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8 Homemade Litter Boxes for Large Cats – Plans You Can Make Today

Lisa Hertz

By Lisa Hertz

a red tabby cat uses a DIY litter box

Finding a litter box that’s big enough to comfortably accommodate a large breed cat like a Maine Coon or a Ragdoll can be a challenge for cat owners. A litter box should be 1.5 times the length of your cat, from the nose to the base of the tail. If you have a long, 20-pound cat, that’s a big box!

If you’re not having any luck finding a jumbo litter box at the store, why not make your own?

We’ve gathered the best plans and instructions for extra-large litter boxes, sure to please any big cat…and its owner too, of course!

Top 8 Homemade Cat Litter Box Plans:

1. DIY Cat Litter Box With High Sides

DIY Cat Litter Box with High Sides
Image Credit: meowtainclimbers

This homemade litter box features high sides, which can be helpful to cut back on spilled litter or urine spray.

The box itself is an economical 26-gallon rectangular plastic container. Because the sides are so high, you’ll need to make an opening for the cat to enter using a tool that will cut plastic, such as a box cutter or Dremel.

Be sure to smooth any sharp edges on the cut opening with the Dremel or some sandpaper.

2. Homemade Cat Litter Box

Homemade Cat Litter Box Ideas
Image Credit: thriftyfun

Here’s another homemade litter box idea that also features high sides for big cats that are on the messy side. It’s made from a large plastic storage container with plenty of room to make a comfortably large opening on the long side of the box.

Cut the opening with a saw, Dremel, or box cutter, and don’t forget to smooth out any sharp edges before using.

3. Modified Commercial Litter Box

Yes, This Really Is A Post About A Cat Litter Box
Image Credit: addicted2decorating

This DIY litter box was created from a large, lidded top-entry commercial litter box. If your cat finds a lidded top-entry box too confining, you can modify the box as shown here.

Instead of an entry hole, this one has a cut-away opening that goes all the way to the top. You can use a jigsaw for cutting and sandpaper to smooth out the opening.

The owner tucked this box into a cabinet that had a cat-sized opening.

4. Pine Pellets Cat Litter Box

Pine Pellets Cat Litter Box
Image Credit: instructables

Here’s a plan for a large litter box that’s designed especially for use with pine pellet kitty litter. This plan uses two matching plastic storage bins.

You drill holes in the bottom of one of the boxes, add the pine pellets to that box, then stack it over the other box. Cut a doorway if the box has very high sides.

5. DIY Cat Litter Box

DIY Cat Litter Box & Storage Furniture
Image Credit: tomacreations.wordpress

This DIY litter box features a flap that covers the opening. It’s made with a large plastic container and some cord. Once you cut out the opening, you can make holes to attach the cut piece to the box with a cord. The holes can be made with a drill or a large, heated needle.

6. DIY Kitty Litter Box

DIY Kitty Litter Box
Image Credit: adesignstory

Most homemade litter boxes for large cats are made from plastic bins. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also make your own wooden-covered litter box.

This box plan uses some MDF board (medium-density fiberboard) with a few pieces of trim to make it look pretty. You’ll also need nails and glue to put it together, and you can paint it once you finish making the box.

7. DIY Mess-Free Cat Litter Box

Image Credit: livingwellmom

Here’s a lidded homemade litter box option. You’ll need a large plastic tote bin with a lid and a tool like a box cutter to cut the plastic. This plan uses a plate to trace a neat hole in the lid.

Smooth out any rough edges before your cat uses the box.

8. DIY Cat Litter Box

DIY Cabinet Litter Box
Image By: meowlifestyle

This last plan is a DIY cabinet litter box that uses a large Ikea tray as the litter container and an inexpensive piece of bamboo furniture as the litter box cabinet.

When using a premade cabinet, you’ll probably have to remove any shelving or dividers to have enough room to accommodate a large litter box. But your cat will get a nice private place to take care of business!

Homemade Litter Box Ideas

It can be frustrating to find a litter box that’s big enough for your large cat. Sometimes even boxes labeled “jumbo” aren’t big enough, or the sides are too low.

A practical solution to this problem is to make a DIY extra-large litter box. Many cat owners simply purchase plastic storage bins, cut out an opening for easy access, and fill them with litter. Plastic is the most common material used for homemade litter boxes. You may see some plans that use wood, but most of these will be to make litter box cabinetry and not the actual box.

Plastic is easy to clean and inexpensive to replace when you need a new box. If you want to make a wooden enclosure, the area where the litter goes should preferably be plastic for easier cleaning.

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