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Funny Fuzzy Dog Car Seat Bed Review 2024: Our Expert’s Opinion

Sara Seitz

By Sara Seitz

Hepper_SAPR_Funny Fuzzy Dog Car Seat Bed Review

Our Final Verdict

We give Funny Fuzzy’s Dog Car Seat Bed a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Quality: 4.75/5
Usefulness: 5/5
Options: 5/5
Value: 4/5

Funny Fuzzy has become my go-to brand for comfy pet products. Their fun and unique pet beds are a favorite of my pack. Given that Funny Fuzzy set out to create products based on the pet’s perspective, it makes perfect sense that my dogs and cat would love them even more than I do.

I’ve reviewed Funny Fuzzy beds before, but this company doesn’t just make comfort for the home. Their pet car seats are just as snuggly as their couches and loungers.

I had a chance to try their Vintage Heart Checkerboard Dog Car Seat Bed for my comfort hound Chihuahua, Papyrus. He is notoriously spastic in the car and I was hopeful that having a secure, comfortable spot for him to hang out might help him chill out on road trips.

To my surprise, this product met those expectations and surpassed them!

Find out how this dog car seat works, what makes it so effective, and why this is the only way Papyrus will be road-tripping from now on. Read my full Funny Fuzzy Dog Car Seat Bed review, below.


About Funny Fuzzy

Funny Fuzzy Dog Car Seat Bed - product contents

What sets Funny Fuzzy apart from other pet product companies is their commitment to creating products from the pet’s perspective. That means that they use bold patterns and yellow-blue hues that dogs and cats can see. It also means that when it comes to design, it’s all about making your pet as comfortable as possible.

Who Makes Funny Fuzzy Products and Where Are They Produced?

Funny Fuzzy has offices in Albany, New York, as well as the UK. While there isn’t a lot of information on their manufacturing facilities, it would seem most of their products are manufactured in China.

Which Type of Pet is Funny Fuzzy Best Suited For?

With products marketed for cats and dogs, this brand is a great choice for any four-legged family member who loves to get cozy. Their beds are an especially good option for older cats and dogs who need extra support. With fabrics focused on warmth and comfort, these aren’t the best options for destructive puppies.

What Kinds of Products Does Funny Fuzzy Sell?

My favorite products from Funny Fuzzy are their ultra-cushy pet beds. But they have a lot more than that to offer, including:

  • Couch covers
  • Blankets
  • Car seats
  • Car seat covers
  • Carriers
  • Pet backpacks and purses
  • Toys


Funny Fuzzy Dog Car Seat Bed Overview

Funny Fuzzy Dog Car Seat Bed - bed on the passenger seat

Here is an overview of the Funny Fuzzy Dog Car Seat Bed, including what it can be used for, how big it is, how it works, and the options available.

What It’s For

One thing I wasn’t sure about until I received this product was what it was intended to be used for. The marketing information alludes to it being a safety car seat, as in, something that might save your pet’s life in a car crash.

After receiving the product and installing it, I am skeptical that this bed would prevent your pet from getting hurt in a bad crash. It is attached to the seat with a combination of the car’s seat belt and a second strap, but this isn’t as secure as you might hope.

The back strap is not reinforced and the buckle is lightweight plastic. In a bad crash, the seat would likely pitch forward and flip over. Not to mention the clip and tether that secures the dog are no more robust than a thin walking leash.

However, it is definitely a safer way for your pet to travel since it keeps them contained. It also helps keep them from getting jostled around during normal driving.

How Big Is It?

The Vintage Heart Checkerboard Dog Car Seat Bed that I tried comes in two sizes: single seat and double seat.

The single seat is just the right size to sit on the front passenger seat or one of the back seats. The double is wider and fits best in the center of the back seat bench.

The single was plenty big enough for my seven-pound Chihuahua. It would likely fit any small dog comfortably. For two dogs or a medium-small breed, like a Shiba Inu, I would opt for the double seater.

Funny Fuzzy also sells car-back dog beds and large car seats for bigger breeds.

Funny Fuzzy Dog Car Seat Bed - papyrus sitting on the bed

How It Works

The Funny Fuzzy single small Dog Car Seat sits snuggly on the horizontal part of the seat. The car’s seat belt wraps around the bed, threading through a wide loop on the front. A removable and adjustable strap connected to the bed wraps around the seat or headrest to secure the back.

