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How to Clean Dog Poop from Grass: Guide & Important Facts

Jana Blagojevic

By Jana Blagojevic

dog poops on grass

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Many pet owners are unsure about the most effective method to clean up dog poop from grass. While there is no ideal solution, some are much safer and more effective than others. One of the best methods for getting rid of poop from the grass is picking it up immediately after your dog has defecated and flushing it down a toilet. If you’re in a public park where this is impossible, your best option is to put it in the trash using a biodegradable poop waste bag.

Among these two options, there are several other methods for cleaning poop from the grass and getting rid of it. As we said, some methods are more effective than others, so to learn about the most suitable way for you, read on below.


The Importance of Cleaning Dog Poop from Grass

No matter how bothersome it might be to clean up after your dog, it is simply an obligation of every pet parent. Whether in a dog park or your own garden, alone or surrounded by people, you must make this process a habit each time. To understand better why cleaning up your dog’s waste is so crucial, we must understand what happens if you leave the waste on the grass or the ground.

Dog feces contain numerous pathogens, parasites, and bacteria that can pose a health risk. The most common parasites and bacteria in a dog’s feces are E. coli, Salmonella, Tapeworms, Roundworms, Ringworms, and Giardia. Even if you believe nothing is left there and the feces has dried out entirely, potential pathogens might still lurk. Leaving poop in your yard can lead to ground and water contamination and even find its way into your home through a chain of events, creating health risks for your family.

Here are a few facts on the consequences of leaving dog poop on grass:
  • In Seattle, waters are so contaminated that it’s estimated that around 30% of bacteria can be directly connected to dogs, while 90% is connected to animals in general.
  • Dog feces contain around twice as much coliform bacteria as human feces.
  • Many of these organisms can survive for extended periods in the environment.
  • Around 40% of pet parents don’t pick up their dog’s waste consistently.

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The Best Methods to Clean Dog Poop from Grass

1. Use Dog Waste Bags

Every dog owner should already be familiar with the concept of waste bags. This method of cleaning dog waste is the most popular, widespread, and practical during walks. However, some options are better than others, even with dog waste bags. If possible, we advise you to use biodegradable waste bags or compostable bags. These waste bags are much better alternatives because they eliminate animal waste and don’t pollute nature with plastic. After some time, they will break down, making them more environmentally friendly.

woman holding trash bag after cleaning up dog poop outdoors
Image By: LightField Studios, Shutterstock

2. Flush Down the Toilet

Although flushing your dog’s poop down the toilet is an effective method of getting rid of it from your lawn, it is not very convenient. Also, this method is not easy if you have multiple dogs, as it will take too many flushes during the day, being incredibly bothersome and using gallons of water.

Additionally, not all sewage treatment plants are equipped for processing animal waste, so before you want to get rid of your dog’s waste this way, you need to contact your local water treatment facility and ask about the safety of this method. According to the EPA, this is one of the safest solutions for nature.

3. Gardening Lime

Gardening lime is an excellent and effective solution for cleaning dog poop from your lawn. It is a natural solution that is readily available and affordable and even works as an excellent odor eliminator. The best part about using gardening lime for cleaning dog poop is that you don’t actually need to pick up the poop from the ground. You simply sprinkle this solution on the poop in the grass and wait for it to dissolve.

Garden lime spread on garden soil
Image By: Graham Corney, Shutterstock

4. Vinegar

Another excellent and natural way to dissolve poop from your lawn is to use vinegar. It works by killing all the bacteria and germs and neutralizing the pH levels. However, this solution will only partially address your problem, so it’s best suited for small amounts of waste.

5. Dog Septic Tank

Dog septic tanks are the best solution for those homeowners with a higher budget willing to invest in a long-term waste solution. This is mainly an efficient way to deal with dog poop if you live in a multi-pet home, with several dogs “polluting” your garden. It works just like a regular human septic tank, and while it requires some effort to build or install, it’s considered the most environmentally friendly option.


Final Thoughts

Being aware of nature and doing everything we can to lower our pollution footprint is our duty, and dog owners play a special role. Most owners are unaware of how potentially dangerous it can be to leave dog waste lying on the grass, so we hope that reading about these methods has helped you find an ideal solution for your situation.

Featured Image Credit: Simon Kadula, Pixabay

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