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Top 5 Smallest Cat Breeds

Devon Rex Kitten!Devon Rex Kitten!

These are the top 5 smallest cat breeds based on overall size and weight. Cats that stay very small are in high demand, and these little kitties are the tiniest.

Some, like the Devon Rex and Cornish Rex, even have curly hair that doesn’t shed – bonus!

All five of these little cats are considered newly developed breeds, with most originating within just the last few decades.

There is some controversy, however, about the origin of the Singapura.

The Singapura is the smallest domestic cat breed, and was supposedly a naturally occurring breed from Singapore, but DNA tests seem to suggest they are actually a variation of several well-known European and American breeds including the Burmese and that the whole tale about Singapore was a bit of a publicity stunt to lend some spice to the breed.

Well, check them all out right here. Enjoy the Journey and always remember…. Cats Rule!

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The Singapura


The Number One smallest cat breed in the world is the Singapura cat..

Newborn Singapura kittens can weigh less than 3 ounces!

Full grown Singapura cats weigh only about five pounds.

Friendly, active, sweet and affectionate this breed loves children.

The Singapura is a tiny cat with lots of personality and exquisite good looks!


Singapura CatsSingapura Cats

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The Devon Rex

The Number Two smallest cat breed in the world is the adorable Devon Rex.

These tiny cats have unusual, curly fur and they don’t shed!

They also have a unique head shape that often finds them compared to extra-terrestrials.

The Devon Rex is  a busy little cat that is remarkably robust.

They are similiar in size to the Singapura but have a very solid, dense feel and weigh a few ounces more on average.


Devon RexDevon Rex Cats

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Munchkin Cats


The Number Three smallest cat breed in the world is the Munchkin Cat.

Munchkin cats are a natural mutation.

They have very short legs but their bodies, and their heads are an average size.

Munchkin cats are remarkably agile, playful and generally healthy.  They do not have any significant spinal problems due to their stature and most live long happy lives.

Munchkin cats have an adorable habit of propping up on their hind legs like a rabbit or a prarie dog to get a better look at the world around them. They are very friendly, loving and playful little cats.


Munchkin CatsMunchkin Cats


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The American Curl

American Curl

The Number Four smallest cat breed in the world is the amazing American Curl Cat 

American Curl cats have very unique ears that appear to be perfectly normal when they are first born, but then begin to curl back like little elf ears. By the time they are ten weeks old, they look like little, mystical creatures!

American curls are delicate and feathery in body type.

They have one of the sweetest and most affectionate personalities in the cat world.

These cats are notorious for their devotion to all family members and they are quite fond of children.


American CurlAmerican Curl Cats


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American Curl


The Cornish Rex

Cornish Rex

The Number Five smallest cat breed in the world is the Cornish Rex Cat.

Cornish rex cats are beautiful, lean and athletic little cats.

They have a very exotic and unusual head shape with a Roman-type nose in profile, and very large triangular ears.

The Cornish Rex is a curly-coated cat that has tight, lamb-like curls over its body.

The fur is remarkably soft but these cats don’t shed and make wonderful apartment cats.


Cornish Rex catCornish Rex Cats



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Cornish Rex


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