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4 Homemade kitten formula recipes

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Fact-checked by DVM Claudine Sievert

Sometimes kittens may need our help.

If a fluffy is abandoned or orphaned, it should be bottle-fed immediately. Moreover, a cat may refuse to feed a kitten due to a number of reasons (illness, compulsive disorder, anxiety). 

In such a case, you need to make a quick decision very fast and know how to feed a cat properly. The kitten’s future health depends on how quickly you start feeding it with the right formula. Investigating the best formula may take plenty of time so I decided to collect the best recipes. All you have to do is to bookmark this page or print the recipes!

Please, read how to bottle feed a newborn kitten as well.

So it is of great importance to have a couple of formula recipes written down. That’s how you can prepare the food quickly and feed your baby cat in just 3-5 minutes (if you have all the ingredients ready of course).


Also, a formula makes a great supplement to cat’s milk to make sure your kitten receives enough nutrients and vitamins.

Although the ingredients may vary, there are several key nutritional factors for a milk replacer.

For every 100 g of milk replacer fed, there should be:

Ingredient Amount, g
moisture 79
dry matter  21
crude protein 7.5
fat 8.5
lactose 4

So how to make a kitten formula that has the above mentioned nutrition facts? I have picked five best recipes for you.


These kitten milk substitute formulas are using Knox unflavored gelatin. This is an optimal healthy option for your kitten.

Knox Unflavored Gelatin

4 Best Homemade Kitten Formula Recipes


Transitioning to a commercial formula

Please, note: these homemade kitten formula recipes can be used only as an urgent temporary solution. In the future, you should transition to commercial formula.

Claudine Sievert

“Commercial kitten formulas are better balanced and guarantee proper muscle, bones, and organ development. Also, they prevent your kitten from diarrhea and constipation.”

— Claudine Sievert, DVM

If you are in hurry and just want to get an optimal product – we suggest KMR because it’s one of the highest-rated milk replacers for kittens.

KMR – Kitten Milk Replacer

KMR - Kitten Milk Replacer

If you want to find out about more options available on the market – please, read our separate guide (you’ll find a link in the next paragraph).

In a word

Now you know that it is not so difficult to prepare a proper kitten formula for bottle feeding. These recipes are better than simple cow milk. However, you should know that a formula is worse than a commercial kitten milk replacement.

These mixtures are not enough for the complex nutrition every kitten needs at the beginning of its life. Each formula is a substitute for kitten milk. Use them only in case of emergency. Consult your vet before preparing a mixture.

Don’t forget to prepare a formula beforehand in case you need it immediately. Always keep it in a fridge. It will get spoiled soon if you don’t keep it refrigerated.

Also you are welcome to check another recipe in this video:

And don’t forget that if your kitten is 2-3 months old, it’s time to switch to commercial kitten food!

P.S. Did you know that you can also cook dry cat food and make homemade cat food yourself?