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How Much Does a Swedish Vallhund Cost? 2023 Price Guide

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By Nicole Cosgrove

Swedish Vallhund lying on grass

The Swedish Vallhund is an adorable little dog. With their tiny legs, they look a bit like a Corgi. However, these dogs are completely unrelated (their short legs developed independently). These dogs were developed as herding dogs, though, just like the Corgi.

These dogs are quite rare and often expensive to purchase. Because they aren’t as common as other breeds, finding a breeder in your area can be challenging. Therefore, the Swedish Vallhund price depends largely on the supply in your area.

Of course, you also have to consider the other expenses needed to take care of these dogs, like grooming supplies, veterinary care, training, and food. But on average you have to expect to spend from $75–$200 per month, plus the initial supplies that can go up to $250 and the acquisition cost that can go from free to $2,500. 

We’ll go into all these prices below so that you can accurately predict how much a Swedish Vallhund may cost you.

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Bringing Home a New Swedish Vallhund: One-Time Costs

Swedish Vallhunds are hard to find outside of Sweden. However, their unique appearance has made them increasingly popular, and they are recognized by the AKC. Therefore, we are starting to see more and more breeders in American and European nations.

However, these dogs are still expensive. You can expect to pay far more for a Swedish Vallhund than you may pay for a more common breed.


Swedish Vallhunds are rarely found for free, largely because they are extremely rare. However, there may be some cases where these dogs are available for free.

If you see one of these dogs advertised for free, be fairly cautious. Sometimes, free Swedish Vallhunds aren’t actually Swedish Vallhunds. Other times, they may be purebred, but they may not be well taken care of. Remember, if someone isn’t looking for money in return for the dog, it may be that they haven’t put much money into the dog.

Of course, getting a free Swedish Vallhund from a friend or family member is completely different.

Swedish Vallhund on the sofa
Image Credit: Ega78, Shutterstock


  • $50–$350

You may occasionally find these dogs up for adoption. However, because they are rare, they aren’t in need of rescue as much as other dogs. Check specialized rescues, as they’re much more likely to have these dogs than your average animal shelter.

Adoption is often much cheaper than purchasing from a breeder. However, there is usually a small fee involved. This fee goes to cover the dog’s vaccinations and medical needs while they are in the care of the organization.

Luckily, you often have to pay fewer vet bills when adopting, as the dog has often received all the necessary medical care. Therefore, think of their adoption fee as what you would normally pay to take them to the vet.


  • $500–$2,500

Swedish Vallhunds can vary widely in price. Pet-quality dogs may cost around $500 to $1,500 from a breeder. However, show-quality puppies can cost up to $2,500 (or more). The only difference between pet- and show-quality dogs is typically very small differences in appearance. For instance, a dog’s ears may be slightly too long.

This difference in quality has nothing to do with which dogs make good pets.

Breeders may be the most expensive option for these dogs. However, they are often the only option. Puppies get snagged up fast, and you’ll often need to sit on a waiting list for some time.

Happy Swedish Vallhund dog face close up
Image Credit: Vera Reva, Shutterstock

Initial Setup and Supplies

  • $70–$250

The Swedish Vallhund is a small dog. Therefore, they need smaller equipment. For instance, a Swedish Vallhund will need a smaller bed and crate, which lets you save a bit of money. Furthermore, they need small toys and smaller collars. All of these small savings add up.

Therefore, the Swedish Vallhund is significantly cheaper in terms of setup and supplies than other dogs out there. However, you will still need to purchase several different items to make your new canine feel at home. These will cost a few hundred dollars. You should still plan for these costs, even though they will be less than other dogs.

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List of Swedish Vallhund Care Supplies and Costs

Collar and leash $10–$30
Crate $30–$100
Bed $20–$50
Bowls $5–$20
Grooming Tools $5–$30
Toys $5–$20

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How Much Does a Swedish Vallhund Cost Per Month?

  • $75–$200 per month

On top of the cost of the dog and all the initial supplies, you’ll also have to pay for several monthly products. For instance, your dog needs food, health care, grooming, and a host of other consumables. All of these will cost money monthly or at least a few times a year. Therefore, you should budget for them accordingly.

Luckily, Swedish Vallhunds aren’t that expensive to take care of monthly, either. They are smaller, so they eat less. Vet bills are also less expensive, as smaller dogs tend to have less expensive surgeries and need lower doses of medication.

Below, we’ll go through all of the monthly costs you can expect to pay for your dog.

