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How Much Exercise Do Airedale Terriers Need? Important Care Tips

Rachel Giordano

By Rachel Giordano

Airedale Terrier dog runs free with owner at the back

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Airedale Terriers are the largest in the terrier group and are known as the “King of Terriers.” These dogs are versatile hunters and are considered superb athletes. Since they are such great athletes, it stands to reason that they have high energy levels.

So, how much does an Airedale Terrier need? Ideally, these dogs require moderate exercise of at least 2 hours per day, if not more. Keep reading to learn more about the Airedale Terrier’s exercise requirements.

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How Do I Exercise My Airedale Terrier?

As mentioned, these dogs need at least 2 hours of exercise daily. Airedale Terriers love to go on long walks, are avid swimmers, and will be happy to accompany you on a jog or hike as well. They are courageous and clever, and they love to hunt and chase. In short, these dogs love any type of energy-burning activities, such as playing fetch or even participating in agility events. They love to play with other dogs as long as they have been properly socialized, and they love playing with their humans.

Dog handler is walking with his obedient airedale terrier dog on the road in a forest
Image Credit: thka, Shutterstock

Why Are Airedale Terriers Known as “Jack of All Trades?”

Airedale Terriers are considered versatile hunters, adept at hunting waterfowl, game birds, and large and small rodents. They are also excellent herders, guardians, and even babysitters; they’ve even been used for police work. In short, the Airedale Terrier can do it all!

Are Airedale Terriers High Maintenance?

We wouldn’t label the Airedale Terrier as “High Maintenance”, but they do demand your attention, and as we’ve learned, they require moderate exercise. They must have an owner who can devote the time needed to keep them exercised and happy, both mentally and physically. They don’t do well being left alone for long periods, and will get bored rather easily, which can lead to destructive or antisocial behaviors. Keeping them exercised and stimulated daily will decrease the chances of these unwanted behaviors.

They have a short curly coat that sheds very little, ideal for allergy sufferers, but it can get knotty if not brushed weekly. They also require professional grooming sessions to “hand-strip” the coat, which is essential for pulling clumps of dead hair out of the coat. A professional groomer is recommended for this task, and it should be done at least 4 to 5 times per year.

Airedale terrier puppy sits in a field on a haystack
Image Credit: Aleks Silchenko, Shutterstock

What Are Airedale Terriers Known For?

These dogs are known for their athleticism, intelligence, energy, cleverness, courageousness, fearlessness, and hunting abilities. They are also known for their excellent police work, and recognizable for their long snout and beard.

Tips for Keeping an Airedale Terrier Healthy and Safe

As you know by now, these dogs require a good amount of exercise, and will demand your attention. They do best with big, fenced yards to run and play, and they need someone who can spend time with them. If you’re gone most of the day, the Airedale Terrier may not be suitable for you. As long as you take your Airedale Terrier on long walks and execute a few play sessions, such as fetching or throwing a ball, your Airedale will be content.

Go ahead and enroll in agility training if you own an Airedale. They excel in this sport due to their incredible athleticism, and it’s fun for you too! Let them swim if you have a pool or access to water; they love the water, and it’s a great way to really tire them out!

Feed high-quality dog food, ideally with high-quality protein; these dogs need a good amount of protein due to their energy levels and will burn a high amount of calories daily. Provide your dog with games and puzzles to exercise their bodies and minds.

If you are looking for a chilled out lapdog, or a canine companion for leisurely strolls, the Airedale is not for you. But if you want a family dog that loves being a part of whatever you are up to – the more active the better – then the King of Terriers might be just what you’re after.

airedale terrier dog standing outdoors in the forest
Image Credit: otsphoto, Shutterstock

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Airedale Terriers make excellent family companions. They are intelligent, clever, and athletic. These dogs are one of the most versatile, and they can acclimate to pretty much any environment. They do require someone who can give them their undivided attention, as well as provide moderate daily exercise. As long as you live up to the demand, these dogs are an excellent choice to add to any family.

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