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Hairless Cat Breeds


Hairless cat breeds have become incredibly popular in recent years.

They offer exotic looks, are, of course, non-shedding, and in some cases prove to be less irritating to folks with allergies, but see also hypoallergenic cat breeds if this is a factor for you.

Lots of special care is required in order to protect the skin from the elements. Keeping cats with no fur clean and dry is essential, and t-shirts, sweaters and even pajamas are often used to keep them comfortable.

Among these breeds of hairless cats the Peterbald cat and the Don Sphynx have both furred and furless individuals within the breed, with varying degrees of hairlessness, from brushy, to suede-like, to completely bald.

Sphynx and Elf cats tend to be totally bald and usually lack whiskers and eyebrows as well.

Cats without hair are usually the result of a mutation, and breed development requires lots of planning and care on the part of breeders, so these purebred hairless kittens can be quite pricey.

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Hairless cats have been mentioned in text throughout history, but breeds of hairless cats with reliable standards have only been around for about fifty years.

Most hairless breeds were the result of a spontaneous mutation – an unusual individual appearing just by coincidence, and usually to perfectly normal parents.

For instance, the most popular hairless breed, the Sphynx cat, also known as the Canadian Sphynx or the Canadian Hairless, dates back to Canada, where in 1966 a single little kitten named “Prune” was born.

Sphynx Cats

Sphynx cats are not just amazing to look at, they are also incredibly loving, cuddly, and friendly cats. Sphynx cats come in all different colors. They are usually on the smaller side with short legs and a round, almost pot-belly body.

There is no hair to block the body heat, so touching one of these cats is absolutely delightful. Warm, soft and affectionate, there is no wonder Sphynx cats are becoming so popular!

Sphynx catsSphynx Cats

Donskoy or Don Sphynx Cats

The Donskoy cat, also known as the Don Sphynx looks very similiar to the Sphynx cat, but eye, ear and head shape are different. These cats were developed in Russia in the 1980’s from an individual cat found along the Don river in Russia.

Don Sphynx are more muscular and athletic than Sphynx cats, and have unusually long, webbed. The toes are felexible and very dexterous, allowing them to practically hold things with their front paws while sitting up on their haunches – Amazing!.

Donskoy catsDonskoy or Don Sphynx Cats
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Peterbald Cats

The Peterbald is the result of breeding Don Sphynx cats to Oriental Shorthair cats. The result is a cat with varying degrees of hairlessness and an active, lithe, exotic body shape. These are friendly, playful, sometimes dog-like cats with an extraordinary headshape and unique personality.

Peterbald  catsPeterbald Cats

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Donskoy catDonskoy or Don Sphynx cat
  • Peterbald and Donskoy cats have long front toes with webbing in between allowing them to hold and manipulate toys and other items as if they had little hands.
  • Tiny Sphynx kittens are unique in the cat world in that their eyes open very early – usually within 3 days of birth. Some are even born with their eyes open!
  • Don Sphynx kittens may have a patch of wiry hair on their heads until they are 2 or 3 years old, then most of them go completely bald!

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