Health Care

  • $20–$100 per month

Swedish Vallhunds tend to be rather healthy dogs. They are purpose-bred, and health is a huge requirement. They tend to be healthier as a breed, which lowers their vet costs. However, they will still need vaccinations, check-ups, and the occasional sick visit. There is always a chance that some dogs may develop health problems, which will raise their cost. You’ll also have to consider spaying or neutering your dog, which will be a large one-time fee.

In the end, you may pay as little as $20 a month or as much as $100. It all depends on your dog’s health. Medical expenses tend to be higher for very young and very old dogs.

Portrait of Swedish Vallhund
Image Credit: everydoghasastory, Shutterstock


  • $30–$50 per month

Swedish Vallhunds do not eat very much, as they are smaller dogs. However, you still need to feed them quality food, which will cost around $40 a month. Be sure to choose a quality dog food that is certified by the AAFCO (which is, luckily, most commercial foods available today).

Some dogs may need more expensive foods if they have specific health problems. In many cases, you may need to pay much more. However, this is rare, as these dogs tend to be quite healthy.


  • $10–$30 per month

Most Swedish Vallhunds can be groomed at home just fine. You’ll need to purchase some grooming tools, but we covered those in one-time setup costs. However, you’ll probably need to replace these every so often (whether because they broke or got lost). You’ll also have to purchase new dog shampoo, conditioner, and toothpaste.

These grooming tools aren’t that expensive (unless you’re purchasing a new brush every month). However, they can add up over the years.

Pet Insurance

  • $15–$55 per month

Pet insurance costs are somewhat determined by the dog breed. However, they are mostly determined by your location. If you live somewhere with high vet costs, your insurance will be much more expensive. However, if you live somewhere with lower vet costs, it will probably be much lower than average.

Your dog’s age and history also matter. Older dogs will usually have more expensive insurance, as they are more likely to have health problems. Furthermore, if your dog is prone to health problems and has a long history, then insuring them may be more expensive.

Swedish Vallhund
Image credit: Marcel van den Bos, Shutterstock

Environmental Maintenance

Swedish Vallhunds do not have any regular environmental maintenance for you to consider. However, dogs may have their own needs, depending on their environment and their personality. For instance, you may need to install an automatic waterer if your canine spends a lot of time in hotter climates.

Your canine may have a knack for chewing furniture, and you’d need to replace and repair them. However, not all dogs will do this, and it likely won’t be an ongoing problem for their whole life.


  • $5–$20 per month

Swedish Vallhunds are active and intelligent dogs that need mental stimulation as well as physical exercise. You should provide your dog with toys, treats, and training that challenge their mind and keep them entertained.

You’ll need to replace toys regularly, though puppies will probably need more toys than adults. It all depends on the exact personality and temperament of your dog.

Total Monthly Cost of Owning a Swedish Vallhund

  • $75–$200 per month

Swedish Vallhunds cost much less to take care of than some other dog breeds, mostly because they are smaller. Therefore, they require a smaller amount of just about everything, making them one of the cheaper dogs to take care of. In many cases, you’ll be laying around $100 or less each month to maintain them.

Of course, some dogs are more expensive than others. Chronic health conditions can drive up the cost quickly, especially if special food is required.

Swedish Vallhund running outdoors
Image Credit: GoDog Photo, Shutterstock

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Owning a Swedish Vallhund on a Budget

These dogs are less expensive monthly, so they are often a good option for those on a budget. They’re harder to find and often a bit expensive upfront. However, after that, owning them is cheaper than most.

You can save money on the cost of a Swedish Vallhund by being less picky about the appearance and gender of the dog. Sometimes, breeders will have discounts for dogs that don’t meet the qualifiers of their other buyers. You can also try adopting from a rescue group or shelter.

Saving Money on Swedish Vallhund Care

If you want to save money on setup costs, you can shop for sales. If you know you’re getting a puppy, start shopping for products months in advance, when you can shop sales you wouldn’t be able to otherwise.

You can also ask if stores have discounts for new dog owners. You should look for discounts and coupons for dog foods or buy in bulk. You can also opt for pet insurance, which can help you save tons on emergency vet bills.

The environmental maintenance of a Swedish Vallhund can vary depending on the climate and setting where you live. Luckily, this doesn’t cost much money.

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Swedish Vallhunds can be expensive at first. However, after purchasing the dog itself, the price goes down. These dogs aren’t terribly expensive to maintain. They’re smaller, so they need less of everything, including food, medication, and room. Furthermore, they also need smaller accessories, like crates and beds.

Featured Image Credit: Olga Aniven, Shutterstock

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