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50 Greek Cat Names: Our Top Picks For Your Cat (with Meanings)

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By Nicole Cosgrove

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When you think of Greece, you may imagine beautiful landscapes, delicious foods, and of course, a deep mythological history. Greek-inspired names for your cat can offer them a name worthy of their regal status in your home, their personality may inspire it, or you may simply love the Greek language. We’ve compiled 50 of our favorite Greek-inspired names, from gods, goddesses, and heroes to simple names with Greek origins, to help you find a name fitting for your new addition!


How to Name Your Cat

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Choosing a name for your new cat is by no means an easy feat. Choosing one name out of hundreds and thousands seems impossible. You’ve already made a great choice choosing a Greek-inspired name, but there are a few things to help you narrow down your picks to find the perfect name.

  • Appearance – A simple way to name your cat can be inspired by what they look like. A black, smooth cat may be worthy of a name of darkness such as Erebus or Hades. In contrast, a large cat may be dubbed with a mythical beast name such as Griffin. Regardless of your cat’s unique appearance, there will be a name that will suit them.
  • Personality – Sometimes naming a new cat takes some time while you get to know them, to find a name that is fitting for their personality. A fiery, destructive cat may suit Kratos or Athena, while a gentle, sweet cat may be more of a Cora or an Atlas.
  • Male vs. Female – Choosing a name that has particular gender connotations is a personal preference! You can choose a name that is more masculine for your male cat and a feminine name for a female if you wish. This will help others know if your cat is a boy or a girl quickly. Otherwise, there are meaning names that are genderless and would suit any cat.
  • Spelling and pronunciation – You may find the coolest Greek god name for your cat, only to find out no one ever says it properly! Long-winded names are also bothersome, especially when it comes to calling out for your cat. However, long names can always have attributed nicknames.

Take or leave whatever of the above considerations are helpful to you as you pick out your cat’s name. You can simply choose a name just because you like it!


Greek Cat Names (With Meanings)

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Greek Goddess Names for Female Cats

Greek goddesses are known for their beauty, grace, and strength – very much like cats are! Your new cat will likely suit a goddess name, whether it is something sweet and soft or something strong and dark.

  • Iris – means “rainbow.” A greek messenger goddess and the personification of the beauty of a rainbow.
  • Cora – means “just and good”. Cora was one of Zeus daughters in mythology
  • Artemis – another daughter of Zeus, known for being a fierce huntress and goddess
  • Athena – the greek goddess of wisdom and the goddess of war
  • Aphrodite – the goddess of love and beauty
  • Rhea – goddess of nature, great for a cat who loves to explore the outdoors
  • Clio – a daughter of Zeus and a muse of history. This name is a fun play on the classic name “Cleo”
  • Nyx – the goddess of the night, perfect for a black cat or a nocturnal feline
  • Selene – goddess of the moon who is often referred to as Luna
  • Gaia – goddess of the earth, also well known as “Mother Earth”
  • Enyo – a goddess of war and destruction (we all know a cat who embodies this nature!)
  • Nike – no, not the popular sports brand! Nike is the goddess of victory
  • Venus – goddess of love and beauty

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Greek God Names for Male Cats

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Meanwhile, Greek gods are famed for their strength, resilience, and might. Cats are well deserving of the legendary names that come with some of these awesome Greek god names. Your brave kitty will surely be amongst the gods in your eyes, and you can name him just so!

  • Zeus – a classic, but strong name. Zeus is the supreme god and god of the sky
  • Pan – god of the wild, a fitting name for a wild cat
  • Apollo – god of the sun, literal meaning “destroyer”, absolutely fitting for some felines
  • Otus – a greek giant god, very fitting for a large set cat!
  • Ares – god of war
  • Kratos – god of strength and power, well known from the popular game “God of War”
  • Erebus – god of darkness, particularly fitting for black cats
  • Triton – messenger god of the sea and son of Poseidon
  • Uranus – literal meaning is “heaven personified”, making this a very affectionate pet name. Father of the titans.
  • Hades – of course, we must mention the famous Hades, god of the underworld
  • Hercules – the god of heroes and the divine protector of mankind
  • Titan – not a single god, but many, the titans preceded the greek gods and goddesses we know now
  • Alastor – the god of feuds and the avenger of evil deeds
  • Atlas – the titan of astronomy, carries the world on his back. The modern meaning is “support”

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Cat Names from Greek Figures & Beasts

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Apart from the classic gods and goddesses, there are a lot of other figures in Greek mythology that are famous for various reasons. These hero and beast names will give your new cat a big reputation to live up to, a feat they can surely tackle.

  • Icarus – son of Dedalus, famed for flying too close to the sun
  • Orion – Zeus put Orion in the sky as one of the constellations
  • Achilles – a hero of the trojan war, an immortal man whose only weakness is the heel of his foot
  • Perseus – one of the oldest greek heroes, famed for defeating medusa. A name easily shortened to “Percy”
  • Castor – one-half of the twin boys who became the constellation of Gemini
  • Pollux – the other half of Gemini, Castor’s twin brother
  • Orpheus – a hero famed for his music and his fighting ability
  • Atalanta – a female hero who was known to be wild and free, able to hunt as well as any man
  • Hector – son of the King of Troy, led the defense of the city of Troy
  • Pheonix – a mythical bird
  • Griffin – a large and fierce mythical beast
  • Adonis – the love of aphrodite and well known for being very handsome
  • Calypso – a beautiful nymph known for her singing and dancing
  • Pegasus – a white, flying horse belonging to Zeus

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Cat Names Inspired by the Greek Language

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Image Credit: Andy Gin, Shutterstock

If being named after famous figures of history and mythology is too much for your little cat to carry, then you can give them a name all to themselves. This list of names inspired by the Greek language will give you a great place to start.

  • Sirius – meaning “glowing”, also a well-known constellation
  • Theo – simply means “god”, a great simple greek name
  • Maximus – means “maximum” or “most”, it has gone on to the name of numerous famous greek figures
  • Cosmo – means “order and decency”, while it sounds like a goofy name, it is well suited to a cat who is regal and proud
  • Kyra – means “enthroned”
  • Delphina – means “little girl”
  • Calix – “very handsome”
  • Leo – a nice simple name that means “lion”
  • Theron – means “hunter”
  • Zoe – a classic name that means “life” in the Greek language
  • Effie – means “happiness”


Final Thoughts

Bringing a new cat into your family is an insanely exciting time, don’t let the pressure of choosing the perfect name take that away from you. Let your cat’s personality and unique features guide you into finding a beautiful name that fits them. A Greek-inspired name will surely set them up to be strong and loved.

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