The inside of the bed features a short lead and clip that you are meant to attach to your dog. You can attach it to their collar or harness. In the case of a crash, having it attached to their harness is a much safer option.

The comfy bottom pad and big, puffy side pads help keep your pet from jostling around and give them a nice cozy place to hang out while you drive.

The bed also features oversized handles so you can carry your dog around easily once you get to your destination. Think of it as a super cushy pet suitcase.


The Vintage Heart Checkerboard Dog Car Seat Bed is available in nine color/pattern styles. These include blue, orange, and pink heart checkerboards, plaid, houndstooth, and blue polka dots.

This model comes in two sizes, single or double. The single is 22 inches wide while the double is 28 inches wide.

Funny Fuzzy offers many options for dog car seats beyond this model, including sizes for large dogs.

Funny Fuzzy Dog Car Seat Bed - product in the car

In Summary

  • Very cushy and comfy
  • High sides help keep the dog secure
  • Easy to install
  • Versatile
  • Many color/pattern options
  • Not a safety car seat
  • Fairly floppy
  • Pricey


Key Features

Funny Fuzzy Dog Car Seat Bed - papyrus lying on the product

High, Cushy Sides

The shape of this car seat is important for safety as well as for your dog’s comfort. The front and back cushions are extra high to pad your pup in case of quick stops or acceleration. And the cushy sides help keep them secure while offering a great pillow for dozing or lazily watching the world fly by.

Built-In Tether

The seat features a built-in tether that attaches to your dog’s harness or collar to keep them secured inside the seat. This leash is just long enough to allow your pet to move around without being able to get fully out of the seat.

Easy to Install

With two-step installation, it is easy to get this bed seat in and out of the car. That’s important since it doubles as a comfy carrying bag for your dog.


Is the Funny Fuzzy Dog Car Seat Bed a Good Value?

As with a lot of Funny Fuzzy products, this one carries a bit of a hefty price tag. A quick look at Amazon brings up many small dog car seat options that are half the price of this one. That said, very few are as comfortable or well-padded as the Funny Fuzzy Dog Car Seat Bed.

Funny Fuzzy Dog Car Seat Bed - side view of the product



Is there a warranty that comes with this dog car seat?

Funny Fuzzy does not offer any kind of warranty on their products. However, this car seat does carry a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Will This Car Seat Work for All Breeds?

The single-sized Vintage Heart Checkerboard Dog Car Seat Bed is best for small breed dogs. It measures 21.7” by 19.7” by 11.8”. The double seat is about 6 inches wider and can two fit small dogs or one medium-small breed dog, like a Beagle.


Our Experience With Funny Fuzzy’s Dog Car Seat Bed

I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect when I ordered this dog car seat from Funny Fuzzy. It is advertised as being a safety seat to some degree, but it is nowhere near as robust as other pet car safety carriers and harnesses I have used.

But I was willing to give it a shot because what I was really after was a comfortable seat my 14-year-old Chihuahua, Papyrus, could use during car rides.

Ever since Papyrus was young, he has been a pain to drive around with. He insists on moving around constantly. He often jumps back and forth from the front to the back seats and runs around on my lap.

He also loves to balance on the center console just so he can fall down with every bend in the road.

With the attached tether and super comfy cushions of the Funny Fuzzy Dog Car Seat Bed, I was hopeful I’d be able to secure Papyrus while also giving him a comfy place to not be an anxious mess.

When I first clipped him into the car seat, he tried his best to revert to old habits. He pulled on the tether and strained to find an escape from the bed.

This I expected.

What I didn’t expect was that he would calm down so quickly!

By the time we got out of our neighborhood, he was already lying down. By the time we made it five minutes down the road, he was fast asleep. I’m not exaggerating when I say this thing works like a miracle!

I shouldn’t be surprised, this bed is super comfy. Not only is it puffy and soft, but the high sides give off a den vibe and make it so cozy.

Papyrus loved it so much that I use it as his dog bed in the house and never leave it behind when we go on a drive.

Funny Fuzzy Dog Car Seat Bed - papyrus lying on the bed



If you have a small dog who gets anxious or rowdy in the car, I highly recommend this Dog Car Seat from Funny Fuzzy. It isn’t a safety seat, but it is comfy and cozy enough to seduce your anxious pup into taking a nap while you drive around.

The high, cushy sides and attached tether keep your pet secure and safe from getting jostled around. More importantly, the seat provides a warm, snuggly space to help them feel more comfortable and relaxed so you can too.

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