cut

The elegant curls on this cute pooch make them look like a true princess — the clothing and crown doesn’t hurt their look either.  We’re guessing that this look is for special occasions because it probably takes a long time to achieve. Still, it seems like it would be fun to have the option of giving your dog a makeover!

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In Conclusion

There are many cute, funny, and bizarre-looking dogs out there, thanks to the incredible skills and accidents of groomers. We never laugh at the dogs, but we don’t think that there is any harm in laughing with them. Which haircuts do you think are the most hilarious? Would you consider giving your pooch any haircuts featured here? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below.

Featured image credit: Needpix

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