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51 Gemstone & Crystal Names for Dogs: Ideas for Precious Canines

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By Nicole Cosgrove

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Anyone who has eyes for the doggie in the window might also have eyes for the colorful, sparkling crystals and gemstones that adorn jewelry. Before you go shopping for a gem-encrusted dog collar, it’s probably best to choose the perfect name for your new canine friend.

If crystals and gemstones are your thing, either for their beauty or their purported healing and spiritual properties, read along to find some naming inspiration.


Crystal Names

  • Amazonite: a blue-green feldspar often associated with soothing energy, communication, and harmony
  • Amethyst: a lovely purple variety of quartz believed to support spiritual growth, meditation, and calmness
  • Aventurine: a green quartz with sparkly inclusions believed to bring luck, prosperity, and abundance
  • Black Tourmaline: a protective crystal that helps absorb and repel negative energies
  • Blue Lace Agate: a light blue banded agate known for its calming and soothing properties, promoting communication
  • Carnelian: an orange to reddish-brown variety of chalcedony, associated with courage, motivation, and creativity
  • Citrine: a yellow to amber quartz variety, often associated with abundance, prosperity, and positive energy
  • Fluorite: a multicolored crystal that aids in focus, mental clarity, and psychic protection
  • Hematite: a metallic silver-to-black stone known for grounding and balancing energies
  • Labradorite: an iridescent stone known for its mystical properties, enhancing intuition and spiritual awareness
  • Lapis Lazuli: a deep blue stone with golden flecks, symbolizing wisdom, truth, and spiritual insight
  • Malachite: a green banded mineral associated with transformation, healing, and protection
  • Moonstone: a type of feldspar with a pearly sheen, often associated with feminine energy, intuition, and new beginnings
  • Obsidian: a volcanic glass with grounding properties, often used for protection and spiritual purification
  • Pyrite: a metallic, brassy mineral often called “fool’s gold,” associated with abundance and protection
  • Quartz: this is a versatile crystal known for promoting clarity and balance
  • Rhodonite: a pink to red mineral with black manganese oxide veins, used for emotional healing and balance
  • Rose Quartz: a pale pink quartz known as the “Stone of Love,” promoting love, compassion, and emotional healing
  • Selenite: a transparent gypsum crystal that is used for cleansing and purifying energy
  • Sunstone: a feldspar with a shimmering effect; associated with vitality, abundance, and positive energy
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Names Based on Precious Stones

  • Diamond: known for its brilliance and hardness, diamonds are transparent or translucent gemstones formed deep within the Earth; symbolize love, clarity, and eternity
  • Emerald: green variety of the mineral beryl, emeralds are valued for their rich green color; associated with rebirth, love, and fertility
  • Ruby: a red corundum gemstone; rubies are prized for their deep red color. Symbolizing passion and courage, they are associated with love and vitality
  • Sapphire: typically blue, sapphires are corundum gemstones; represent wisdom, loyalty, and nobility

Names Based on Semi-Precious Stones

  • Agate: a variety of chalcedony with colorful bands, known for its grounding and balancing properties
  • Amazonite: a blue-green feldspar often associated with soothing energy and communication
  • Aquamarine: a blue or greenish-blue variety of beryl, symbolizing calmness and courage
  • Carnelian: an orange to reddish-brown variety of chalcedony; associated with courage and motivation
  • Garnet: a group of closely related minerals in various colors, symbolizing passion and energy
  • Jade: a green ornamental stone valued for its beauty and cultural significance in many societies
  • Jasper: an opaque, multicolored variety of quartz, valued for its earthy tones and grounding energy
  • Opal: a gemstone with iridescent flashes of color, symbolizing creativity and spontaneity
  • Peridot: a vibrant green gemstone associated with prosperity and emotional balance
  • Tiger’s Eye: a golden to red-brown chatoyant gemstone, symbolizing strength and protection
  • Turquoise: a blue to green mineral often used for protection and communication
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Mineral Ideas for Names

  • Apatite: phosphate mineral with various colors, an important component in the formation of bones and teeth
  • Azurite: copper carbonate mineral with a deep blue color, often found in the oxidized zone of copper ore deposits
  • Beryl: cyclosilicate mineral family, including varieties such as emerald (green), aquamarine (blue), and morganite (pink)
  • Calcite: common carbonate mineral with a wide range of colors, often used in the production of lime and cement
  • Cassiterite: tin oxide mineral, the primary ore of tin, often found in granitic rocks
  • Feldspar: group of minerals forming the most abundant mineral group in the Earth’s crust, with varieties like orthoclase and plagioclase
  • Gypsum: soft sulfate mineral used in plaster and drywall, often found in sedimentary rocks
  • Halite: commonly known as rock salt, halite is a mineral that forms in evaporite deposits and is used as a seasoning
  • Iron: sulfide mineral, also known as “fool’s gold,” often forming cubic crystals.
  • Magnetite: iron oxide mineral with magnetic properties, used in compass needles and as an iron ore
  • Mica: group of sheet silicate minerals known for their perfect cleavage and diverse uses, including in electronics
  • Olivine: greenish mineral group, often found in igneous rocks like basalt and peridotite.
  • Orthoclase: common potassium feldspar mineral, often found in granite and other igneous rocks
  • Pyroxene: group of dark-colored minerals with monoclinic or orthorhombic crystal structures, common in igneous rocks
  • Sphalerite: zinc sulfide mineral, the most important ore of zinc, often found in hydrothermal veins
  • Tourmaline: complex boron silicate mineral with a wide range of colors, often used as gemstones
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People find inspiration for pet names from all kinds of sources: history, movies, pop culture, outer space, etc. If you’re looking for a name that “sparkles” with originality, we hope you found one that struck your fancy from this list of gemstones, crystals, and minerals.

More Names to Choose From:

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